Looking at ‘wokeism’ as a Marxist or Maoist line of effort

1. Wokeism, more Mao than Marx

While what this Prof. says is factually correct, it is also Marxism as a function of the abstraction of Marxist Critical theory as created by purely Marxist think tanks like The Frankfurt School, The Fabian Society, Runnymede and a lot of others. The two minute explainer below shows how what he is calling Paradoxical, is in reality, “Liberating Tolerance” which means zero tolerance for non-communist ideas as written by the Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse. Also, it feels like a classical communist misrepresentation of history, not by this speaker above but by historians in general influenced by very specific Soviet disinformation, that classical Marxist communism was somehow about a more fair redistribution of wealth. Communism was always about the entire package. Culture, economics, all of it. In the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution, they used to hold plays on the streets mocking Christian beliefs and rituals. It was always anti-Christian, and anti-individual. He is certainly correct that the current communist revolution taking place, camouflaged as “wokeness” is indeed closest to Maoism. The Prof. also refers to the “capture” of Western institutions. This is thanks to the work of Antonio Gramsci, a classical marxist who wrote a book about how Mao’s idea of the Long March to conquer the West could be applied to capturing institutions. HIs concept was “The Long March Through the Institutions”. It clearly worked.

It remains important to understand though, that the concept of not letting any idea except leftist ideas be expressed is neither hypocrisy nor paradoxical. It is a dialectic. The prof. does in fact get to that just before the half way mark when he explains the “Marcuse Playbook”. But doesn’t mention that this is one aspect of the dialectic. The dialectic being that all vectors of existence and thought in Western Civilization must by all means be moved to the left eternally in a never ending revolution of destruction. That “liberating tolerance” was one tactic by the Frankfurt School to deploy against certain aspects of Western thought such as freedom of speech. But there are many many more such as Discourse Theory, where all who attempt to use truth in opposition to a narrative such as Global Warming, will be silenced with personal accusations of character flaws under the new Maoism which negate truth by virtue of the flawed character of the speaker. In other words, if you show that in truth there is no global warming, then you are a “climate Denier” and worse, which is an attempt to link you to Nazis who would be Holocaust Deniers and so on.

This is not to say that there is any deception whatsoever in this Professor’s interview. There is not. This is rumination on his thoughts, not criticism. It would be most excellent if the average Westerner was as well versed in these concepts as he is. Then perhaps we could literally laugh and shrug off all these problems which the Marxists have brought us from the dialectic of the sexes (feminism) to the dialectic of the weather. (Global Warming) and right up to the dialectic of sexual dimorphism itself, the ‘trans-scam’. You can and might be murdered if you even are a child going to a school where they believe that men cannot be women just by saying so.

Thesis, counter-thesis, synthesis. Ram one set of opposites together and force them to fuse until there is neither or something new. The dialectic.

I’m positive there are more and better ways of understanding this material and these events than I have described here. I usually point to Stephen Coughlin or James Lindsay. Anyone who would like to critique this analysis for greater clarity could please do so in the comments.

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  1. Our societty has been so blessed with abundant food and health that it’s almost as though effort has to be expended to create a class system. It strikes me that current housing costs and shortages are contrived. Mao’s China stipped landlords of human dignity. That happens when housing is in such short supply that the government or an external force uses envy.to righteously overturn ownership. Demonization is a handy control tool, especially when folks lack critical thinking skills.

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