“All the wars in the last 50 years were started by media lies” -Julian Assange: Links 1, February 15th, 2023

1. 40 year mining veteran explains how green energy will destroy the Earth. Thread here.

2. ANOTHER Red state gets treated to a toxic catastrophe

Arizona authorities issue evacuation, shelter-in-place orders after nitric acid spill

Hazmat spill on Interstate 10 prompted evacuations and shelter-in-place orders in Tucson, Arizona

A portion of an Arizona freeway was closed in both directions Tuesday as a result of a crash and hazmat spill, authorities said.

The state Department of Public Safety said the closure on Interstate 10 between Rita and Kolb roads in Tucson was “extensive” and urged motorists to avoid the area.

A commercial truck tanker rolled over on the freeway, causing the spill, authorities said.

Pima County officials told Fox News Digital that the spilled substance was nitric acid. An alert directed everyone within a one-mile radius of the spill to shelter in place.

The Tucson Fire Department said it was on the scene with other agencies to clean up the area. There was no estimated time to reopen the road.

3. This is fun. You need a data analyst or mathematician to catch the deception here, which I think is in the last couple of paragraphs. But it appears to be based on the Canadian government type of deception in which the numbers are deceptively represented. This is beyond my skill set though, best to check with a math guy. The value of this item is that The New York Post appears to be pushing the deception that there is benefit to your health for taking experimental gene therapy. If anyone objects to the preface, “experimental” i might agree at this point. The jury is in. It kills millions.

People unvaccinated against COVID at higher risk of diabetes

Failing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine could put patients at higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.

Researchers from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles discovered that the coronavirus infection increases the risk of diabetes — but that up-front vaccination could curb it.

Type 2 diabetes impairs how the body regulates blood sugar levels and uses sugar, per the Mayo Clinic. While there is no cure currently, symptoms are often treated with exercise, special diets and weight loss. […]

“Although we don’t yet know for certain, the trends and patterns that we see in the data suggest that COVID-19 infection could be acting in certain settings like a disease accelerator, amplifying risk for a diagnosis that individuals might have otherwise received later in life,” study author Dr. Susan Cheng said in a statement.

“So, it could be that instead of being diagnosed with diabetes by age 65, a person with preexisting risk for diabetes might — after a COVID-19 infection — be more likely to develop diabetes by age 45 or 55,” added Dr. Cheng, who also serves the Erika J. Glazer chair in Women’s Cardiovascular Health and Population Science.

Using these selected paragraphs, it appears that they are trying to foist the consequences of the shot onto the disease. The spike protein, which is what causes the misery from both Covid and the shots, is orders of magnitude more present in people who have been injected. People who have received three or more shots, are factories of spike proteins to the point that just being near them may be a health risk to those who have not had a shot at all. We know that people who have received especially 3 or 4 shots are much more likely to get cancer or a resurgence of cancer or a rapidly developing new cancer along with a lot of other diseases. Especially thrombosis related ones. So this article looks more like it was written by Pfizer/ModeRNA/DoD.

4. Here is a REALLY weird one. People who puff up their lips into a duckbill with Botox need more frequent shots if they had the vaxx.

This one seems like they are trying to find the most benign possible side effect of the vaccine that affects the fewest in order to look credible. Yes, there are problems with the vaxx, but it only affects the common duck billed pole clingers, and that only mildly.

5. Bloody Marxist Terror Wave Hits Budapest

It appears that the New World Order, led by the US Deep State, may be initiating the process of a “color revolution” in Hungary. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report.

Last weekend, in a series of attacks that are unprecedented in recent history, weaponized Antifa troops savagely beat up innocent Hungarians all over the capital city of Hungary, at several locations.

The first shocking pieces of news emerged some days ago when a mob of eight German-speaking Antifas severely beat up a seemingly random man in Budapest, Hungary. They apparently travelled here in order to hunt down Hungarians. The victim was probably singled out just because he was wearing (fake) army clothes and some traditional Hungarian garments. He works in the tobacco shop in front of which he was attacked. He suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital.

Here you can watch the cowardly attack of eight Antifas hitting the man on the head from behind with batons, then kicking him on the ground and finally spraying him with tear gas.

Right before that attack the Hungarian member of that Antifa shock troop, a woman, asked their future victim whether he intended to take part in an annual event (described below) of Hungarian nationalists. He answered in the negative, saying that he wasn’t planning to do so, but had some friends that were. That may have triggered the bloody and well-trained attack in Gazdagrét (a district of Budapest), and he was severely beaten up with special weapons — an apparently professional toolkit intended to cause very serious injuries but possibly not death.


Moldovan leader outlines Russian ‘plan’ to topple government

Head’s Up, State Dept Operative and USAID Administrator Samantha Power is in Hungary, Seeding Another Color Revolution – Deep State Ukraine 2.0

Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama administration ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia.  As the NATO led western alliance assembled to use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban would not join.

In early April 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was overwhelmingly reelected {LINK}, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, western and euro-centric multinational globalists.   As a result of the victory, Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people.  Associated Press – […] “Orban — a fierce critic of immigration, LGBTQ rights and “EU bureaucrats” — has garnered the admiration of right-wing nationalists across Europe and North America.” (link)


Antifa Radicals From Across Europe Descend on Hungary, Violently Attack Anyone Perceived to Be Conservative


Thank you all for trying to sort out what the actual problem may be, so an effective solution can be launched.

A few things about all the damn balloons, Nordstream and media lies.

Ed Snowdon:

Audio from Cockpit of jet that fired on the Lake Huron object:

Gateway Pundit on the leaked pilot audio:

LISTEN HERE: Pilots Say Lake Huron ‘Octagonal’ Object is ‘Not Balloon’ in Just-Released Cockpit Audio

Cockpit audio of pilots trying to figure out what the unidentified object over Lake Huron has been released.

The audio was authenticated by the US Airforce. […]

No debris has been recovered.

“I wouldn’t really call it a balloon… I don’t know what… I can see it outside with my eyes,” one pilot said. “It’s so slow and so small you can’t see it.” “It’s just some kind of dark object. You can see some strings or something hanging down below it. I can’t tell if it’s holding anything,” the pilot said.

Hard to say how many more of these we will hear about, but Aliexpress only has nine left.

They are CDN $165.46 while a single sidewinder missile costs CDN $535,330.00 so, yeah.

This also explains why the talking head for the White House explained that it was a stationary object, then corrected it to relative motion in his presser yesterday. But in fact he was right the first time. It was stationary.

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  1. Having worked microwave radio in the Army (they use the same frequencies that radar uses) I don’t think a ripstop nylon kite would give any radar return.

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