UK Parliament debate on vaxx damage, Putin wanted for crimes against humanity, Berenson on Banks: Links 2, March 17th, 2023

Before the list starts, reccomend going to yesterday’s Riots in France post and checking the comments there for updates. Quite a dynamic situation there.

1. Some court or other issued arrest warrants for “crimes against Humanity” for Putin, but not the head of the WHO, Chinese president Xi, Bill Gates or the US DoD who made the mRNA shots and destroyed rule of law to coerce everyone into taking it when they had no idea what it would do, Fauci, who funded the Gain of Function work etc. etc. There is a long list of people not indicted for Crimes against humanity at that institution that need to go there before Putin.

2. Alex Berenson on the BS of the Bank Bailouts. Another interesting perspective on how things actually work.

Capitalism, except for the capitalists

What happened over the weekend is bigger than Silicon Valley Bank; once again the wealthiest, most politically connected companies and executives are proving the rules don’t apply to them.

Back to the banks.

For a few hours on Sunday, they fooled me.

At 6:15 p.m. Sunday, the government and Federal Reserve announced they would guarantee all deposits at the two big banks they’d closed, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank – removing the $250,000 limit on insured accounts to help prevent a bank run.

Taxpayers would not be on the hook for any losses, they said. The banking industry would pay for the extra insurance.

I didn’t think the deposit insurance should be extended at all.

When banks failed in 2008, we didn’t have unlimited deposit insurance, and we didn’t have widespread bank runs on healthy or unhealthy institutions. Very few individuals have more than $250,000 in their plain vanilla bank accounts (as opposed to brokerage accounts where they are saving for retirement).

So extending the limits at taxpayer expense to protect very wealthy depositors and – in the case of Silicon Valley Bank – venture-capital backed companies didn’t seem fair.

And we have limits on government backed deposit insurance for good reason. Without it, large depositors have every reason to chase the highest possible interest rates on their money, even at badly managed banks. Why? They know that even if the bank squanders their deposits on bad loans, they’ll get their money back.

3. UN observes first International Day against Islamophobia

(So Islam has 2 Billion followers, who make sure that territory they hold is pretty much entirely Islamic, and uses Islamic law which advantages muslims at the expense of all others, and they sit on top of most of the world’s energy supply outside of Russia, US and Canada, and no one dares criticize their fascist religion of total global manifest destiny yet somehow their feelings need to be protected. Ok then. Maybe its time Harry and Meagan Markle joined Islam. They somehow use the same logic to be victims. Also, 911 has become a “tragedy”, and not an Islamic terror attack. So that’s fun.)

The United Nations on Friday commemorated the first-ever International Day to Combat Islamophobia with a special event in the General Assembly Hall, where speakers upheld the need for concrete action in the face of rising hatred, discrimination and violence against Muslims. 

The observation follows the unanimous adoption of an Assembly resolution last year that proclaimed 15 March as the International Day, calling for global dialogue that promotes tolerance, peace and respect for human rights and religious diversity. 

As the UN Secretary-General stated, the nearly two billion Muslims worldwide – who come from all corners of the planet – “reflect humanity in all its magnificent diversity”. Yet, they often face bigotry and prejudice simply because of their faith

Furthermore, Muslim women can also suffer “triple discrimination” because of their gender, ethnicity, and faith. 

Islamophobia ‘epidemic’ 

The high-level event was co-convened by Pakistan, whose Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, underlined that Islam is a religion of peacetolerance and pluralism.

Although Islamophobia is not new, he said it is “a sad reality of our times” that is only increasing and spreading. 

“Since the tragedy of 9/11, animosity and institutional suspicion of Muslims and Islam across the world have only escalated to epidemic proportions. A narrative has been developed and peddled which associates Muslim communities and their religion with violence and danger,” said Mr. Zardari, who is also Chair of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers.

4. President Elect, Donald Trump explains that we have never been closer to Nuclear Armageddon.

5. Canadian pilot suffered a heart attack – Oct.9, 2021 plane crash killed pilot & badly injured passenger – pilot’s recent medical had been done “virtually” due to COVID restrictions

(This article lists quite a few recent crashes)

An October 2021 plane crash that killed the pilot and badly injured the passenger happened after the plane stalled and went into a spin before hitting the ground near Lacombe, Alberta, says a Transportation Safety Board of Canada report. (click here)

An autopsy determined that the “cause of death was attributed to blunt force trauma with cardiovascular disease as a significant contributing factor” says the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) report released on Tuesday. “The report also noted that the pilot had evidence of a heart attack.”

An independent cardiologist confirmed that the pilot’s cardiovascular disease and evidence of a heart attack “provide a very plausible, even if remote, scenario for an in-flight acute medical incapacitation…” […]

Scott Walton, 46, was flying a medical transport plane when it crashed in Nevada, killing all five on board. (click here)

(A stall and spin is a very easy condition to recover from. The fact that the aircraft went into a stall and then a spin and no recovery means the pilot was incapacitated before the stall. A stall happens when the aircraft is in a condition where there isn’t enough lift above the wing to keep it flying and it drops nose down due to engine weight and heads downwards. The spin can happen depending on the control positions. Reversing the controls to stop the spin and then taking advantage of the speed from falling allows a fast easy restoration of lift by just pulling back the console. If this did not happen, pilot incapacitation was the cause of this tragedy. Not an error or mechanical failure.)

Thank you all for joining us here at VTB. The project for next week may be to compile a list of what makes Canada, and perhaps the USA a communist country now. If you can’t recognize it, you can’t oppose it.

It’s heart warming to see how many UK Parliamentarians care deeply about the deaths and injuries they caused with mRNA coercion in so many ways. Not just heart warming but actually heart damaging. There has to be at least 4 other people in those hallowed halls as the reveal is made.

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  1. Why does the left have a hard time understanding that you file war crimes charges after you win the war. If you file them while the war is being fought the enemy will lose all incentive the attend peace talks.

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