Cattle mutilations? Honking and blocking ports is totally cool when unions do it: Links 2, April 27, 2023

1. Things really are getting weird when Robert Spencer is at the X files desk

Strange Deaths and Cattle Mutilations

Serious questions about strange happenings – in our weird times.

There is no doubt about it: these are strange times, and getting stranger. Men are pretending to be women and everyone having to fall into line and hail their femininity. There is a thoroughly mendacious kleptocrat in the throes of severe dementia who is pretending to be president of the United States. As the clouds of war gather, our military brass is learning about why white people are evil and why men who pretend to be women must be humored at all costs. And the strangeness isn’t even limited to the human world. It is affecting animals as well, as the extraordinarily strange deaths of some cattle in Texas remind us anew.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Texas published a notice on Facebook Wednesday about this bizarre case. Local ranchers notified the sheriff’s office when they discovered “a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow” that “had been found lying on her side, deceased, and mutilated on their ranch.” The mutilation was not what you might expect if it had been done by, say, fanatical Leftist anti-meat activists who wanted to deter people from eating beef, although such people could conceivably have been behind this.

2. Iran seized oil tanker headed for Texas, U.S. Navy says

Thursday’s seizure by Iran was the latest in a string of hijackings and explosions to roil the region amid wider tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program.

The U.S. Navy said Iran seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday amid wider tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program.

The Navy’s Mideast-based 5th Fleet identified the vessel as the Advantage Sweet. Satellite tracking data for the vessel from showed it in the Gulf of Oman just north of Oman’s capital, Muscat, on Thursday afternoon. It had just come from Kuwait and listed its destination as Houston, Texas.

“The oil tanker issued a distress call during the seizure,” the 5th Fleet said. “Iran’s actions are contrary to international law and disruptive to regional security and stability. Iran should immediately release the oil tanker.”

3. Remember when Ottawa made it a crime to blow your horn at a protest and the government and the police and media made holy hell out of a group of truckers blocking one of the bridges to the USA?

Well apparently, according to some striking government workers, horn honking in support of a protest is now warmly welcomed and there are no people’s commissions or claims of PTSD about hearing them, and then this:


PSAC, one of the far left violent extremist civil service unions, was also involved in the kidnapping and terrorist attacks on some of the Convoy supporters on Riverside Drive. More recently, a sympathizer posted a phoney City of Ottawa Plaque nearby commemorating “the battle of Billings Bridge”. A classic Semantic marxist revision of history.

4. In case anyone wants to know the difference between hypocrisy and dialectics, dialectics always goes one way.

5. Dr. Tess Lauri on the WHO plans to enslave us all.

Speaking of which, lest we forget: THIS is how the WHO would manage us all.

Thank you all for considering these points of view.

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4 Replies to “Cattle mutilations? Honking and blocking ports is totally cool when unions do it: Links 2, April 27, 2023”

  1. “Cattle mutilations” seem to be a time-tested FBI-mistery and a string UFO-believers’ story starting from 1974.


    Lots of old sources. Mostly the same high strangeness: clean-cut wounds with surgical precision, no blood, anuses, tongues and mouth cut out, etc. Those hungry UFOs have hunted for the same tasty body parts for dinner since 1974, apparently. Never an answer. The perfect theme for psyops. And showbiz:

    Cattle Mutilation: The Musical 2016 (LOL)

    FBI docs, 1970’s

    Book ! 1979 (LOL again)
    The NIght Mutilators: The Horrifying Story of Cattle Mutilations and the UFO Connection

    Very old original FBI docs, allegedly — 131 pages
    It’s funny. Federal involvement was allegedly necessary in a case because otherwise farmers may have begun shooting at helicopters that they thought were UFOs.

    Chuck Zukowski “UFO researcher”, 2013 with photos of carcasses

    So, is it a psyop because it is unsolved or is it unsolved because it is a psyop?

    Well, the FBI would never lie or forge weird crime scenes, would they.

  2. ITEM 3 – THIS is how the WHO would manage us all.

    The sheer stupidity of so many people is staggering. We all saw them freaked out and they haven’t changed. Next time around, they’ll be back.

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