Vaxx policies, enemy propaganda and extremely bad chemistry advice by the MSM: Links post 1, January 12, 2023

1. It has been the position of this site, that when a totalitarian measure is enacted as a sort of fait accompli, any exit from the policy as written into it is effectively an exit from a rat trap leading to a tunnel that brings you right back into the entrance. And once you start playing by their rules, you are guarantee to lose the game. Like accepting voting machines that take weeks longer to count votes than people looking at each one.

2. PJ Watson identifies another phoney pro-vaxx person. At this point, any suspicion of what is going on with these shots is probably an underestimate of its true degree of evil.

3. Any chemists out there? How can they not know what this dangerous “green substance” is yet know exactly how to deactivate it?

(The one person I spoke to about this who asked someone with a background in chemistry said none of this, including the deactivation method, makes any sense. Need an expert on this one.)

“Do NOT touch this substance,” the LaSalle Police Department wrote in an alert to residents. “If you see this substance near or on your residence it can be deactivated”

La Salle officials are telling residents not to touch a green-colored substance that was released into the area during a massive fire at a chemical building in the southwest Chicago suburb.

According to La Salle police, an “oxidizer” that appears green color was released during a fire at a and explosion at the Carus Chemical plant Wednesday morning.

“Do NOT touch this substance,” the La Salle Police Department wrote in an alert to residents. “If you see this substance near or on your residence it can be deactivated.”

The department said residents will need a mixture of one gallon of water, one gallon of peroxide and one gallon of vinegar.

(Mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and vinegar doesn’t feel like something people should do at home though…. does it?)

4. Tomorrow she will be taken away: German court sentences Holocaust survivor (85) to forced vaccination

(I know people get the government they deserve, but why do WE get the government THEY deserve? Similarly, people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But apparently so are those that do.)

The facts of the case seem unbelievable, because Germany has probably really learned nothing at all from history. Confidants of a Ukrainian-born composer, famous in her homeland, turned to Report24. A court in Stuttgart has decided on a year of forced confinement in a closed psychiatric ward. First, however, the old lady is to be “vaccinated against Covid-19” twice – also with the use of force. An exclusive video shows: She is neither insane nor a danger to herself or others. She is simply afraid for her life.

Her name is Inna Zhvanetskaya. She was born on January 20, 1937 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. As a Jew, she is one of the survivors of the Holocaust. Until she was eight years old, she and her family had to dread whether they would be picked up, deported and possibly murdered. In ten days, she could celebrate her 86th birthday in her adopted country, Germany. A country she loves even more than her homeland, as she stated in an interview. Yet she was considered a musical celebrity beyond the borders of her later homeland, Russia. The Cambridge Biographical Centre (UK) honored her as Woman of the Year in 1992.

But in Germany, the very country she held so dear, a court order was issued for the forced opening of her apartment and her removal by force. By force she is to be brought before a doctor who is to “vaccinate her twice against Covid-19”. After that, they want to send her to a closed psychiatric institution. Without people who speak her mother tongue Russian. Without her music, which has filled her life since she can think.

5. Biden administration extends Covid public health emergency as highly infectious omicron XBB.1.5 spreads

(“There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program” -Ronald Raegan)

  • The Biden administration has extended the Covid-19 public health emergency as a highly transmissible omicron subvariant stokes concern that the nation may face another wave of hospitalizations from the disease this winter.
  • The U.S. has renewed the Covid public health emergency every 90 days since January 2020.
  • The White House Covid task force has repeatedly sought to reassure the public that the U.S. is in a much stronger place today due to the widespread availability of Covid vaccines and treatments that prevent severe disease and death.

(If CBC and other Maoist narrative attack vectors start reporting the ineffectiveness of the vaxx, or its potential dangers, it will be to justify a continued state of totalitarian oppression and the permanent/temporary suspension of basic rights of the public. The fact is, the MSM will never allow us to get ahead of the narrative. They will maneuver their way in front as the example from CBC in yesterday’s post illustrates, and use it to further the goals of the Maoist style revolution. The vaxx doesn’t work or causes problems? Well we need more lockdowns and other destruction of human rights.)

Thank you all for following along. One gets the distinct feeling as we watch tyranny being unrolled in front of us like a map of the world with a scale of 1:1, that no one gets punished for lying. But everyone will for telling the truth.

Are you, or a loved one suffering from coincidence?

And thread under this video

Update on the NDP door to door vaxx program. It was real. It was from 2021:

National Post:

Rachel Notley’s own tweet

CTV News:


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  1. Number 4: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    I am always astounded that Jews have returned to live in Germany and Israelis too.

    • One Israeli I know in the US was going to move back to Israel before Covid policies destroyed it. Now she doesn’t think its sufficiently different from the US to bother moving.

      In both countries the government seems determined to destroy any sense of national identity,

    • ‘The great unpunishment’: How, why so many Holocaust perpetrators got away with it
      Fewer than 600 of those who enacted the Holocaust received heavy sentences after WWII.

      British filmmaker David Wilkinson’s “Getting Away with Murder(s)” is a detailed indictment of how nearly all of the Holocaust’s perpetrators – German war criminals and non-German collaborators – avoided accountability. “The lack of justice for the victims of the Holocaust is the greatest miscarriage of justice in the history of mankind. The world needs to know this,” he said.

      An estimated 750,000 to one million people helped enact the Holocaust across Europe, according to historians, and fewer than 600 received heavy sentences after the war.

      “Most of the perpetrators lived long and often prosperous lives, even though so many were identifiable mass murderers…. At the end of World War II, at least 400 collaborators moved to Britain from the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, and other formerly Nazi-occupied countries…. One of those mass killers lived in Edinburgh. His next-door neighbors were Jewish.”
      And the hatched serpents’ eggs include Chrystia Freeland, Ursula Von der Leyen, and Klaus Schwab.

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