Why government’s admitting being wrong about the vaxx is part of the plan: Links 1, March 18th, 2023

A couple of words before we start the list.

On Thursday we posted the song, Trump Won. There were some very valid comments put under that post which reflect the way a lot of people think. But the reason the song was posted had more to do with the Overton Window than Trump himself. As we live in a nascent communist state now across most of the West, they don’t just rig elections, they make it as close as possible to a punishable crime to say it has been rigged. If one dared to say the election was rigged on Twitter there would be consequences. If you claimed from a position of prominence that the machines had been hacked you would be sued for a billion by the companies that make the closed-source black-box machines. As a consequence, it becomes difficult to criticism a system of counting votes that people should have no confidence in for very simple reasons.

The song proudly proclaimed what is a simple fact. Trump did win the 2020 election if it had not been rigged. Rigged via the KGB FBI and other powerful agencies and people in multiple manners such that no rational definition of a rigged election would not include at least one of these measures. The Overton Window has been jimmied back so that this little bit of truth can be said. Think what you want about Trump. But the big picture is the systems we used to have that are now captured.

1. In the following clip, Tucker Carlson uses the word, “Signal”. referring to the messaging app, and messages interchangeably. This is insufficiently conclusive that he was using Signal when the NSA interfered with his communications. But it should still be an alarm as it well could have been. Ever since one man back ten to twenty years ago tried to create a secure email system and chose to shut it down rather than give a back door to the US alphabet agencies, its safe to say that the only secure coms is a pen and paper.

@proud_oif_veteran #fyp #AXERatioChallenge #truthseekerveteran ? original sound – us.army.veteran2.0

2. George Soros explains what’s next

And if Soros is telling us the next round of oppression, you can take that to the bank. Just not an American one.

The countries of the former Soviet empire, eager to assert their independence, eagerly await defeat of the Russian army in Ukraine. At that point, Vladimir Putin’s dream of a renewed Russian empire will disintegrate and cease to pose a threat to Europe, and the world will be able to focus on its biggest problem: climate change.

LONDON – It is exactly one month ago that I gave a speech on the eve of the Munich Security Conference. Since then, so many remarkable things have happened – and have happened so fast – that it is worth comparing my predictions of a month ago with actual developments

Soros’ track record of predictions

3. Fake Guru rapist manages to envelope a few powerful people in North America

4. Curious juxtaposition of Oz leader, Scott Morrison:

This seems like the moment to point out the Burmese Tiger Trap that seems to be closer than the horizon now.

The issue with Covid, was less the “vaccines” or the disease by far, than the fact that Western governments around the world took freedoms and liberties that they are constitutionally forbidden from taking in all these countries. Preventing any other treatment that could work, locking us down, making us mask and coercing the vaccines was far far worse than the “vaccines”, and they are very bad.

As a consequence, one might anticipate any day now, various governments and government agencies will begin admitting they were wrong about the injections. We should fear that. Once they admit they were wrong, those of us who are aware the mRNA gene-therapy shots are dangerous and ineffective might heave a sigh of relief and enjoy some well deserved Schadenfreude over our friends, family and neighbours. But the real danger of Covid was the switch from a people with a government to a government with a people. As the German poet Bertolt Brecht put it:

“…Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”

The Century Initiative shows that the Canadian government is doing exactly that.

So once the government admits it was wrong about the measures, people will mistake a loss for a win. Because governments will use those new powers again and soon. Another pandemic but this time its real, Global Warming, War, Alien invasion. The point is that the government never had the right to take these freedoms and rights from us at all. And if there is a solution to be had for the last few years, it is to create a mechanism by which the people cannot have their rights taken from them by the state for real or fictitious reasons.

The only mechanism I am aware of so far that actually might accomplish this, would be the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution, and a people that understand its purpose and exercise that right.

5. This is spectacular. European Central Bank President, Christine Lagarde gets punked by someone claiming to be Zelenski and explains a few things we all need to know.

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4 Replies to “Why government’s admitting being wrong about the vaxx is part of the plan: Links 1, March 18th, 2023”

  1. … 1. Tucker Carlson : Signal

    At that time if you were a Signal user and texted someone who DID NOT use Signal but used SMS , Signal would indicate (if you looked at the connection icon) it was an unsecured connection. As of March 2023 a Signal user CANNOT send a message to an SMS user.

    Tucker Carlson didn’t say if both parties were using Signal , or maybe he wasn’t aware if the other party was using SMS.

    Old Chinese proverb : “Only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead”

  2. Further … 1. Tucker Carlson : Signal
    Rob Braxman has some very interesting discussions regarding Android and Apple phones. ( Rob Braxman Tech on youtube)

    Even if the Signal message cannot be broken by NSA etc. , the META Data is there for all the spooks to see where the message went . Most likely Tucker uses an iPhone which is really terrible for location tracking because the iPhone communicates with other iPhones in your vicinity and calls home with your location.

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