Quebec: 2+2=5 or else: Links 1 for April 16th, 2023

1. Quebec Canada: 2+2=5 or you are fined $7500.00 and a 2 month ban on practicing your profession

Comments on the pandemic and Patrick Lagacé | Psychologist reprimanded for his ‘unworthy and inappropriate’ writings

A psychologist was fined $7,500 and suspended for “immoderate, disgraceful and inappropriate” remarks about columnist Patrick Lagacé and for “fomenting fear and uncertainty” about the pandemic in articles he signed with his professional title.

Vincent Mathieu was the subject of two complaints filed by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec for these articles published online between May 2020 and January 2022.

Before a disciplinary board, he pleaded guilty to two counts on March 31, for remarks made “towards government authorities and public health in a pandemic situation” and “on the psychological health of the journalist Patrick Lagacé,” reads the summary of the hearing.

“The current crisis we are experiencing is not a global health crisis, but a political crisis, a clear illustration of the failure of our governmental and media institutions. The members of these institutions have blood on their hands, because they have caused, through their incompetence, even their bad faith, the collapse of human systems, “wrote the psychologist in an article published on the Vigile Quebec site on May 8. 2020.

In another post published online, around January 8, 2022, Vincent Mathieu seemed to make a false diagnosis by asserting, about La Presse columnist Patrick Lagacé, that he would suffer from “a fragile tendency to fall into paranoid psychosis – and this, “without having evaluated it”, underlined the Order of Psychologists, thus committing an act “derogatory to the honor and dignity of his profession”.

Note that Vincent Mathieu always accompanied his signature with his professional title in these disputed writings where he compared, in particular, the health measures to the measures adopted by the Nazi regime in Germany.

Please read the rest at the link above. If anyone had any doubt that Canada has moved to a top down system where medicine is decided by politics and not by doctors or professionals who will always disagree about things, now you can rest assured that science and medical opinion derived often from decades of clinical experience added to decades of study, will be made anathema. Your health and medicine will be decided by the state, and more importantly, how you may view the diktats of the state will be decided by the state.

2. So if you aren’t dead or sterile yet, or if you still have normal periods if your a female or your heart is still intact if you are male, the “WHO wants you to take more mRNA shots to combat a new variant appearing in India”

FOX26 unsurprisingly, assists this dangerous quack by prompting him to claim that these shots, who’s symptoms are similar to Covid and according to Pfizer’s own documents the shots themselves have as the 3rd most common side effect, COVID, will prevent long covid. Much like shooting yourself in the head prevents headaches. Its true after a few seconds.

To get a sense of the extent and consistency of the pernicious lies of CDC head, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, please read this post by Alex Berenson.

This ‘Doctor’ also adds to my personal prejudice against anyone not from the deep south who wears a bowtie.

3. PBS assists the CDC in a new propaganda fear campaign to allow the CDC to have more power than constitutionally allowed and ram more sterilizing mRNA into people. Like th CBC and CTV and Global, PBS attempts to appear to be challenging the CDC when in reality they are pushing the CDC to become more authoritarian. “How”, he asks, “are you going to accomplish that”. Meaning going from an academic institution to a “nimble action focused public health agency”. Anyone I think at this point understands propaganda well enough to interpret what that really means.

Please see the comments on today’s Reader’s Links for a list of items that all indicate another fear-campaign by the government-media complex to force more vaxx and less liberty on us all.

4. Here is an excellent example of a supporter of Macron as opposed to those who have had about enough of him.

5. Hard to believe that a bill is needed to force informed consent but that is how far the West has fallen. And frankly, it probably won’t be enforceable even if passed. But at least its a step in the right direction. If people find out they have an additional legal right to informed consent and they are still being fed products that will harm them, maybe then they will act.

Thank you all for reading along. And remember, “Liberating Tolerance” has real consequences:

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  1. What’s the BS about MRNA being in the food supply? We don’t even know if it’s in the vaccines. And how would it pass through stomach acid? Fuck all this nonsense. Please get a fresh bullshit filter here at Vlad. I am begging ya.

  2. ITEM 1: This reporter, Patrick Lagacé, from La Presse (Montreal), was in total panic during the Covid saga.

    Repressive measures galore, he agreed with all and more. He spread panic and the only good science was the one repeated by hired guests on TV.

    So unfortunate what happened to the psychologist who spoke truth.

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