New O’Keefe project, excess deaths continue and more on the Convoy: Links 2, Ides of March, 2023

1. James O’Keefe announces what we all knew he would do. A new bigger better Project Veritas called OMG O’Keefe Media group

2. January 2016: Outbreak of the deadly ‘California flu’ in Ukraine

According to an online publication[1] and other information, at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and 200 are still hospitalised after the accidental leak of the ‘California flu’ virus from an American laboratory near Kharkov in eastern Ukraine.

The spread of this dangerous virus has been confirmed by the deputy commander of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Eduard Basurin, who said: ‘According to the Ukrainian army medical corps, there is an epidemic among military personnel. According to medical staff, the virus first causes a sudden fever that cannot be treated even with antibiotics and death occurs two days later. So far 20 soldiers have died from this unknown virus and an attempt is being made to cover up the whole thing.’

By 22 January the virus had spread further and was out of control: ‘We continue to record an epidemic of a new incurable strain of flu in the ranks of the Ukrainian army,’ said Donetsk information office.

In light of the above, will the Commission say:

  • What immediate measures does it intend to take to prevent the spread of the virus to EU Member States?

So, when the Russians presented to the UN Security Council that the US had bioweapons labs in Ukraine on their border, they were telling the truth? Is that what we can take from this? And the US labs are about as reliable as Chinese ones? And this “California Flu” has a TEN PERCENT mortality rate? Let’s hope this is another BS scare tactic.

The given answer should surprise no one:

Answer given by Mr Andriukaitis on behalf of the Commission


In the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) and other countries in the World Health Organisation (WHO) EURO region, influenza A viruses predominate this season[1], overwhelmingly subtyped as A(H1N1)pdm09 which is characterised as similar to A/California/7/2009, the component of the 2015-2016 influenza vaccine[2].

There are indications from some of the EU/EEA countries that the A(H1N1)pdm09 virus is responsible for the hospitalisation of a large number of people with severe outcomes in risk groups and otherwise healthy young adults. A similar pattern of severity is likely to be observed in other EU countries as the influenza season progresses.

This corresponds with information from the WHO according to which the number of cases of severe acute respiratory infections has increased in Armenia, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, mainly in the groups aged 15?29 and 30?64 years since end of 2015. The increase is associated with a predominance of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 in severe acute respiratory infections cases[3]. The Commission is closely cooperating with Member States in the Health Security Committee to monitor the situation. The most important measure to prevent flu infections is vaccination. Influenza antivirals continue to be recommended for treatment of severe cases and for prophylaxis in the most vulnerable groups.

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3. Fact Checking Whitney Webb part II from Diana West

A few weeks ago, I published Part One of “Fact-Checking Whitney Webb,” an occasional series I began at Webb’s behest. Fact-check my endnotes, the author of One Nation Under Blackmail has said, her interviewers’ mouths agape with her clinical tales of sodomy and gommorah. Everything I’m saying/writing has a source.

Really? OK. A more pertinent question is whether these sources are credible. I began this investigation examining the sources for Webb’s X-rated claims that J. Edgar Hoover wore women’s clothing during homosexual orgies at a midtown Manhattan landmark, and was snapped in photos during homosexual encounters which (1) “intelligence” and “organized crime” used to blackmail him, and (2), in turn, impelled him to blackmail others.  

In Part One, I demonstrated that Webb’s sources for these claims are non-credible. 

Webb’s reply to these initial findings, I regret to say, fell into the ad hominem category — although I realize that applying a Latin phrase to a cartoon-strip thought-bubble on Twitter is something of a stretch. Tweeting to her quarter-mill followers, Webb called me a “Neocon historian” when I am neither; said I “smeared” her book when I exposed what was untrustworthy about her key sources; and then argued that I had ignored a video-rebuttal she made before I unearthed most of the evidence marshaled in Part One. Finally, and quite significantly, she failed to link to Part One to allow readers to judge the matter for themselves. 

Please read the rest at Diana 

4. John Campbell: Excess deaths continue

5. CTV: ‘Freedom Convoy’ lawsuit expands to include more Ottawa residents, new defendants

(This is an annoying one. It likely connects to a concocted “People’s Commission on the occupation” by far left wing extremists connected to govt. unions, and almost certainly ANTIFA, and likely created for the purpose of grabbing money frozen by the government in the GoFundMe accounts for the truckers. After the excerpt, we will add a few relevant links for your consideration. As an aside, tonight is the showing of the movie, Unacceptable somewhere in Ottawa’s West end. I would do more to advertise it but its been sold out for days, as was the showing Sunday night at an area church. Once it’s available online we’ll be sure to link to it)

A proposed class-action lawsuit over the ‘Freedom Convoy’ has expanded to include more potential downtown Ottawa plaintiffs and added more defendants.

In a decision Monday, an Ontario court judge rejected an attempt by Freedom Convoy organizers to quash an updated version of the lawsuit against them and will allow the potential class-action claim to proceed.  “There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the plaintiffs seeking remedies against the defendants who were involved in one way or another with the activities of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ and their ‘occupation’ of downtown Ottawa,” wrote Justice Calum MacLeod of the Ontario Superior Court.

Now lets have a look at who is likely behind this class action law suit:

At the last opportunity for people to ‘testify’ at these rigged hearings, another woman managed to get in and speak with an honest opinion:

As to the legality and consequences of the Freedom Convoy:

Freedom Convoy Closure of US-Canadian Border Did Not Affect Trade, Statistics Canada Shows

How the Rouleau Commission got it all wrong

Freedom Convoy Truckers Were Right – Judge Rules Protest Legal – City Of Ottawa To Be Sued

Judge Rules – Trucker Convoy Legal

Thank you all for all attempts at understanding and searching for the truth, and especially those that having found it, try and preserve it and restore it as a principle modus operandi.

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