Poisoning Ohio, major data point for the fact of a communist Canada: Links 2, February 15th, 2023

1. Video on the poisoning of parts of Ohio

A couple of comments from below the video that may be worth considering.

2. This one is for the ‘how communist is Canada’ file. In fact I think we may have to make a whole page for that one.

Ontario school trustee barred from meetings after questioning gender transition policy

An Ontario school trustee has been barred from attending board meetings in part because she publicly questioned the district’s stated policy of accommodating a student’s decision to switch genders while keeping it a secret from their parents.

At a Feb. 7 meeting, the Durham District School Board voted to censure fellow trustee Linda Stone, and bar her from all board meetings and committee hearings for the rest of the year. In an accompanying statement, the board condemned the “harmful impact” of Stone’s comments and urged the community to “begin to heal.”

“Transphobia has no place in our schools or school boards,” wrote fellow trustee Niki Lundquist in a tweet praising the censure .

(A brilliant example of everything this site has been saying is taking place. The imposition of a pseudo-reality, displacing reality, and even criminalizing it. How much of a step is it from silencing her at her elected position at the school board, to actually jailing her, or a gulag?)

3. PJ Watson indulges in some wish-craft, or what many people call, ‘Hopium”. Trudeau on the way out? What Mr. Watson didn’t say was that Jacinda was replaced with someone WORSE. No idea about Stugeon yet, but I am pretty sure if Trudeau leaves his job, it will be the Ukrainian Nazi-journalist granddaughterChrystia Freeland who takes over, or worse, Mark Carney.

4. Sen. Ted Cruz speaks to 29 nominations to the bench of communists, and extremists.

5. Videos: CRT Whistblower: Teachers Are Eliminated Who Refuse To Indoctrinate Your Children, Learn How to Fight Back

The descent of the western world into communism marches on, and day by day, the speed of that march increases. Now, with the introduction of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into classrooms from kindergarten onwards, the indoctrination of our children with neo-Marxist ideology is beginning as soon as they leave their homes to start school. 

According to educator Adam Mahdavi, CRT is defined as a way of analyzing racial inequities through conversations or presentations about power, race, and racism, particularly in America. It seeks to find racism in every aspect of our lives. 

IN an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA, Mahdavi, a former student at the University of South Carolina College of Education, where he completed his degree to become a middle school teacher, explains how it is being taught in schools. 

Please click through to RAIR for three videos with Adam, one of which is a serious brief on CRT and two others is his experience trying to stop it in a Red State school.

Thank you all for contributing materials to the Reader’s Links which is of great assistance to we here at Vlad and all our visitors to try and make sense of the increasing chaos which is increasingly dangerous. Notice there is still no mask mandate in New Palestine Ohio.

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