Trudeau calls Canadian intel service “Racist” for materials that may indicate the Chinese communists bought Trudeau and influenced the election

It looks like Trudeau has made the same mistake that Trump, Nixon and Eisenhower all did, except backwards. Nixon and Co. wanted to expose the corruption and excessive power and deception of the alphabet agencies in the US. As a consequence, they destroyed those presidents and even their legacy. In Nixon’s case, the most popular president in US history was taken down by a senior exec at the FBI because he got passed up for promotion. Eisenhower made a very famous speech which included a segment on the Industrial Military complex, and how it was a threat to democracy. Everyone needs to watch this segment till they fully understand it. But Eisenhower was smart enough to wait till he left office to deliver it. Trump? Well they fabricated nonsense about Russian collusion and then took over social media and screwed him over there and stole the 2020 election from him.

In Trudeau’s case its the opposite. He is using a weak and tiresome critical-theory/Discourse theory attack on CSIS because they pointed out the corruption of the PM. They noted correctly that China exerts undue influence, and may have played a part in Trudeau’s election ‘victories’. Let’s hope it has the same outcome. It typically goes badly for a politician when he takes on that kind of power.

Justin Trudeau said Monday that asking questions about MPs being influenced by China is racist and that security agencies don’t get to decide who runs in elections. Trudeau was responding to the latest bombshell allegations that China has interfered in Canada’s last two elections, including to help the Liberal Party win.

This is good:

We can now know that Doug Ford is another corrupt and dangerous Viceroy for the Communists. Chinese or otherwise. Trudeau hid his dialectic a little though in this. But the impression created was clear. Point out Chinese influence in his power base, and you are an anti-Asian racist, just as if you pointed out that yeah, the virus came from the Wuhan lab and we KNOW it was released to the west on purpose, because countless planeloads of people infected with legacy Covid19 went from Wuhan to the West spreading it, while domestic flights within China were all halted at the same time out of Wuhan.

The Globe and Mail is coming out with damaging material against Trudeau. Ok then.


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