5th generation warfare on you explained: Links 1 for April 21, 2023

1. “Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to pick up a piece of paper” -Douglass Adams. Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy

Comments under video at Twitter are fun. More fun is if they gave everyone a magnetic gun and would let them fire at this thing as it hops around. (It is not a living thing. Don’t get upset)

2. Corbett Report: Welcome to 5th generation warfare

(I always make time for James Corbett’s material. This is no exception. It’s excellent. Let me argue with one point though. The example he gives of CBC reporting on a military propaganda campaign against Canadians was one order of magnitude worse than he describes. He fell for the CBC story as being true, which would be bad enough and is an example of his thesis. But in fact, the CBC was covering up for a much worse effort where the military was to be used to create a powerful psy-op to get people to inject the often deadly mRNA material injected. We covered this extensively on this site. The general, who refused to play along, I believe it was General Vance, was suddenly retired from service for having ‘an inappropriate relationship’ with a subordinate. Except they didn’t explain it was over 20 years long and they had children together. The video is excellent. But Canada’s efforts in this exact light are worse than described.)

3. Controversy Erupts After Italian Minister Calls for Boosting Birth Rate to Avoid ‘Ethnic Replacement’

4. Apparently the UK had a referendum to force the Parliament to have a debate on the influence of the WHO over national health policy

5. For a clear understanding of why Ontario schools, and for that matter much of North America if not the West overall are like they are, read this tweet threat by Jonathan Kay, formerly editor of the National Post on one Ontario School board trustee and her views on white people and Christians.

School boards increasingly use Marxist substitute for reasoning There are other members of school boards, and the regular advisors they use to transform us all into a Marxist society. Some are known already to many readers of this site.

Thank you all for checking out this site. More to come I’m afraid.

This is mighty curious. Reminds me of the world’s largest cold coin stolen from I think it was a bank in Germany, or a vault or a museum or something.

LILLEY: Huge Pearson heist takes $22 million from major Canadian bank


The theft, first reported by the Toronto Sun, happened on Monday in the early evening hours and saw $22 million worth of gold and banknotes stolen. A confidential memo shared with the Sun stated that the bank in question was TD while the airline was Air Canada.


Asked for a comment, Air Canada sent a terse note from a generic email address.


“Hello, we have no information to provide. Please contact the Peel Police,” the email read in full.


TD did not respond to several requests for comment sent to the bank.


It’s understood that the gold and banknotes were being shipped as part of an intra-bank transaction, though the identity of the other bank in the transaction isn’t known at this time.

So far they have no clue as to who did this. Which is odd as you would imagine they would have been able to get the identity from their arrive-can app which people are required to show before they get that close to the aircraft. 🙂

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  1. 5.)

    I just got of a Skype conversation with an old friend and colleague from Lome/Togo and somehow we got talking of how we could stop all this madness and the drive for our enslavement.
    And the Rafael told me a story about the private Feticheur/Sangoma/Witch Doctor of Gnassingbé Eyadéma who’s “powers” got rid off political rivals and dissenters that couldn’t be simply arrested and disappeared.
    Apparently he needed only a picture of the person that needed to be removed.
    And a simple nail pushed through the head of the person or persons on that picture was enough for them to die immediately through a blinding headache.

    I live long enough now in Africa to believe these stories, because most Africans believe in witchcraft, the simple knowledge that one has been cursed by such and such is enough for them to succumb to that curse.
    I wish we could do that with 1000% of all these Globalists and their Bankers.
    The world would be such a better place.

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