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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • Rich, evil, controlling, Ursula von der Leyen and her physician husband who is the Medical Director of Orgenesis, that specializes in CELL and GENE therapies, along with Godless Schwab, Freeland, Harari, Gates, Soros will show the “little people” the way.

      Remember Jesus said: Be not afraid for I will be with you.

  1. I wrote a poem
    And thought it good
    Waxing sweetly as I could
    On and on about some thing
    (The point of all now lost to me
    And it was only yesterday
    Which sort of scares me, in a way
    These little lights inside my head
    That come now daily to my mind
    Along with thoughts that correspond
    Like pleasant orders from above.)

    I feel ok, don’t get me wrong
    I sleep quite well, since I’ve returned
    But ever since my door bell rang
    I’ve noticed that my life has changed.

    “We’re from the Province, Mr. U
    And our records show some things askew
    You haven’t been injected yet
    We’d like to know exactly why
    You’re not compliant, why oh why?”

    And then a man with one big foot
    Stopped my door from slamming shut
    A sudden struggle then ensued
    As I was overpowered but
    I do recall no needle came
    They took me to a place no name
    No markings on the bland facade
    To tell me anything.

    I woke up with a headache, then
    In a room I shared with three more men
    Who told the same experience
    Our heads now bald and bandaged
    We all then noticed little flares
    Igniting in our thoughts and notions
    Followed up by a need to do
    Some things so soon forgotten.

    These days I sit and think, sometimes
    Bathing in the window sun
    And wonder if the Neuralink
    Has made me someone I was not
    So full of knowledge now, I am
    From jelly fish to calculus
    From Shakespeare recitations on
    So smart, indeed, but where is me
    You know the guy who I once was
    So erred and human–just a Joe
    Who has not now a private thought
    Except, sometimes, a fleeting glimpse
    Of someone dashing as I did
    Then just like clockwork comes the pop
    And with this flash
    My thought is

    Arthur C. Clarke

    • G-d forbid!

      Stunning poem, Johnny, thoughts too horrible for prosaic prose.
      Now they’re out. Time to wipe your mind with bulls-blood. Or target practice, then bulls-blood.

    • You have an option.
      A second passport is yours – and your kids’ – for the taking. Doesn’t mean you pack up now. Just think of it like life insurance. Or a stash of precious metals.

  2. In Ukraine, “There’s Something Happening There”
    By Larry Johnson
    Published January 12, 2023 at 7:00am

    The sixties band, Buffalo Springfield, had a hit song that I think captures the dramatic developments in Ukraine and Russia over the last 36 hours — “There’s Something Happening Here:”

    The collapse of Ukrainian resistance in Soledar was confirmed even by some of the staunchest supporters of Ukraine, which means that Bakhmut is expected to fall under Russian control in the next few days. Russian forces are moving from the South, the North and the East and are creating a potential cauldron that will leave Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut surrounded.
    Remember my last article? I credited CNN with getting something right. Well, you can relax, CNN is back to pushing propaganda and failing to understand what is going on:

    Russia’s Defense Ministry announced yet another realignment of the commanders leading the war in Ukraine on Wednesday, as criticism mounts over its handling of the stalled campaign.

    It said that General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian General Staff, would become the overall commander of the campaign, with the current commander, Sergey Surovikin, becoming one of his three deputies

    • twitter @disclosetv

      NEW – Ukraine presents itself as a battle angel at the Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans.

      + 45 sec video

      twitter @disclosetv

      Republican Congressman introduces resolution to place a Zelenskyy bust in the U.S. Capitol.

      europravda -Poland and Lithuania to send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine

      • Poland has mobilized 300,000 soldiers on its border with Belarus and Ukraine. The western regions of both countries are Poland in all but passport. The borders never made sense, but Nato is not on the same page as the revanchist Polish-Lithuanian Empire.

        Of the many sheep-dipped Nato on the front in Ukraine, Poles are the most prominent and motivated. They want all Russians dead.

        You can get a sense of the numbers involved from the chart of border crossings in John Helmer’s article. It’s meaty, as usual highly worthy.

        The Ukrainian Demilitarized Zone – Negotiations Start At Dead End

    • Hundreds of US military vehicles arrive in Dutch port to strengthen NATO defences

      A large number of U.S. army tanks and military vehicles began arriving at the Dutch port of Vlissingen on Wednesday (January 11), ahead of their transport to Poland and Lithuania later this year as part of moves to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.

      The equipment includes large numbers of M-1 Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, of Fort Hood, Texas.

      Dutch armed forces are helping with marine security and guarding the port area where the vehicles will be housed before they continue East.

    • Britain’s Challenger II tank could be the most capable weapon gifted to Ukraine | Defence analysis

      The protection provided by the Chobham and Dorchester armour – the exact composition of which is graded secret – will enable the vehicles to survive direct hits from Russian T-72 tanks.

      There will be some in Whitehall’s security establishment fearful such advanced military secrets will fall into Russian hands.

      However, it seems as if Kyiv’s dogged resistance and the ability of Ukrainian forces to go on the offensive has convinced external supporters of the need to provide more advanced combat power; to shift from ensuring Ukraine doesn’t lose, to ensuring the country is victorious.

      • Reverse engineering is a thing.
        Pres. Trump let Iran catch and keep our finest state- of the -art drone.

        That’s the technology used in the Shahed-136 delta-wing kamikazes that Russia’s calling “Geranium 2”.

    • channel 4 – UK to send tanks that could help win the war against Russia

      The UK has confirmed for the first time that it’s planning to send “game changing” tanks to Ukraine, pledging to accelerate its support with the kind of technology which could help Ukraine win the war against Russia.

    • Germany defence minister inspects infantry vehicles before they are sent to Ukraine

      Christine Lambrecht observes Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles in action after Berlin’s announcement to send 40 of them to Ukraine before March.

      • Soledar is MOSTLY taken by Russia’s Wagner PMC. The head of Wagner is justified in crowing about the achievement of his army, but there remains a BIG catch.

        The root word of “Soledar” is “salt”, as in salt-mines. Possibly the most extensive cave and tunnel system in Europe runs for miles, connects villages nearby that have not yet been taken. At depths of more than 100 meters, this is a chain of underground cities that can be resupplied for a long, long time.

        There may be hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers in those caves/tunnels. And who-knows-what munitions in that maze. Huge stocks of artillery and shells, certainly, but maybe WMD as well.

        Of course the Russians have all the maps, but there’s no telling what’s going on down there now.

        • Dima in Belarus outlines the complexities. He’s not retailing propaganda, not stacking the deck as Larry Johnson and Col. MacGregor often do.

          (They’re ok to balance the garbage on Western MSM. But don’t forget: they’re the most popular commentators on Russian media propaganda sites. They have unsavory associates who are anti-American to the marrow.)

    • REDACTED – He Survived 48 hours in Ukraine!

      Two U.S. Senators are saying that the U.S. should support Ukraine until Russia has a regime change, meaning ousting President Putin.

      Regime change is very dangerous rhetoric but U.S. politicians feel comfortable ratcheting up the narrative.

      They say that all weapons have been accounted for in Ukraine because…spreadsheets.

      Is this true? We talk about the current state of the war.

      • Perspective on these suckers.
        First published in Foreign Affairs, the CFR.

        Ukrainian Disinformation: Ukraine is quite prepared to trash Americans.

        Kentucky’s Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican who nominally represents an American state and serves the American people, recently said that Ukraine was Washington’s top priority. He evidently is confused about where his loyalties should lie and should consider running for election in Ukraine, perhaps in the oblast surrounding the capital of Kiev.

        Ukrainian officials have no such doubts. They serve Ukraine and are quite prepared to trash Americans and even drag the U.S. into war if doing so serves Kiev’s interests. Why? Because, in contrast to McConnell, the Ukrainian leadership prioritizes its nation’s interest…

        […] Zelensky has apparently sought to lie the US and NATO into the war, claiming that the Ukrainian missile strike on Poland was from Russia. If the West could easily identify the missile’s provenance and trajectory, so could the Ukrainian military. Either the latter lied to Zelensky or he lied to the West, which is underwriting his war.

        In either case, it should be obvious that Washington and Brussels cannot trust Kiev. A foreign leader who believes it is in his interest to involve America in a great power and potential nuclear war is no friend and, frankly, is more dangerous than Russia…

    • Angus King Hosts Press Conference On Visit To Ukraine

      King was questioned about the accounting of weapons and money being sent to the war effort, as well as the strength of western support going forward.

    • global news – “We shouldn’t underestimate Russia”: NATO says Moscow mobilizing more troops

      NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday said Russia was mobilizing more troops for the war in Ukraine and should not be underestimated.

      Speaking at a news conference with European Union leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, Stoltenberg called on members of the military alliance and the EU to be “prepared for the long haul.”

      Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said the EU would impose new sanctions on Belarus as it keeps up the pressure on Moscow to end the conflict and extends measures to those countries that support Russia.

      In response to a question about the supply of Western battle tanks including the Leopard 2 to Ukraine, she said Ukrainians should “get all the necessary military equipment they need.”

      Stoltenberg said he welcomed the decisions by the U.S., Germany, France to provide military vehicles.

      ( 3 min 46 )

    • europravda – Germany to send up to 40 armoured fighting vehicles to Ukraine

      Germany is backing Poland’s idea of an international coalition to supply armoured fighting vehicles to Ukraine and vows to provide Kiev with around 40 by the end of March

    • reuters- Lula to purge Bolsonaro loyalists from Brazilian security forces after rampage

      BRASILIA, Jan 12 (Reuters) – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Thursday that security force members were complicit in letting an anti-government mob ransack the seat of power in Brasilia, and promised to weed out hardcore supporters of his predecessor.

      The task of screening out those actors will be complex, his senior aides said, but investigations have begun to see who was responsible for letting backers of former President Jair Bolsonaro storm and vandalize the presidential palace.

      “There were a lot of people who were complicit in this among the military police. There were many people from the armed forces who were complicit,” Lula told journalists. “I am convinced that the door to the palace was opened to allow these people in, because I did not see that the door was broken.”

      Lula has also stepped up criticism of the army for not doing anything to discourage the two-month-old encampment of Bolsonaro supporters outside its headquarters, where they have been clamoring for the military to overturn the result of the October elections.

      The Brazilian army did not respond to requests for comment.

      Thousands of demonstrators calling for a military coup to oust Lula and restore Bolsonaro to power stormed the Supreme Court, Congress and the presidential palace on Sunday, leaving a trail of smashed windows, furniture, computers and artwork.

      The police force responsible for public security in Brazil’s capital did not stop the mob advancing on the building, and some were seen in social media images taking selfies and chatting with demonstrators.

      Riot police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and arrested some 1,800 protesters only after Lula ordered the federal government to intervene in local security.

      Brasilia Governor Ibaneis Rocha, a Bolsonaro ally, was among the first blamed for security lapses. He was suspended from office on Sunday by Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who also ordered the arrest of his security chief and head of police.

      The battalion of troops assigned to guard the presidential palace did not respond either until rioters had entered and trashed the palace, according to a Reuters witness.

      Four on-duty staffers from the National Security Adviser’s office (GSI) were quickly overwhelmed inside the presidential palace and their office ransacked. They looked on as protesters kicked at the reinforced door to Lula’s office but failed to break in.

      A presidential spokesman told Reuters that computers were taken from the National Security Adviser’s office and hard drives containing confidential information had disappeared. Boxes of taser guns were emptied, said spokesman Guto Guterres.

      Presidential Chief of Staff Rui Costa said the government now faces the challenge of undertaking a “decontamination” of the security forces and holding those responsible accountable.

      “We have several institutions that have been contaminated with Bolsonarista hatred by far-right coup-mongers,” said Institutional Relations Minister Alexandre Padilha.

      Government officials said it remained unclear how soldiers or policemen who sympathize with demonstrators’ calls for a military coup would be identified or removed.

      One idea proposed by Lula’s aides, aimed at discouraging the politicization of security forces, would be to limit military and police officers from running for elected office.

      Brazil’s Congress has a growing number of retired and even active-duty officers who tout their military or police credentials as part of their law-and-order appeal.

      “This excessive participation of the military and military police in politics is progressively leading to ideological contamination of the forces,” Costa said.

      On Wednesday, Lula vetoed part of a bill passed by Congress under Bolsonaro that would guarantee the right of police officers to take part in political demonstrations.

  3. Appoints Robert Hur as Special Counsel to Investigate Joe Biden’s Handling of Classified Documents
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 12, 2023 at 12:10pm

    US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday afternoon delivered a statement after classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s private office and home.

    On Monday it was revealed top secret intelligence documents related to Ukraine, UK and Iran were found in Joe Biden’s private office shortly before the 2022 midterm elections.Government officials discovered more classified documents at Joe Biden’s Delaware home – in the garage.

    For reference, here is Biden’s garage:

  4. Trump and Edward Snowden Raise Interesting Question Regarding Timing of the Biden Classified Documents Scandal
    By Anthony Scott
    Published January 12, 2023 at 1:15pm

    The recent discovery of dozens of classified documents found inside a closet at Biden’s office at the UPenn Biden Center has networks such as CNN calling the discovery “embarrassing.”

    However, the bigger story in the midst of the Biden Doc Scandal is the timing of the report being released to the public.

    The documents were initially discovered on November 2nd, just six days before the midterm election.

    After discovering the documents Biden’s attorneys would turn them into the National Archives who would then hand over the documents to the DOJ who kept the matter silent until Monday.

    President Trump noticed the strange timing of the documents being released and took to Truth Social to write: “Why didn’t the “Justice” Department announce the Highly Classified documents found in the Biden Office before the election?”

  5. Who Is Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel Robert Hur? …He Partnered with Chris Wray at DC Law Firm and Later Was Rod Rosenstein’s Top Lieutenant
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 12, 2023 at 12:54pm

    Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday the DOJ was launching a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s mishandling of top secret classified documents as Vice President of the United States.

    This comes after a second batch of classified documents was found in his Delaware garage next to his Corvette.

    Garland nominated Robert Hur to investigate Joe Biden’s criminal activity. Unlike the US president, the vice president does not have the right to take and store classified government documents.

    Robert Hur was a US Attorney for the District of Maryland from April 2018 to February 2021. Hur was a Trump nominee.

  6. MUST READ: Journalist Reveals Senate Passed Secret Measure In December That Further Confirms Pelosi Was “Queen of the Mob” On January 6th
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 12, 2023 at 12:39pm

    The Gateway Pundit has reported consistently on Pelosi’s culpability for the events on January 6th and how she escaped legal and moral accountability. PJ Media on Sunday released an article further confirming that Pelosi was the main person responsible for the riot.

    Victoria Taft, the author of the piece, revealed senators passed a measure on December 12 removing Pelosi’s authority to call out the National Guard. The responsibility was instead handed over to the Capitol Police.

    We all know how badly the Capitol Police botched the handling of the riot, ignoring several warnings and refusing to call in backup. Imagine if Pelosi could have summoned the National Guard with a simple phone call.

    But the Senate removed her power altogether. They almost certainly knew Pelosi had no intention of calling in the Guard and may have even wanted the January 6th riot to happen altogether so she could impeach Donald Trump and try to bar him from ever holding office again.

    Here are the key parts from Taft’s enlightening article:

    A little-noticed bill passed before Christmas shows that the U.S. Senate knows Nancy Pelosi had more to do with the U.S. Capitol breach on January 6, 2021, than anything President Trump did that day. Indeed, Nancy Pelosi could be crowned Queen of the Mob, since her actions led to the crashing of the perimeter fences, general dysfunction, and deaths of Trump supporters that day.

    Pelosi was more responsible for the marauding mob at the Capitol that day than anything President Trump did to “incite” his huge crowd of supporters — which he probably did not.

    And here’s how we know this.

    On Monday night, December 12, senators unanimously passed a measure to remove authority for calling out the National Guard from politicians like Nancy Pelosi and gave it over to the Capitol Police.

    Pelosi’s office “was heavily involved in planning and decision-making before and during the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and micromanaged the Sergeant at Arms,” according to texts and other communications that came to light after January 6.

    From early December 2020, Pelosi aides attended regular meetings with Irving and Sund to discuss the security plan. So hands-on was Pelosi’s chief of staff Terri McCullough that, at one point, she was editing details of parking, event timing and “language regarding official business visitors” for the Joint Session.

    The Pelosi team’s messages and posts were exposed in an investigative report by the same House Republicans Pelosi removed from the J6 Committee. The messages show how Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund begged Pelosi and the Sergeant at Arms to plus-up security. His request for help was only satisfied after the riot fizzled out.

    The New York Post reported that the GOP investigation showed that “House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, who answered to Pelosi as one of three voting members of the Capitol Police Board, ‘succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership,’ was compromised by politics and did not adequately prepare for violence at the Capitol.”

    The House and Senate sergeant at arms and Capitol Police Chief Sund resigned their jobs after the disaster, which could have been prevented.

    But in a move the same week, the Democrat-run Senate tacitly affirmed that Nancy Pelosi royally screwed up by failing to take Trump up on his offer of using the Guard and preventing what the J6 Cassandras said was worse than the Civil War or the 9/11 attacks.

    If anyone deserves prison for what happened on January 6, it is Nancy Pelosi. What a corrupt and cynical woman.

  7. What’s Going On? Canada’s Flight Entry System Hit with “Outage” After US and Philippines Airspace Shut Down in Last Week
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 12, 2023 at 11:00am

    On Wednesday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that America’s airspace was shut down for several hours across the US.

    The FAA is the largest transportation agency of the U.S. government that oversees many aspects of America’s aviation, including air traffic management.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    The issue affected the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which provides pilots with real-time information about closed runways, equipment outages, and other potential hazards.

    More than 7,000 flights were delayed after the outage.

  8. “Gov. Hochul quietly sneaks in proposal to ban sale of gas stoves, fuels outrage across New York” by Jennifer Gould, Kyle Schnitzer, Zach Williams, Bernadette Hogan & Bruce Golding – January 11, 2022

    Natural Gas Power
    Cheaper, cleaner power for NYC’s biggest power plant
    GE Gas Power

    How TransCanada’s Natural Gas Powers New York City | Power Plant Services
    GE Power – May 30, 2013

  9. ctv news – An Ottawa man says the Confederate flag on his truck during the ‘Freedom Convoy’ was about rebellion, not racism.

  10. Palestinians Recruit Minors as Terrorists, Then Condemn Israel for Shooting ‘Innocent Children’

    Palestinian terror groups are recruiting minors to carry out terrorist attacks while Palestinian leaders and international organizations are screaming that “innocent children are being killed.”

    The Palestinian Authority… glorifies terrorists and rewards them and their families with monthly stipends — essentially a “jobs program” that solicits murder….

    Those who send minors to carry out terror attacks should be held responsible for committing a crime against the Palestinians, for deliberately placing their children in danger, and not only Israel.

    Ayyad, who was killed during violent clashes with Israeli soldiers, had even written a will expressing his desire to die as a “martyr.”

    “I’m happy that God has fulfilled one of my dreams: martyrdom.” So much for being an “innocent child.”

    Palestinian children are brainwashed against Israel from the cradle and are deliberately placed in harm’s way, while the UN and the rest of the world look the other way.
    “Chutzpah is that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.”

  11. Iran To Station Warships in Panama Canal

    Iran”s navy is set to station warships for the first time in the Panama Canal, a critical trade route in America”s backyard that has never before seen an Iranian military presence.

    Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of Iran”s navy, said on Wednesday that his forces will establish a presence in the Panama Canal later this year, marking the first time Iran”s military has entered the Pacific Ocean.

    Iran in recent years has placed a greater focus on moving its military into Latin American territories as it strengthens relations with anti-American dictators in the region, most notably in Venezuela. Iranian vessels have docked more frequently in Venezuela as Tehran”s hardline regime seeks to prop up dictator Nicolás Maduro. These moves are meant to provoke the United States and signal that Tehran has the ability to station its military apparatus a stone”s throw from U.S. territory.

    Joseph Humire, a national security analyst who focuses on Latin American issues as executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society think tank, said Iran has been laying the groundwork for this type of voyage by holding joint exercises with allies such as Russia and China, two nations that have also been strengthening their ties with Latin American countries.

    “This is what Iran has been building in Latin America for the past 30 or 40 years” by establishing embassies and bilateral agreements with a host of nations, Humire said.

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