LIVE streaming of protests and aspects of the Trump indictment

“every war in the past 50 years was started by media lies” -Julian Assange

I think that may also apply to the civil war playing out in the US today. It isn’t very kinetic yet. But it is a civil war.

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  1. Whistle bitches…
    Mildly surprised that even if I were a lefty that I would not consider elbowing the heck out of somebody who blew that whistle incessantly and it sounds like there’s a bunch of them, seems like she made it out alive, will check back later

    • Maybe TPTB understand voters like me. I can’t watch any of this publicity stunt, collaboration between rivals like WWW.

      I’m not moved to regard PTrump as a victim.
      J-6 political prisoners, on the other hand…

      He does beautifully in staged production numbers where he’s the star. The other side sees nothing but personal opportunity for fame and fortune.

      This is what we’d get if PTrump were to be re-elected. Eligible for only one term, he’s a lame duck from the get-go. Nothing would get done.

      This Michael Cohen rat reminds us of PT’s appalling lack of discernment, his terrible appointments. Danger to self and others.

      Domestic meltdown and the critical moment in foreign affairs demand our full attention. As if our dozy-doh election cycles didn’t already diminish our credibility, now we’re soaking in a publicity stunt.

      The whole world is watching. Check out translations of foreign news and opinion:

      China, Russia, and Iran gain from this perfectly timed distraction. Funny, that…

  2. Every protester should just stay home and spend time with their family and make sure their guns are clean and maintained. Who knows who the FBI has planted in the crowd.

    • It is 100% that the FBI will have instigators and other means to remind the US public that the government is the master of the public and does not serve them, nor the Constitution of the United States.

  3. BUSTED! Professional Riot Trainer and Anarchist is CAUGHT Trying To Capture Violent Reactions From Trump Supporters to Message on Banner in NYC [VIDEO]
    By Patty McMurray Apr. 4, 2023 2:30 pm120 Comments

    100 Percent Fed Up exclusive – Lisa Fithian is a legendary far-left agitator who trains fellow activists to engage with the opposition in a non-violent manner so they can catch the reaction of the opposition on camera. The 75-year-old radical activist is the best in the business. When the Left wants to start a riot, Fithian is their go-to girl

    For those who are unfamiliar with the work of Lisa Fithian, she is an infamous radical organizer. She organized at Occupy Wall Street, the Ferguson riots, and several other violent events.

    Fithian’s been doing this type of opposition warfare for decades. Watch the 75-yr-old radical train the radical Teacher’s Union in Chicago 11 years ago and see how she traps individuals who oppose her and how she uses the media to manipulate the message:

    April 4, 2023April 4, 2023 – by Patriot Staff

    Judge Juan Merchan, the judge in the Donald Trump court case, has made multiple contributions to Act Blue, the payment processor for the majority of Democrats political contributions, in the 2020 campaign cycle.

    FEC data shows that among the 3 contributions made to Act Blue, one was earmarked for “Biden for President,” another earmarked for “Stop Republicans,” and the last one earmarked for “Progressive Turnout Project.”

    Although the dollar amounts were what some would be considered small, this proves impartiality towards Donald Trump. Donating to both the former and future expected counterpart on the presidential ballot is a huge deal, and something that cannot go unnoticed.

    See Below for screenshots of the raising data (with city and state removed for privacy purposes).

    We will continue to update information on Judge Juan Merchan as more information becomes readily available

  5. I think that may also apply to the civil war playing out in the US today. It isn’t very kinetic yet. But it is a civil war

    Yes this is the opening stages of the Second US Civil War, like the first Civil War it is bring started by the Dems. Their arrogance and refusal to accept moral standards caused the First Civil War (slavery). Their insistence that we must accept sexual depravity as normal and celebrate it is a major cause for the Second Civil War. It is far from the only thing they are pushing to cause the kinetic portion of the

    Despite their propaganda the Dems have always been the party of the rich self proclaimed aristocracy. The far left took control of the Dem party during the 1972 election, and have been slowly working to destroy the US Constitution ever since. They haven’t had a lot of successes in the Legislature, but have been nominating activist Judges who rule according to the latest leftwing talking points rather then the law.

    The election of Obama who only had one American parent was not Constitutionally qualified to be President. His election combined with his ruling through executive orders was suppose to be the last blow that destroyed the Constitution. Hillary was anointed by the left and the MSM (I know redundant) and the voting was suppose to be strictly ceremonial.

    Then Donald Trump came in from center right field and threw a real big monkey wrench into their plans. He brought the disenfranchised out to vote he provided a voice and champion to the people the political class looked down on and ignored. This army of the ignored has scared the political class and they are working to destroy Trump and all of his supporters. This effort has exposed their true beliefs, that they are above the law with the right to do anything they want and (in their opinion) all we can do is hunker down and pray they don’t decide to torture or kill us.

    So far we have lost as many rounds as we have won. The current round will determine which side starts the kinetic portion.

    Hang on we are in much better position then they want us to know. We are in the process of showing the low information voters which side is trying to destroy the Rule of Law and take all of our rights from us.

  6. JUST IN: Federal Appeals Court Awards Trump Additional $122,000 in Attorney Fees From Stormy Daniels
    By Cristina Laila Apr. 4, 2023 4:00 pm35 Comments

    The timing on this order is legendary.

    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday awarded Trump an additional $121,962.56 in attorney fees from porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford.

    This is in addition to the $500,000 Stormy already owes Trump for her baseless defamation case against the former president.

    The order came down from the federal appeals court just as Trump left court for his arraignment on charges stemming from so-called ‘hush payments’ he made to Stormy Daniels.

    “Congratulations to President Trump on this final attorney fee victory in his favor this morning. Collectively, our firm obtained over $600,000 in attorney fee awards in his favor in the meritless litigation initiated by Stormy Daniels.” attorney Harmeet Dhillon said with the order attached to her tweet.

  7. Soros-Funded Alvin Bragg Admits He Has No Case: Charges Trump for “Catch and Kill Scheme” Also Called Signing an Non-Disclosure Agreement
    By Jim Hoft Apr. 4, 2023 4:15 pm0 Comments

    Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg announced on Tuesday he was upending the law and charging President Trump with 34 felonies in a “catch and kill” scheme.

    This is also called a non-disclosure agreement. It occurs when two parties agree to not discuss publicly a certain issue. It often includes a payment to one of the parties.

    This is all Alvin Bragg has on Trump. He’s now counting on a jury of local communists to find Trump guilty.

  8. TOTAL BS – DA Bragg Claims President Trump Made Accounting Entries in Error Years Ago – What Lunacy and Utter Nonsense
    By Joe Hoft Apr. 4, 2023 3:45 pm154 Comments

    It’s official. Soros-backed and Obama/Biden connected Manhattan DA Bragg has indicted President Trump for making erroneous accounting entries years ago. This is insane. These have to be the most dim-witted gang of crooks in history.

    The indictment against President Trump was presented today to the public after pieces were leaked feloniously previously by the corrupt DA Bragg gang.

    The indictment is simply shocking. It’s total BS. It’s laughable.

    How could any group of goons be so dim-witted to take this case to the court and especially on the President of the US?

    The Indictment of America
    Theoretically a grand jury has indicted President Trump, but in truth the indictment is of the American regime itself.

    By Vincent McCaffrey
    April 3, 2023
    Like all of us, Donald Trump is a flawed man, but he has become a symbol to those who vested him with a sacred trust. He was made president by us to lead our nation. He fulfilled his part of that bargain, as far as he was able. But too late. The government we asked him to administer was already too corrupt to allow him to do the job, lest they themselves be held to account. Now his persecution for doing what voters asked him to do is breaking the very covenant of government under which we live.

    The political drift of the last 100 years has, with a few brief exceptions, been toward authoritarian rule. With the subversion of the English Common Law that had been our foundation, the last bastion of the Republic has fallen. The why and how are worth considering, but the “what” is now before us.

    Nancy Pelosi gave away the game (yet again) last week when she said that President Trump had every right to “prove his innocence,” a sentiment applauded by her fellows, who share a total lack of understanding of just how this reverses the presumption of innocence as well as the foundational direction of our nation. When she tore up the president’s State of the Union speech behind his back after he spoke, it was enough to make her sense of the world clear. Her haughty response to a question about the details of the Affordable Care Act—“we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it”—was another. And her mocking laughter in the face of a query about the constitutionality of Obamacare was still another.

    A grand jury in New York City has indicted President Trump, but this is problematic. The allegations against him are unworthy of grand jury attention, even after the penalties for these so-called crimes were increased, post facto, from potential misdemeanors to felonies by the wave of a single judicial hand. Laws are now made that way, as if by magic, and not by legislatures as the Constitution once demanded. We are now ruled by men, not laws, and the struggle for power amongst them will ruin us.

    Once upon a time, in the America into which I was born, a defendant had the right to confront his accusers, and the right to a trial by a jury of his peers. Most importantly, the law was the same for every citizen, no matter his station in life. Those are quaint conceits now. But we have not abandoned that past so much as regressed far back into our own history. The conduct of the colonial-era Salem witch trials is now the standard.

    Quite appropriately, Trump has repeatedly invoked the image of a “witch hunt,” in his own defense. Though it too often goes unnoticed in our age of legally enforced sexism and the resultant sexual dysphoria, a sizable number of those 200 arrested by the authorities for witchcraft in 1692, and six of the 20 finally executed at Salem, were men. It is not an unimportant detail in our own age of ignorance and forgetfulness that one of those hanged during that hysteria was Reverend George Burroughs, a good man who was well known to be of help to others in times of danger and privation but convicted solely on the twisted testimony of a single witness, a verdict then approved by a leading intellectual of the moment, Cotton Mather.

    We were not yet a nation in those days, but it was less than a century before the writing of the Constitution. So these historical facts well informed the framers. Never again was a thought echoed in both debate and essay of the time. “In all very numerous assemblies,” James Madison wrote, “of whatever characters composed, passion never fails to wrest the sceptre from reason. Had every Athenian been a Socrates; every Athenian assembly would still have been a mob.”

    It was in the teaching of such historical facts—facts an eighth grader once could relate—that the republic flourished. Teachers saw their role as the preservation, instruction in, and inspiration of acquiring knowledge. That much, sadly, ended as the process of education became systemized and homogenized by growing state government, and then by federal prerogatives, all flexing their power and privileges over the governed. The John Dewey acolytes who replaced the old order saw their mission as one of making a better world—not in understanding the world they inherited. The new religion of socialism became the guiding mantra.

    The socialist reeducation of the public which has been the lynchpin of progressive government for all the last 100 years, grew not only here but in most of Western Europe. Its success is mixed, but relentless. Two world wars were not sufficient to stay their desire to unite Europe into one power. The United States alone remained a bulwark against this because, unlike European nations with cultural customs that could be suppressed as vestiges of ancient decadence, our nation was new, and its historical roots were in the aspirations of its settlers. Our worst failings, carried from Europe, such those witch trials and slavery, only served in contrast to our better hopes and aims, and those values were quickly tested by fire in a Civil War.

    Democracy had its weaknesses, and the framework of a constitutional republic was the answer. Socrates drank the hemlock in accordance with the verdict of those same laws under which he had lived and prospered. To ignore them would be to break the framework of civilization as he knew it. Better to die. Now, with the framework of our own civilization broken and discarded, the whirlwind of the mob is loose once more, and dictatorship and tyranny are soon to follow.

    The dismantling of the republic has taken so long because, even while they are ill-educated, most citizens have understood that their own welfare is tied to that of the nation. Their nation. When the political opponents of those socialists won election, there was no thought to put them on trial or punish them for political apostasy. The project of the founders was simply continued.

    But this organic process has now ended. That alone would be cause for the death of any republic. That our laws are now made by the bureaucracy of a bloated state more interested in preserving its own power than in any constitutional justification for its existence would be another poison to make an end of it. That our governance is no longer carried on by men and women of conscience but by moral reprobates would be bad enough. That their actions are bought and paid for by international cartels vying for power amongst themselves with little care for collateral damage is more than enough. That what once passed for a free press has now coalesced into willing accomplices with these cabals in order to secure for themselves a place at the high table is sufficient. But it is finally the madness of the mob which has destroyed any semblance of rational governance.

    The indictment is a mere formality, however frivolous. The verdict will be guilty. A crime to fit will be found. But as history instructs, there is no reason to die to preserve such insanity. There is every reason to live, in order to reestablish what has been lost.

    (Richard: Despite what the doom sayers keep proclaiming all is not lost. Yes the historical norm is Dictators and Tyranny. The thing that is different this time is the Citizens Militia, the armed citizens that the left wants to disarm. This militia will be lead by the Citizen Soldiers that either have or are serving in either the Guard or the Regulars.

    We are well trained in the use of force to protect the Constitution of the US. Some of us are too old or crippled to once again match to the sound of the guns. A sizable majority live in fly over country. The area our self proclaimed masters look down on and ignored. We along with the Citizens Militia and Soldiers are the people the Founding Fathers looked as the last Guardians of Freedom and Liberty.

    We have answered the call to arms every time it has been sounded. When it is time for kinetic those of us who are physically able will answer it this time. We will put down the tools we earn our living with and revert to the soldiers we were and to a very large extent still are.

  10. Former White House Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Sends Warning to “Fat Alvin” Bragg Following Trump Arrest
    By Cullen Linebarger Apr. 4, 2023 5:15 pm0 Comments

    President Donald Trump was arrested and charged today with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy.

    As Cristina Laila notes, Manhattan District attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump for every payment he made to his former lawyer Michael Cohen in connection with the so-called ‘hush payments’ to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

    Of course, these garbage charges have nothing to do with justice but avenging Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

  11. Fake News CNN HORRIFIED After Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Out TGP Finding that Daughter of Leftist NYC Judge Worked for Kamala Campaign
    By Jim Hoft Apr. 4, 2023 4:49 pm89 Comments

    CNN today was OUTRAGED that Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the daughter of leftist Judge Juan Merchan worked on Kamala Harris’s campaign.

    This story was reported first by The Gateway Pundit’s Anthony Scott on Monday.

    CNN is horrified that Don Jr. would dare mention the judge’s leftist daughter in a tweet! How awful!

    Greg Price
    This is the same CNN that once threatened to publish the identity of a random guy on Reddit who made the meme of Trump body slamming the CNN logo.
    Curtis Houck
    Audible gasps on CNN as John King notes @DonaldJTrumpJr tweeted the daughter of the judge in his father’s case worked for Kamala.

    King: “It is not relevant. She’s an individual adult…It’s not a game…They try to intimidate they attack & and they put at risk” people’s lives

  12. Judge Threatens Trump With Gag Order if He ‘Continues Inciting Violence’
    By Cristina Laila Apr. 4, 2023 4:30 pm396 Comments

    New York Judge Juan Merchan threatened President Trump with a gag order during Tuesday’s arraignment.

    The judge did not impose a gag order, however he warned Trump not to incite violence.

    Mediaite reported:

    During former President Donald Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday, in which he was charged with 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records for hush money payments, Judge Juan Merchan said he would not issue a gag order at this time, but warned Trump not to incite violence.

    Fox News’s Bryan Llenas interviewed Fox legal producer Jake Gibson, who was in the courtroom during the arraignment, about some of the details regarding the proceedings.

    “Mr. Trump walked in. President former President Trump walked in. He seemed to have a bit of a swagger. He certainly looked stoic. He looked stone-faced,” Gibson began, adding:

    He pleaded not guilty, said not guilty. And at some point, the prosecution brought up all of the social media posts that he has put out recently, including the one where he’s holding a bat next to D.A. [Alvin] Bragg.

    And the prosecution said this is, you know, could be looked at as inciting violence. And they wanted Judge Merchan to, it seemed like they wanted him to give a gag order.

    Judge Merchan said that, ‘no, he wouldn’t give a gag order.’ But he said to Mr. Trump and to his attorneys, ‘I don’t want to see this anymore.’ I don’t want to see, the next time that I see something like this, I might have a different idea about what I should do.

    His attorney said that, look, this case has been, they’ve been investigating this for three years. There’s been selective leaks that are harming former President Trump. And it’s unthinkable that he wouldn’t be allowed to defend himself. That is their way of justifying his posts. The judge said that he didn’t that he wasn’t sure that that justified, you know, if he was inciting violence.

    Trump was placed under arrest ahead of his arraignment after a Manhattan grand jury indicted him on junk charges related to ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal.

    Trump was charged with 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy.

    Trump was hit with a criminal charge for every payment he made to his former lawyer Michael Cohen in connection with the ‘hush payments’ to the two women.

    Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg went through the Trump Organization’s ledger and charged him down the line per payment to Cohen.
    Trump was charged with 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy.

    Trump was hit with a criminal charge for every payment he made to his former lawyer Michael Cohen in connection with the ‘hush payments’ to the two women.

    Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg went through the Trump Organization’s ledger and charged him down the line per payment to Cohen.

    The indictment said the payments to the two women were to silence them about the affairs ‘in order to avoid those accounts harming his chances of winning the election over Hillary Clinton.’

    The prosecutors said Trump’s so-called ‘crimes’ undermined the 2016 election.
    The indictment said the payments to the two women were to silence them about the affairs ‘in order to avoid those accounts harming his chances of winning the election over Hillary Clinton.’

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