Being healthy and young seems to be bad for one’s health, and looking at Alinsky: Links 1, February 22, 2023

1. Twenty year old football star dies suddenly

2. Trudeau awards a massive retroactive raise to a CBC chief long since retired.

3. Mark Steyn: Every western nation has excess deaths they refuse to investigate. Also a drop in live births

4. Peter McCullough: What to do if you have HAD the shots

5. Bombs on US railway tracks

This is from sometime before or on 2020

Also important to note, the favorite thugs of leftist regimes, ANTIFA, sent a number of their membership to get ‘blooded’ fighting the Islamic State alongside Kurdish communist groups.

Those trained and experienced members are now back amongst us.

While we are on bombs at civilian targets, it looks like muslims emailed a bomb threat at an elementary school cause they had a Satan club.

If anyone pays attention to this story, we should know soon if terrorism works. If the schools all decide not to have Satan clubs, then we know how  changes get made, so long as you are one of the select groups allowed to apply that kind of pressure. A Trump supporter wouldn’t be permitted to even criticize a Satan club without harsh application of Alinsky’s 4th rule. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” In this case, Constitutional conservatives would be made to suffer a Satanic Club in an elementary school because of the 1st amendment in the Constitution of the USA. Both elements of it. Freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

The Satanic Temple’s children’s club was set up in response to the Evangelical Good News Club being hosted at the school. The group argued that if the school allows one religion to host events, they must allow all.

Law enforcement was called to the school on Tuesday morning over an emailed threat over the club. […]

“You are evil, there is no other way to put it.” It goes on to say, “You promote devil worship and unIslamic values.”

Note that even within the article, we see a reference to what is clearly an Alinsky Rule 4 method. The club was created as a response to a Christian one. The logical fallacies in that are many. If a pilot’s club was formed at the school, would there have to be a Submarine club just because someone started a pilot’s club? The rule 4 aspect seems clear. This put the school in a position where they had to do something they didn’t want to do, and found repugnant most likely, in order to seem adherent to their own principles.

A quick read of what this ‘Satanic Temple’ is about is revealing. It appears to be a dialectical device to negate conservative policies and enhance the revolution:

The Satanic Temple is often confused with the earlier Church of Satan, founded in the 1960s, which the Temple is not aligned with, per its website. Most notably, the Temple has protested anti-LGBTQ lawmakers and organizations and challenged GOP abortion bans, saying bans violate its beliefs that only individuals have rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

So anti individualism, and anti sanctity of life. That seems in line with the current flavour of authoritarianism in the West.

Alinsky’s rule 4 was written a long time ago. But like the rest of the Frankfurt School tactics, has been abstracted to include a lot of stratagems not thought of initially, or not possible at the time.

Initially, the example for rule 4, was, ‘if a conservative organization had a rule that they would answer every letter they received, then swamp them with letters until they could not possibly live up to their commitment.’

One can now see how this, along with other rules, predominantly rule 13 on attacking people who have ideas threatening to the revolution, and not the ideas themselves, have been abstracted and ever increasingly weaponized Twitter is a great place to see this play out. Remember how before President Trump was banned, he had the singular honour of being the only person on Twitter who could not ban followers or people who attacked him on his timeline. So when he Tweeted something as innocuous as Good Morning, thousands of insulting attack Tweets would be under Trump’s initial one. Most of them likely done by bots. Say something negative about Trump or Biden on his timeline though and watch what happens. Or at least did before Musk.

Thank you all for paying attention to these existential issues. Existential in ways that are greater even than our corporeal existence. For those of us with no offspring, it means an end to every aspect of our culture that matters. Any aspect of legacy, even shared ones.

Now may be a good time to try and seek out a loose group of activists who are attempting to find ways to stop the communist and authoritarian revolution taking place, and see what skills and resources you may have to contribute. When doing that, it is also a good idea to read up on methods of disinformation so that you can spot it in the group. To be clear, ANY counter-revolutionary group that exists today will have people in it well trained or at least trained, in how to make sure the group is ineffective and ideally, to turn upon itself. We have seen this over and over again. And as nearly none of the people in these groups have any training or experience in information warfare, its very easy to do.

This doesn’t mean don’t join, or work with groups. It means do so knowing their are forces at work within it to undermine its efforts, or make the efforts something that works against the principles and ambitions of the group. And sometimes, people are just corrupt or selfish and not actually working for the other side. They are just not useful. So one eye always open, and the other eye always on the prize.

The prize of course, is individual liberty and real human rights.

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5 Replies to “Being healthy and young seems to be bad for one’s health, and looking at Alinsky: Links 1, February 22, 2023”

  1. Excellent analysis Eeyore on the Satan clubs and carrots/sticks for social change. Increasingly we see those who “follow the rules” of the system punished (e.g. pissed off parents get the FBI treatment), whilst “righteous” terrorism is rewarded. Not an ideal incentive system.

  2. Thank you Eeyore, like Snowdog said an excellent analysis of the Satan clubs.

    ( “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” In this case, Constitutional conservatives would be made to suffer a Satanic Club in an elementary school because of the 1st amendment in the Constitution of the USA. Both elements of it. Freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.)

    I think we can apply this also to the mass migration of Muslims into western countries. And also we see Satan churches spoken of and putting up baphomet statues.

    I think you have shown Eeyore here in your analysis that this is how we will see USA cast aside the constitution and take away freedom of speech and freedom of religion. (We can argue this is already the case, and I would agree, and then I would say, the power will flip from the people that have the power now to the religious side including all the people who have had enough of what has been going on lately with wokeism, child mutilation, ect)

    By using the “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” , Satan will destroy what made western civilisation so great and prosperous. The Protestant Reformation removed the Roman Catholic Church yoke from the people, bringing freedom for Christians for 1st time. 1st time Christians could worship God by their conscience. So many freedom lovers were burnt at the stake or tortured to death by the Papacy through the union of church and state. The people never new anything different, and when they eventually enjoyed their freedom country wide, in England I believe, they made civil laws to restrict the conscience on religious beliefs to protect their own. This gave birth to the USA when freedom lovers traveled over the Atlantic and started a country with a foundation of freedom of the individual to worship God how their conscience dictates + freedom of speech, and this is what the west is built on, this is why the west, Protestant countries in particular, have been so blessed. This is what Satan hates.

    Using the ““Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” , Americans first, will think to see a problem with the constitution in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They will urge the civil authorities to cast aside these freedoms because they think they led to all of this trouble, horror, etc the people are going through, and restrict religious freedom. Protect the state religion ” Christianity “. By doing this, USA, Protestant USA will destroy the reason they have been so blessed. This has been called by authors in the past ” Apostate Protestantism”. This is the image of the Roman Catholic Church, the Papacy, this union of church and state.

    Now anyone that doesn’t follow the state religion, anyone who decides for oneself how to worship God, especially using the Word of God as your guide will be enemies of the state and the people.

    God’s government is built on freedom of conscience. Every created being has a choice to serve the Creator or not. This is the reason God has blessed the USA. When USA throws this principle away, they also throw away Gods blessings and protection. This will lead to its destruction. USA, lamb like beast that spake as a dragon.

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