Trans, Vaxx and semantic marxism: Links 1 for March 30th, 2023

1. “Liberating Tolerance” in New Zealand

2. EU Pushing the ‘Criminalisation’ of Physical Cash with New Anti-Money Laundering Law

The European Union is in danger of “criminalising” the use of physical cash with its new anti-money laundering laws, an MEP has warned.

Dr Gunnar Beck, a representative for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, has warned that the EU appears to be pushing for the “criminalisation” of the use of physical cash with its new anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

Politicians in Brussels have long been pondering an upper legal limit on the value of cash transactions within the bloc, with lawmakers detailing plans to ban Europeans from spending over €10,000 in physical tender as part of a single transaction.

(In a free society, all things are allowed which are not expressly prohibited by law. In a fascist state, communist or Islamic and so on, all things are forbidden except what is expressly allowed. Banning cash is moving from the former to the latter with no notice)

3. Dr. John Campbell on how the UK worked on making the Covid 19 virus more lethal. For some reason. Maybe to compete with the Winnipeg lab or something.

4. Netanyahu Proclaims “Israel is a Sovereign Country” After Biden Regime Is Accused of Sponsoring VIOLENT INSURRECTION This Week

Thousands of radical leftist insurrectionists  rioted in Israel this week, seeking to stop judicial reform to rein in the out-of-control leftist supreme court. 15 insurrectionists tied themselves to the entrance of the Knesset in Jerusalem Thursday morning.

In Tel Aviv, left-wing protestors attacked police barriers on Monday, while in Jerusalem, police clashed with left-wing demonstrators, who attempted to storm the Prime Minister’s Residence and broke through protective barriers. Police were forced to use water canons against the Biden-supported insurrectionists.


(The COMINTERN is attempting Colour revolutions in all nations attempting to preserve their own cultures, peoples, laws and currency. Israel is a thorn in the side of the COMINTERN because it was initially created as a communist state of sorts under Ben-Gurion, dropped it for a bad job once the country was booted up and became a more or less ethno-national free market country. Attacks on Israel are usually stated differently, but that is often if not always the underlying reason for anti-Israel narratives. The narrative attacks on Israel usually contain as much truth as mRNA is safe and effective and Global Warming as an existential threat does. It is Discourse theory in practice.)

5. This one is fascinating because the questioner actually knows a part of the con. The part where sex, which means biology, is swapped with ‘gender’, which is an imaginary issue where a person decides they are what they decide they are, using intellectual slight of hand. The woman being questioned makes heapum big cash making children into monsters in its initial stage using drugs.

Thank you all for visiting this site and at least considering the views presented here.



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5 Replies to “Trans, Vaxx and semantic marxism: Links 1 for March 30th, 2023”

  1. Israel is the only nation that has turned away from Marxism without a massive push from outside nations. The Marxists have to remove this event from history, y have just as they have to destroy all free market nations. All examples of the failure of Marxism must be shoved down the memory hole.

    This is why one of the goals of the Marxists is to take complete control of the educational system and the professional journals. They can’t succeed if a large portion of the public knows that socialism/Marxism under varying names has failed every time is has been tried. Plato wrote Utopia the earliest written example of socialism/communism, the attempts at forced Utopia failed then just as it failed in all subsequent attempts. All the efforts of the left have accomplished is the destruction of Western Civ and the starting of a major war that will fuel the development of new technologies.

  2. 4/ The Caroline Glick Show: What have we learned from the mob?
    In her opening remarks in this week’s Caroline Glick Show, taped a few hours before Netanyahu’s anticipated remarks, Caroline describes the hate campaign and incitement, led by the media, which the left has carried out for the past two and a half months to demonize right-wing Israelis and elected officials.

    Caroline explains that to carry on and defend Israel from Iran and its other enemies, Netanyahu had to suspend the legislation and retake control of the IDF and calm the waters. Otherwise, any reform that passed would be written on water.

    Caroline’s guest this week is French journalist and author Michel Gurfinkel. Gurfinkel describes the mob violence in France and the crisis of representative democracy at its root. Caroline and Michel go over the similarities and differences between the unrest in France and in Israel, and what the unrest in France means for the future of the French nation and for the Jews of France.

    • Uncanny Similarities Between America’s Leftist Takedown of Trump and Israel’s Leftist Attempted Takedown of Bibi

      It is a warning to conservatives everywhere: The rise of woke progressivism, amped by social media, threatens the future of democracy. The Israeli Left now is acting to circumvent free elections by trying to take down Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s popularly chosen majority government, just as the American Left acted to take down Donald Trump’s presidency.

      In a way, it is like seeing Hamilton or Les Mis on Broadway and then, two years later, seeing it again in Los Angeles, only with a different cast but the same songs, the same costumes and staging.

      • Same money men

        Same political ideology

        Same political goals

        Same training manuals

        Same thinking, they are puppets who have to have someone else do their thinking.

  3. Yes compete with the Canadian research labs that do gain of function…how disgusting that we have no legislation against this research with no benefit other than nefarious
    Sit outside these labs to see who drives away or and takes busses
    Filled with Chinese and south Asian all countries …workers

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