More pilots have heart attacks in flight, lies my govt told me, Jan 6 and more: Links 2, March 7th, 2023

Firstly, there is a lot of blowback from Tucker’s show last night. Please peruse the Reader’s Links for today to get a sample of it. Lots of red meat in there for those that want to get a sense of the fire that Tucker Carlson exposed. Not started, exposed. As Julian Assange said, “Every war in the last 50 years was started by media lies”. I think we could extrapolate on more than just wars, but governments that exist on media lies, and governments that fall because of them.

1. NSW Australia to launch digital ID (Propaganda video)

2. The ten biggest LIES from our governments over Covid. Not errors, not misinformation, but DISinformation at worst, and lies in all cases.


1. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has a far higher fatality rate than the flu by several orders of magnitude.

2. Everyone is at significant risk to die from this virus.

3. No one has any immunological protection, because this virus is completely new.

4. Asymptomatic people are major drivers of the spread.

5. Locking down—closing schools and businesses, confining people to their homes, stopping non-COVID medical care, and eliminating travel—will stop or eliminate the virus.

6. Masks will protect everyone and stop the spread.

7. The virus is known to be naturally occurring, and claiming it originated in a lab is a conspiracy theory.

8. Teachers are at especially high risk.

9. COVID vaccines stop the spread of the infection.

10. Immune protection only comes from a vaccine.

(They appear to be missing the one about no other possible treatment for the disease other than experimental mRNA injections. Related: The CDC’s attempt to get MSM to spread false information. Technically, that is called, misinformation. What the CDC did, is disinformation. News.Au also has a 10 list of myths now debunked about Covid. A nicer way of saying they enslaved, brutalized and otherwise broke our countries using lies about a flu like disease.

3. January 6th prisoners pray and sing national anthem:

Another documentary about the events of January 6 is available at a link here.

Also we learn that YouTube is doing its usual dishonest propaganda trick, redirecting anyone searching for the real Jan 6 videos to see enemy propaganda instead.

4. For those following how the various medical colleges, or oversight boards are treating doctors that actually used medicine and science to deal with the ‘pandemic’ rather than pure obedience to governments and captured regulatory bodies, please read this document. Things are very bad. So bad, that one is left with the awful choice of finding a doctor who has been removed from the system, or removed themselves, or dealing with doctors still working but with a great deal of well earned distrust. At least in Canada. Doctors are in an awful position. It isn’t really as binary as that of course. But the doctors in Canada and the USA who did excellent medicine and of course, turned out to be correct, are having their licences removed, or losing their entire life’s savings taken from them for fighting colleges, which are about as legitimate as the ironically named, Human Rights Commissions, or the “Anti-Hate-Network etc. The hearings can be seen live March tenth at YouTube at this link.

5. Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth forced to make emergency landing as First Officer suffered heart attack 30 minutes after departure on March 3, 2023

Two days ago I wrote about pilots and fight attendants suffering cardiac arrests in-flight and then dying suddenly (click here).

One of my readers kindly wrote in the comments section about a very recent incident on a Virgin Australia flight. This is that incident and now we have more information.

“Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth was forced to make an emergency landing after the First Officer reportedly suffered a heart attack just 30 minutes after departure. (click here)

The incident occurred on March 3, 2023, and resulted in the Airbus A320 being forced to return to Adelaide, where emergency responders were waiting to transport the sick pilot to the hospital.

The First Officer became incapacitated after suffering a heart attack. The Captain of the flight declared an emergency and successfully landed the aircraft around 70 minutes later.”

Aero Inside reports:

“A VARA Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration VH-VNB performing flight VA-717 from Adelaide, SA to Perth, WA (Australia), was enroute at FL320 about 240nm westnorthwest of Adelaide about 30 minutes into the flight when the first officer suffered a heart attack and became incapacitated. The captain declared PAN PAN and returned the aircraft to Adelaide for a safe landing on runway 23 about 70 minutes later.” (click here)

Here is additional information (thank you to @AirBo55):

Thank you all for your kind attention to these tectonic events. The real surprise is the people who do not. Yet they remain the majority.

Remember the Russian Covid vaxx scientist who was stabbed and defenestrated in 2020? Now another Russian scientist who worked on their vaccine died by strangulation.

A Russian virologist who helped develop the country’s COVID vaccine has been found dead after an altercation with an intruder in his Moscow apartment, according to reports in local media.

Andrey Botikov, one of 18 scientists who developed the Sputnik V vaccine at the Gamaleya National Research Center, was identified as the man who had been discovered strangled in his Rogova Street home on March 2, Regnum reported, citing official sources. It previously reported that he had survived the attack.

Lastly, a petition asking Trudeau to disclose the CSIS report about Chinese election interference


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  1. #5. The article says MSM is pushing for 1 pilot for commercial flights because lack of pilots and cost savings. They want airline crashes.

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