A clear and concise explanation of how ‘woke’ is Marxism by James Lindsay

For a professional level understanding of all the material covered by Prof. Lindsay, please see Maj. Stephen Coughlin’s essay, Re-remembering the misremembered left: On the strategy and tactics being used to dismantle America


One of the things this site has done since it started, was compare Islam to Marxism as philosophies and systems of organization for humanity. At a certain point some years ago, we concluded that there was little to no daylight between them in any meaningful way. At least not in terms of human liberties. But the video above contains another data point on another similarity not noticed before.

Marx, he explains near the start, believed all mankind was socialist but didn’t realize it yet. And it is socialists/communist’s job to drag man to socialism which is his natural state.

Islam, Mohammad explains, is how all people are born. So when you ‘convert’ to Islam, Muslims claim you are ‘reverting’ to your natural state. Your original religion to which all people are born. Notice how this philosophy allows some degree of moral justification for foisting their organizational principles on you.

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3 Replies to “A clear and concise explanation of how ‘woke’ is Marxism by James Lindsay”

  1. The problem with humankind/mankind, is that our natural state is corrupted by sin.

    To say that our natural state is Islamic or Marxist serves merely to make excuses for our being deceitful and wicked above all things.

    Right. So to adhere to Islam or to Marx — which are both wicked and deceitful — we think we have a “get-out-of-jail-free card.” We can be the putrid human beings we know we are; we can feel “justified” in our rage, our hate, our resentments, our bitterness, anger, and selfishness. And we can be consumed with self-righteousness, pride, and hubris.

    How very convenient. Say bye-bye to guilt, remorse, and sorrow for the evil we inflict on others.

    But then there’s the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Must not forget to factor in that.

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