UK supplicates itself to Islam for nothing: Links 1, Feb. 27, 2023

1. Claim that the US signing the WHO proposal that would grant them authority above and beyond the US (and everyone else’s) constitution is high treason.

(This may or may not be true, but probably is. The question then is, who is willing and able to do anything about it?)

2. More died suddenly

3. Unmasking Prejudice? Professor Denounces Maskless People as “Racist, Ableist, and Classist.”

George Washington University (where I teach) this week became one of the last major universities to drop its mask mandate. Many students had long declined to follow the mandate, but the decision was met with relief by many at the school. Yet, some are vivid about the lifting of such mandates in various schools. One is a professor at the University of British Columbia who has participated in roundtable discussions as an expert with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Dr. Amy Tan is a Clinical Associate Professor in Palliative Care and Family Practice at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary. She recently issued a blistering attack on those going maskless as being “racist, ableist, and classist.” The comments raise long-standing concerns that masks have become a vehicle for social and political rather than medical agendas.

According to media reports, Tan responded to a user who defended labeling non-maskers as “racist.” The user denounced dropping the mandates and added:

“once again and always – white people, you do not get to say what is or isn’t racist. stop speaking for and over BIPOC.

learn your place, sit down, shut up, and listen to us. your white saviorism is killing us. whiteness is a problem. oof.

(read & listen to James Baldwin! <3)”

It’s fun to watch how the Dialectic-Ninjas sneak in normal communist language along with the more covert communist language. Here they added “classist”. Cool ay? Like how soon we can expect a ‘solution’ to the whole artificially complex synthesis of ‘pronouns’ by just using one word for everyone! “Comrade”!

Here is another way to think of the dialectic. Suppose you wanted to bring down the most successful civilization the world had ever seen. With the most prosperity, fairness, and opportunity for all by an order of magnitude beyond anything before it or anything else that exists or existed at the time. Well, you could take the foundational pillars on which they stand, and attack those at the linguistic and propaganda levels. Lets take the merit principle. A true equality-in-practice idea. Let the company that wants to hire talent, hire the most qualified applicant over all others no matter what other attributes they may or may not have so long as they can function within the job description. That has worked spectacularly compared to all of history and anywhere else on Earth.

So how do you knock down that profoundly effective to the quality of life pillar? Create a kind of antithesis and make it appear the better choice. Equity. Where you actually attack competence and demand any and every other attribute for the job except ability. The more outrageous the attribute, not to mention irrelevant, the better. Let’s hire a nuclear waste disposal chief who’s main qualification is his various sexual fetishes. As an improbable example.

We see this repeated and modified to attack every single aspect of Western Civ now everywhere in the West.

4. Just can’t see how these videos are allowed on YouTube. We at Vlad have had about 4 channels deleted altogether just for posting subtitled foreign news clips which contradicted the narrative, and existed perfectly well on YT in the original language. So YouTube are censorious bastards to say the least. Are media and big tech trying to make Charles Manson into a prophet? Cause that might explain it.

5. UK Councillor Akef Akbar Leads ‘Deadly’ Intimidation Campaign Against Pupils, 1 ‘Severely Autistic’, After Quran Accidentally Damaged

Please click through to RAIR to read this article. It is far more important than the headline even suggests. There is a line from the koran that says: (quoting from memory) “Make them pay the jizya (tax on non-muslims) with willing submission and make them feel themselves subdued” . In Islam, and well recorded in Andalusia, islamic Spain, they would have a ritual of humiliating the Spanish Catholics when they had to pay the special tax. They had to KNOW they were being humiliated while paying muslims for being their masters. Tell me how the story linked above is not total submission to all Islamic laws and sensibilities by the British people? And now we can add yet another dystopian novel to the growing stack which are manifesting today. The 1914 novel by G.K. Chesteron, The Flying Inn. Even if you just read the first ten pages.

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7 Replies to “UK supplicates itself to Islam for nothing: Links 1, Feb. 27, 2023”

  1. ITEM 3 – I went to a small government clinic for blood tests today.

    Everybody dutifully picked up a mask from the box, slipped it on their face, and proceeded to lather their hands.

    Me, I picked up a mask from the box and slipped it around my neck. No such thing as that useless and harmful liquid on my hands.

    Everybody noticed me but not a peep. Some looked at me, stared for a short while, and that was it.

    Even at the registration counter, my face uncovered, not a problem to be had.


    • Just say no. Sad but every time someone dies in my area all the vaccinated ask me how am I doing. I just smile and say fine thank you. I no longer ask them, I am tired of hearing about their “health concerns” and all the diseases that are “going around”.

      Do not comply. Schwab, Harari, Gates, Soros, Obama, Justine Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney, all believe in my “Dropped on your little head” syndrome, once they find out it is no longer working, the global cowards will start to cower.

      They are a treasonous pile of………..

  2. 7.62×51 is the only way to reason with communists. This is a lesson I learned in ’82, bringing enlightenment holes to islamo-marxists. Communists are very reasonable after ballistically installed ventilation lets the light shine in.
    To recap: You cannot vote your way out. There is no relief under the law. Unelected, self-anointed authoritarian communist shitbats are installed at every level of municipal, provincial and federal establishments, particularly the civil service and it’s appointees.
    The only remediation at this point is mass armed civil disobedience and as hoc mobb actions to reduce and intimidate the state’s uniformed and irregular para-militaries.
    I am waiting.

  3. Grateful for your articles Vlad,
    Keeping massive spot lights on the mindfucking bullshit of this psychological and spiritual war we are facing for all to see in plain clear language, in plain sight……assisting in our mass awakening!! It is happening!
    Thank you Brother…

  4. Response to item # 1.

    In the screen shot of his online account, there is a list of an online discussion that includes Ann Vandersteel. It is my understanding that Ann Vandersteel is a phony.
    Perhaps the purpose of this “news” is to push some HOPIUM, or some dis-information.

    The statement – “New insider information from a credible source says the charter of the WHO has already been legally disqualified,…” – is, therefore, suspect.

  5. 1. WHO’s draft pandemic treaty undermining national sovereignty to be negotiated next week
    by Ashley Sadler – February 22, 2023


    Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law shared with The Epoch Times his concern that the WHO CA+ would be “fatally dangerous” to its signatories.

    According to Boyle, the writers of the accord “deliberately drafted it to circumvent the power of the Senate to give its advice and consent to treaties, to provisionally bring it into force immediately upon signature.”

    He argued that the Biden administration will treat the document, which will impact all U.S. officials from governors to health officials, as “an international executive agreement” that requires only his go-ahead without the input of the Congress.

    The WHO CA+ corresponds with the organization’s rule-making arm (the World Health Assembly)’s simultaneous initiative to implement global pandemic policies.

    Boyle said “[e]ither one or both would set up a worldwide medical police state under the control of the WHO, and in particular WHO Director-General Tedros,” adding that WHO control of public health could extend “all the way down the pipe to your primary care physicians.”

    Francis Boyle – 11 days ago

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