WEF, Alex Berenson on the UK health minister leaks, Russia tests CBDC: Links 1, March 7th, 2023

1. Forty eight minute video on the history of the WEF

Diana West has an article with video on the digital transformation of the world being pioneered in Ukraine

Russia plans to launch a digital Ruble, CBDC style, April 1

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR) is going to proceed to the next phase of the digital ruble pilot project on the first day of April. Testing will involve real transactions with the new form of the national fiat, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova told journalists.

The plan is to start with transfers between individuals and payments between trade and service companies, the top official detailed. Skorobogatova emphasized that these will be “real transactions” and “real customers” of 13 banks that are ready to take part.

However, she also noted that the initial number of these transactions, as well as the number of participating clients, will be limited. Ordinary customers will not be able to participate in the testing at the first stage, the banker said on the sidelines of the Cybersecurity in Finance forum in Yekaterinburg.

Full launch of CBDC Ruble in 2024

2. This video deals with new executive powers that Biden signed in the US which appear to have put the US into another kind of state of emergency.

3. NY Democrat, Chuck Schumer launches attack against Tucker Carlson to protect the Jan 6 narratives created by the Democrats

Tonight, Tucker plans to show more. Chuck in the clip above is actually committing a crime, or damn nearly close to one, by interfering with a national broadcaster’s 1st amendment rights.

4. UK chair of defence appears to be saying that Europe is at war with Russia and must face them on the battlefield. I say ‘appears’ because he could be quoting someone here, or illustrating a point of view, and not actually stating what he himself believes needs to happen. The way this clip is edited leaves room for doubt. Perhaps someone can leave a link to a longer segment of this Sky News speech so we can see if this context is as it appears here.

5. “Somewhere, Winston Churchill just threw up.” – Alex Berenson on the leak of UK Health minister’s comms over Covid and the vaxx.

This is a highly entertaining piece of writing. Its worth it for the entertainment alone. But there is one thing about this and a great deal of material on the early days of this pandemic and response which is ignored and must never be.

They took away our rights. They created a police state and work-arounds for basic laws. They destroyed lives. They killed people. They denied real science and forced masks and denied early treatment with safe and known medications, which would be the right thing to allow, even if they didn’t work. That denial alone may have killed millions of people that would have lived.

They forced experimental gene-therapy technology on people which is a damned crime EVEN IF THEY DID WORK. Freedom, is the right to do one’s own risk assessment because at the end of the day, you don’t know what is right. The fact that we who were against the mRNA shots were right all long for the most part, (aliens and self constructing networks within the shots not withstanding) actually must not make a difference to the judgement. Why? Because if we do not stick to the foundational notion that government is limited to what it can do, even when it declares, or more accurately, creates an emergency, then they can do it over and over and over again and just say they were wrong the last time. But this time, its critical!

The fact that we are right about the vaxx, the censorship, the coercion, the deaths, the sickness WILL work AGAINST us if we do not stick with first principles. This is why they destroyed the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Because the convoy was the one thing that can work. Mass protests against illegal measures. Peaceful reminders that government had no right to do what they did. And now we are here in a police state, even if they don’t apply all that power all the time. They now have the levers to do so, whenever they need to force us to surrender any aspect of our culture.

And this has been going on a long time. Pierre Trudeau, the commie in Chief’s social father, passed a law that people could be jailed if they measured in the Imperial system and not metric. This at a time when 90%+ of all our trade was with the United States. There was no choice, and more importantly, ZERO need for the metric system. Science already used whatever scale it needed for whatever it was doing. Its not like we measure the trip to the store in Parsecs. Or the weather by degrees Kelvin. We used a very human scale for things of the human experience. And we all knew that system. The Americans knew it, the British knew it and so did the commonwealth. We changed by force and threat of jail, in this author’s opinion, arbitrarily and to show that the state can change fundamentals of the culture with the stroke of a pen.

And where are we now under his social progeny’s fiefdom? If you have property you are not using, expect to pay an extra tax on it. Why? The Century initiative. You don’t know about it, you didn’t vote on it, you weren’t asked if you wanted it, but it will obliterate you, your family, your opportunities and your culture.

On to Alex:

A week ago, the British newspaper The Telegraph started publishing secret text messages among government ministers about Britain’s response to Covid.

The good news is they don’t reveal a high-level government conspiracy to use Covid to install Bill Gates as Emperor of the Universe.

The bad news is… everything else.

Fearless leadership is no longer in style on either side of the Atlantic.

Try bad math, power grabs, and efforts to frighten the public (while simultaneously leading from the rear) instead.

Worst of all, the messages reveal that Britain’s then-health minister, Matt Hancock, fell completely for the Covid vaccines once the initial clinical trial results came out. When it came to the jabs, his main concern was getting as much airtime as possible to brag about them so he would “own the exit.”

How’d that work out for you, Matt?


Anyhoo, Matt separated from his wife and went on a British reality television show called “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” He was paid $400,000 for the appearance, but he didn’t do it for the money. He donated his fee to charity.

Correction: he donated 3 percent of his fee to charity.

Click through to read. We all need the laugh.

Thank you all who stuck with this site up to here. Your readership is appreciated.

France. They clearly have crap TV. They gave the legion of Honour to Jerry Lewis, and people would rather be on the streets rioting than doing anything else. We’ve never seen as much pointless rioting as in France. Its not even news anymore. At least in Pakistan they rent the angry mobs.

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    • Yes indeed. But it’s noteworthy that the night before, Tucker promised us more footage and then mysteriously last night there was none.

      Clearly his threats worked. So its critical that we understand that Schumer is controlling what the public gets to know. This is a crime of a high order in the US.

      Nice of Chuck to make it public so we can know what he said and what it did.

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