Tucker Carlson: March 6, 2023 Show 1 of the Capitol Hill Tapes

This is an important show. Probably best to watch as opposed to just listen. Also, the segment near the end on ANTIFA and its intimate connection to the SPLC is worth the time.

Tonight there will be more of the tapes from January 6th we are told.

There appear to be some glitches on the clip above. The one below is from YouTube and may be better. Hasn’t been checked yet, but the one above appears to have a bit missing right before the ANTIFA-SPLC segment.


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      • This is a striking thing to say – from the auto-generated transcript. I wonder if Mr Schumer also has video footage that he took that can communicate the life-threatening danger that he and his staff experiences. The lack of information allows newscasters (like Mr. Carlson) to reel viewers in in the hopes of resolving the gap. It starts to seem like a three-way game of footsie as these gentlemen ration and curate what they want viewers to see.

        5:33 I am disappointed and angered
        5:35 in speaker McCarthy’s decision to share
        5:38 sensitive security footage
        5:40 with Mr Carlson

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