An interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe, Canadian whistleblower on mRNA gene therapy shots

Gotta say, Dr. Hoffe was the first and certainly at the time, the most courageous doctor when he noticed that the various gene-therapy shots where harming and even killing a lot of people. He is also the doctor that discovered that using the D-Dimer test could help determine if, and how much damage the various injections do to people. Those suffering with myocarditis from the shots now routinely get the tests done.

Dr. Hoffe paid a huge price for his service to humanity. Please do watch if you want the whole story on his experience with his patients, the government and the gene-therapy.

For the write up, please see RAIR Foundation

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2 Replies to “An interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe, Canadian whistleblower on mRNA gene therapy shots”

  1. Dr Hoffe’s story and his early on exposure of the evidence of “vaccine” harm was one of my very first sources of information that guided my actions. He explained everything so clearly and thoroughly.
    Because of Dr Hoffe, I have also been able to discuss with my jabbed friends the reason for obtaining a d-dimer test.

  2. If this message reaches you Dr. Hoffe, it is just meant to be a HUGE THANK YOU for potentially saving my life, even though, living in Australia, you are not walking distance. (Other than online, I wish we had doctors here who have not forgotten about their oath, I have yet to find one)

    The first wake-up call I got was here on VLAD, and although other brave people like Dr. Yeadon followed pretty fast (from memory) confirming the warnings, it was YOU who prevented me from submitting to that first syringe attack. And once you see how the poisoned sausage is made, you can never unsee it.

    It also helped that your authenticity and honest concern breaks through the screen. ?

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