How commie is Canada, AI, not just for governments anymore, No middle fingers in France and more: Links 1 for April 25th, 2023


In my running mental commentary, my internal dialogue, I often have imaginary debates on many issues with people on the other side of issues. Granted, as I imagine them to be, but then, what is wisdom if not the collected and collated experience of long years? So maybe with some accuracy. One of these debates is how to explain world events taking place now, in terms of Judeo-Christian ethics to atheists.

It occurs to me, that if you wanted to destroy a civilization, let’s say you have a time machine and go back to some ancient but working civilization. And this polity has guiding principles which the public observes. And the positive attributes that lead to generally good outcomes are considered attributes of, let’s say the state God. And attributes, behaviours and attitudes which are a destructive force on the body public, are made attributes of God’s enemy whatever his name may be, are to be shunned, feared and held in disgust if not contempt. To pick a trite contemporary example, “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

The thing to do should you wish to destroy that civilization would be look at the road map that culture has laid out for you already and attempt a total inversion of that society to the destructive attributes. This will work, as does the reverse to make it successful, whether you believe in these entities or not. For that matter maybe if they exist or not. You would get the schools to destroy every aspect of what makes the child a child. You would make the state all powerful over children and remove the parents from having influence so that those who love and protect the child are forced to watch his or her deconstruction in every aspect imaginable. You would demotivate the public from hard work and delayed gratification by removing any incentive to do so, while rewarding the indolent, violent and criminal.

This forward could easily become an essay. But I leave it to interested parties to extrapolate and see how this would work in all sectors. For that matter how it is working in all sectors of human life. Trust in authority, trust in food, trust in your neighbour and trust in means of exchange.

It is no accident that Karl Marx was a Satanist for a decade or more before he plagiarized Hegel to create communism. It was always meant to be a destructive force. He meant to create a map to do exactly what is described above. Marx published a book of poetry to Satan. One of his books was dedicated to that entity as was Rules for Radicals by Marx apostle, Saul Alinsky. Something about rather be a ruler in hell or something. But the dedication is very clear.

As a consequence of all this, many people are waking up and having an epiphany to Christianity and to patriotism. Or, like we saw with Naomi Wolf, a reinvigoration of her Jewish faith. As she put it, “A much more literal faith in God”. In the important book, Witness, by Whitaker Chambers, he describes his transformation from a powerful force for communism in America to a Christian and a patriot. Upon his conversion he famously said to his wife, “You realize we are leaving the winning side for the losing side”.  Another famous and destructive communist in the US had a similar conversion. Bella Dodd who nearly single handedly destroyed a large component of the Catholic Church in some ways, became a patriot and a Christian and toured America warning people about what she had done, how and what was still happening by communists across the USA.

This is an observation not a suggestion. Its still a good idea to pick a Church and go though. But the purpose of this forward is to explain how people can make the End Times happen quite deliberately and for the reasons the bible suggest, not necessarily through the fulfilment of prophesy, but because evil people used the Bible as an instruction manual from the other side of the equation. This is clearly happening whether it is of divine influence or not. And either way, a massive reawakening to the values and attributes that make a civilization, a society work is an antidote.

The other reason is to post a link to this Gates of Vienna item written by a former atheist:

A small sample:

So, the Church of Sweden @svenskakyrkan talked sex with pupils in grade six in week six and called it “sexSEX6”.

In Höllviken parish, 20 km south of Malmö.

This had completely passed me by.

Do I need to tell you about the number 666? That it is the “number of the beast” according to the Book of Revelation? I don’t think so. Obviously the number is used deliberately. Obviously they made sure they could use it.

And what did they do? In the Church magazine we read:

“We have invited midwife Katarina Svensson Flood who will meet the students and talk about the body, consent, masturbation, sexual debut, LGBTQ issues and pornography.”


1. For the: How communist is Canada files. Also how much Chinese communist influence was behind Canadian Covid policies?

2. Three Anti-Macron Protesters Face Prison for Giving President the Middle Finger

(You can identify as the opposite sex and be granted access to safe places for women while not being one in any way at all, so why can’t you say that you believe flashing the middle finger at a person in your personal culture is actually a sign of great love and respect? Rick & Morty fans will know how that works in the episode about fixing a car battery)

French authorities have confirmed that they will prosecute three anti-Macron protesters over allegations they gave the embattled president the middle finger.

Two men and one woman reportedly face the possibility of a criminal conviction at the hands of French prosecutors after giving President Emmanuel Macron the middle finger, reports in local media have claimed.

The three are reportedly thought to have fallen foul of a draconian law in the country that forbids statements that “affect the personal dignity or the respect owed to a public official” with the alleged gesture, which is said to have been given while Macron was touring the country earlier in the week in a desperate attempt to regain the favour of the public.

3. Tucker Carlson speech from 50th Anniversary celebration of The Heritage Foundation. (Really, really good and related to the forward in this post)

4. Bulgarians hold marches across the nation to protest the war in Ukraine and to not get involved in it.

5. Proliferation of AI weapons among non-state actors ‘could be impossible to stop’

(Now who could possibly have ever seen this coming? Who could imagine even for a moment that a piece of security related software could be used by other than who it was intended to be used by. Unfathomable. Impossible. It would be like saying government data bases aren’t safe and secure from hackers. Or leakers. Or private company websites could be hacked. Not possible. Or intel data bases could easily have all information about US assets taken by the Chinese communists! WHAT!?!?! Are you kidding? Can’t happen.)

The proliferation of AI in weapon systems among non-state actors such as terrorist groups or mercenaries would be virtually impossible to stop, according to a hearing before UK Parliament.

The House of Lords’ AI in Weapon Systems Committee yesterday heard how the software nature of AI models that may be used in a military context made them difficult to contain and keep out of nefarious hands.

Speaking to the committee, James Black, assistant director of defense and security research group RAND Europe, said: “A lot of stuff is very much going to be difficult to control from a non-proliferation perspective, due to its inherent software-based nature. A lot of our export controls and non-proliferation regimes that exist are very much focused on old-school traditional hardware: it’s missiles, it’s engines, it’s nuclear materials.”

An added uncertainty was that there was no established “war game” theory of how hostile non-state actors might behave using AI-based weapons. A further uncertainty we’d like to add is that today’s artificial intelligence isn’t particularly reliable, a point we hope isn’t lost on anyone.

WE have just one phrase to say about this. Air-gap. And even that probably is not even close to enough.

Here is a fun timeline:

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  1. 5-Once someone archives a scientific breakthrough everyone else has an easier time by knowing it can be done.

    Their right it is just a matter of time.

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