Five items of some interest for Sunday, May 7th, 2023

1. Megyn Kelly and Mark Steyn riff on Walkensky leaving the CDC. But offer no insight.

Tucker Carlson would have. When they got rid of the governor of NY state, tucker correctly assesses that the left when done with a particular stooge, replaces them with a worse and more effective stooge for the revolution. That happened with Jacinda Ardern, Donald Trump, who they went to extreme measures to replace because he was not a stooge at all, probably with The Pope of the Church of Rome, soon with Trudeau in favour almost certainly to be replaced by Mark Carney who will run Canada into extinction as a polity as we always knew it and others who I don’t even remember at the moment. But there are others.

2. Neil Oliver, who always has insight, offers some on the coronation of Charles today.

There is one thing that Charles does offer though. He provides the one single argument in favour of CBDCs. Only because his face won’t be on it. (Thank you JU)

Speaking of Neil Oliver, here he is again with Dr. Kat Lindley. I have had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Lindley a number of times on this and related issues. I know for a fact she is a bright and massively dedicated women to the cause of medical freedom and freedom in general. She has an East European heritage, so she is one of the early doctors that recognized what was taking place with Covid. She has done endless conferences around the world with people like Peter McCullough and Ryan Cole and other greats in our effort to win back reality from a dialectic nightmare of humiliating lies.

Here I would like to answer the question posed by Mr. Oliver after their “expert” chimed in. The UN and UN agencies like the WHO make all kinds of “voluntary” compacts and resolutions with the understanding that ever member state will enact these packages somehow within the legal framework of the local polity. The UN migration compact, which also had a censorship component, has clearly been implemented across the West allowing millions of people to come in to Western nations with no vetting and not even the vaccine passports the rest of us had to have. Also, the media is NOT ALLOWED to report negatively on this, which is exactly how the Pandemic treaty will be applied. Kat likely doesn’t know about this because like so many, she just woke up and started paying attention when the Covid lies happened. We who have been following since The Religion of Peace lies, see a longer pattern.

3. On the increasing censorship of counter-revolutionary ideas around the world

It is quite distressing that the guest in the video above doesn’t seem to get it at all at all. He notices the censorship, and that’s good. He speaks about it and that’s good, but unless he realizes that this is an effort to enforce a communist dialectic on us all at the harshest possible level, he is unintentional  or not, controlled opposition. It is not because they felt “conservative speech was out of control”. Its because they will not tolerate counter-revolutionary ideas. The very origins of the phrase, “political correctness” was exactly to stop counter-revolutionary speech.

4. Thomas Sowell on Slavery

5. An example of intellectual slight of hand which has actually caused many smart people to submit to narrative lies

At one level, this is very honest. Almost a confession as you hear him explain that Covid is really not much of a virus but it locked down the world and changed everything. The problem is where he says “it locked down the world”. No. People like him created policies to lock down the world using a more or less ordinary flu virus, most likely as a dress rehearsal for global tyranny using climate-change as the rubric. Many people, even very bright ones cannot seem to differentiate between a claim, and policies that are set because of a claim. I know a lawyer who was head of a large firm for decades who said Global Warming is a real thing because the city he lives in was spending money and sending out workers to change things because of its consequences.

An example that might help to show where this is on the logic chart:

Moloch is a real god. I know this because people are burning their children inside statues of him, so he must be a real God.

That is the precise logic. And also the problem with leaving policies to official experts. This will always end up serving the interests of power, and not the truth. Covid did not do anything except kill nearly entirely the same people who would have died with the flu or even a seasonal cold. There were no surplus deaths in 2020 anywhere, although covid did kill a large number of people and also the original strain did kill many people who were not vulnerable to a cold or flu. This is a fact also. But those same people would almost certainly have been saved by HCQ and or Ivermectin. (As an aside, Australia dropped the ban on Ivermectin for Covid. Among other benefits, it means they admit they did ban it. So for the moment, a thorn in Winston Smith’s side.) At this point it is a reasonable assumption that this was all planned in order to set the policies. The extent to which the virus was engineered for this purpose, or that these entities just planned to wait for a seasonal flu to weaponize in order to implement policies that deconstruct all the hard won rights of humanity doesn’t even matter. What does, is that people re-familiarize themselves with basic logic. Because people sacrifice their children to Moloch, does not mean that Moloch is real. Just that the clerical class of the Canaanites had an excellent propaganda and fear machine.

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