Charting the state of the communist revolution in America: Links 1 for March 31st, 2024

1. Double yup

2. Things seem to be going well in the land of the free

A note about this. One may notice that when people see a thing like this, they tend to think of it, and pass it on as how bad things are over there. But this isn’t happening in a vacuum. This sort of thing happens all over the West more or less at once and more or less in the same way but with wording that makes it more or less acceptable to the local population. Sometimes a thing like this can be a trial balloon with the intention of seeing how they can implement it better elsewhere with fewer overt objections. Remember, with the left, all that matters is the accumulation of power. They don’t give a damn if there is a relationship between what is true and what they say. A thing is only as true as they need it to be, to achieve the results they want. It is a fundamentally different system of reasoning that our Socratic one, which is why we lose on every attack they launch against us.

3. Tennessee Venue Cancels ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ After Daily Wire Article

Lawmaker calls scheduled event “incredibly insensitive to the memory of the victims” of Covenant school slaying.

A “Transgender Day of Vengeance” outside of Nashville, scheduled for Easter Sunday the week of the anniversary of the mass killing of schoolchildren by a transgender terrorist, has been cancelled following the exposure of the event in The Daily Wire.

Organizers did not apologize for the optics of calling for “vengeance” near the anniversary of the Covenant mass murder, but rather claimed that they were victims. “Event Canceled. Due to misleading headlines from right wing news sites, we have received many threats. … We will be having a make up show at a later date and a new venue. … We decided the threat was too great, and we don’t want to risk anyone’s safety,” Boro Fondo, a festival group that sponsored the event, said on Instagram.

Organizers did not respond to a text message asking for specifics or evidence of any threats.

The concert was set for the Graveyard Gallery in Murfreesboro, about an hour from Nashville, shocking residents in what one resident called “the heart of the Bible Belt.” The show was to raise money for sex-change operations and to mail chest binders to people who “could not access them.”

Provoke a predictable reaction, then attack the reactors. Communist/Al-Qaeda 101. This time those who would have reacted were warned so it was called off. But clearly from location and other details, that is what this was meant to be. My mini essay on the tactic here.

Meanwhile, at the White House: ‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Bans Christian-Themed Designs From White House Easter Art Contest

4. G. Edward Griffin on what many have called, 5th generation warfare and the need to retain control of your own minds.

5.  Let this set of tweets be your template for how to treat messaging from the various institutions of the state in the West today

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