UK has thousands of surplus deaths a week, man confronts Matt Hancock: Links 2, January 24th, 2023

1. Excellent example of how CTV is enemy propaganda. They find a criminologist to discuss a protest for the anniversary of the Freedom Convoy, (which is this Saturday evening and Sunday day at Parliament Hill by the way) and try and get him to not notice that CTV put words in his mouth. He never said it “won’t roll by quietly”. His statements were actually pretty rational, even if the tone of his voice seemed to hide a little distain. CTV attempts to make him endorse the idea that the event and the people are to be considered a threat. Note that we are unaware if CTV contacted a criminologist to discuss the ANTIFA/BLM riots that looted stores and set fires in Montreal. That somehow went unspoken of.

The host goes on to discuss how to prevent demonstrations (they don’t like) from occurring at all.

2. Matt Hancock is approached by a citizen who is aware of some of the magnitude of Hancock’s crimes. I hope the rest of Hancock’s life is like this at the very best of moments.

(Medazolam plus opiates like morphine are called “end of life drugs” and were administered to many Covid patients which they then claimed died of Covid, while they were denied HCQ or Ivermectin. Denied them. They had to know those drugs worked or else why deny them? Matt Hancock was one of the architects of this entire catastrophe.)

3. Speaking of Matt Hancock: Alex Berenson – URGENT: Deaths in England surge again

The mortality crisis continues – but not in countries that did not heavily use mRNA Covid jabs

The death surge in highly mRNA vaccinated countries continues this winter.

Meanwhile, less-vaccinated countries are reporting normal or below normal mortality rates.

The latest bad news for vaccine advocates came from the British government this morning.

The Office of National Statistics said it had registered 17,381 deaths in England and Wales in the week ended Friday, January 13. That figure is about 20 percent more than the five-year average – and 30 percent more than longer-term averages – for the year’s second week.

Only about 650 of the deaths had Covid as an underlying cause, the government said, so most of the excess was not related to Covid.

The British data confirms recent trends all over Western Europe, including the Netherlands and Switzerland.

4. Covid ward doctor in Israel gives testimony on how fraudulent the Covid stats are, and how dishonest the system was in terms of calling people who died falling out a window as a Covid death.

Full video here. Some of the comments are good as well.

The horrible things he saw and the things he had to deal with got him to finally resign and leave the system. Things like: ??Ventilating new protocol, according to which doctors rushed to put patients on ventilation machines while knowing that whining of this machine is unlikely (“ventilating is deadly, with tendency to kill”) ??The true number of Covid victim’s deaths and how doctors were forced to change death certificates information. ??The shortage of manpower that resulted in death of patients due to lack of basic treatment. The problematic teams that did not receive an appropriate training and didn’t know how to take basic measurements. ??And the inconceivable absurd of when he and his colleagues had to leave the Covid unit during their shift and go help in other units, while at the same time the system related Covid as a deadly and highly contagious virus.

4. Trudeau arranges an Astroturf protest. Classic commie move. A freedom protest in Hamilton was eclipsed by a well organized and financed leftist protest which was a dialectic attack on the nation-state. These people demanded that all Canadian services be available to all people no matter who or how or when they arrived in Canada. This means no borders, and therefore, no country. Of course Trudeau is working towards that exact goal via the Century Initiative. Anyone not familiar should look it up. Its the Canadian branch of what Macron is doing to France, Merkel to Germany, Biden to the US, Lula to Brazil and the COMINTERN to the World.

Note the branding and signage. This is not grass roots.

To be clear, Trudeau does NOT want to ban guns. Just for everyone but him and his friends. Tyrants always disarm the people they plan to kill or enslave. Check comments under this one.

In this video you can see how this was played. There were real freedom people who really protest Trudeau. But centre stage is his own people. This tactic is very similar to how Trudeau’s media works. They get on “experts” who push Trudeau/WEF policy and ask questions that force the expert to go harder in the direction they already want to go. Which makes the policy seem welcome, and also makes Canadians who are unaware of the con, actually annoyed that Trudeau isn’t doing enough of what he wants, instead of being in a rage that he is doing it at all.

An easy example is when the media asked Ford, the Premiere of Ontario why he didn’t impose a curfew like Quebec did, and never asked him once if it was a problem to take away Canadian’s basic rights and freedoms as far as he did. Pretty much all Canadian media works that way now. It always forces the culture and law to the left. meaning more state power, internationalism, and the end of the individual.

5. Massive spike in excess deaths sparks calls for an ‘urgent investigation’: NHS crisis is blamed for nearly 3,000 more Brits than usual dying each week

(If only someone had seen this coming! Oh yeah, this site and everyone we know and every expert that bothered to look or even apply their own knowledge. ADE and similar mechanisms were widely known before the vaxx roll out and tons of doctors said not to mass vaxx during a pandemic, even if it was “safe and effective”.

  • 17,381 deaths registered in England and Wales in the seven days to January 13
  • This is the highest number of excess deaths since the UK’s second Covid wave 
  • Health experts say 999 delays, long A&E waits and backlogs could be to blame

MPs have called for an urgent investigation into Britain’s soaring death rates as thousands more people than usual are dying each week.

Some 17,381 deaths were registered in England and Wales in the seven days to January 13 – 2,837 above average for the time of year.

This is the highest number of excess deaths since 3,429 in the week to February 12, 2021, when the UK was experiencing its second wave of Covid-19 infections and vaccination had only just begun.

Thank you all for being part of an attempt at understanding reality in the face of an overwhelming force imposing a pseudo reality on us all. A pseudo reality that a large percentage of people find easier to accept than fight. Which explains the state of Western nations very well.

Safe and effective

The Religion of Peace

Oceans will rise to flood Manhattan by 2000

Ozone holes will kill us all


Killer Bees

Meanwhile, in Aman Jordan, they appear to be burning pictures of Rasmus Paludan 🙂

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4 Replies to “UK has thousands of surplus deaths a week, man confronts Matt Hancock: Links 2, January 24th, 2023”

  1. I believe that the vaccines are contributing to the high number of excess deaths, but I also believe that the spiralling cost of electricity is contributing to the overall number.

    An article in the Economist recently referred to a study, which concluded that with a mild winter 141 000 additional people would die in Europe because of the high cost of electricity, i.e. increased price of heating a home. In the case of a harsh winter that number would jumped up to a staggering 335 000 additional people.

    It just goes to show that the vaccine mandates and the EU’s mad rush to embrace climate change policies kills.

    It’s not a big secret that power prices have gone through the roof in the last few years and that has real, tangible consequences. And I for one believe that this is one of the reasons for the huge increase in excess deaths that we’re seeing at the moment.

  2. 5. We need, and the world needs to conduct Nuremberg style trials for those who have been complicit in the things that have been done to us during the past 3 years.
    There should be capital punishment exacted on the main players and asset confiscation on the rest. Including MPs, civil servants, MSM, NGOs, NHS, the international drug dealers and any people in the public domain who benefited from advocating for the experimental injections.

    • And more importantly, suppressed and prevented people from accessing reliable, tested and safe medications that are known to have saved a LOT of lives where it was used. Usually secretly, and usually from unknown sources thanks to these people.

      Also, ALL the people who run media, both legacy and social, which suppressed real information or discussion about Covid policies or ANY OTHER POLICIES that affect our countries and civilizations, and forced a military-industrial complex narrative, mostly forcing the GD injections.

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