Biden forces more emergency stuff, Pierre Kory has a different PoV and Alex Berenson presents more concerning data: Links 2, January 12, 2023

1. Biden administration extends Covid public health emergency as highly infectious omicron XBB.1.5 spreads

(“There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program” -Ronald Raegan)

  • The Biden administration has extended the Covid-19 public health emergency as a highly transmissible omicron subvariant stokes concern that the nation may face another wave of hospitalizations from the disease this winter.
  • The U.S. has renewed the Covid public health emergency every 90 days since January 2020.
  • The White House Covid task force has repeatedly sought to reassure the public that the U.S. is in a much stronger place today due to the widespread availability of Covid vaccines and treatments that prevent severe disease and death.

(If CBC and other Maoist narrative attack vectors start reporting the ineffectiveness of the vaxx, or its potential dangers, it will be to justify a continued state of totalitarian oppression and the permanent/temporary suspension of basic rights of the public. The fact is, the MSM will never allow us to get ahead of the narrative. They will maneuver their way in front as the example from CBC in yesterday’s post illustrates, and use it to further the goals of the Maoist style revolution. The vaxx doesn’t work or causes problems? Well we need more lockdowns and other destruction of human rights.)

2. Russiagate Twitter Files:

3. Oxford residents furious over new cage rules for their city

(Maybe in fairness we should call them “crate rules” since cage sounds so unpleasant)

4. Dr. Pierre Kory blasts media and orgs. who are gaslighting all of us

5. Alex Berenson: URGENT: 17 percent of teenagers had heart symptoms after their second Pfizer mRNA jab, a new peer-reviewed paper show

1 percent had abnormal ECGs; 1 in 1000 had myocarditis or significant arrhythmias.

Researchers in Taiwan have added to the increasingly negative picture of the impact the mRNA Covid vaccines have on the hearts of young men.

The researchers conducted electrocardiograms (ECGs), which measure the heart rhythm, on 4,928 high schoolers in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, before and after their second Pfizer shot. Over 90 percent of the students were male.

They found 51 students had significant changes in their ECGs after the second Pfizer jab. One of those was diagnosed with myocarditis, and four more had “significant” heart rhythm disturbances. Those included a student with premature ventricular contractions, which can raise the risk of sudden cardiac death.

“The arrhythmia triggering effect by BNT162b2 [Pfizer] vaccine needs further study to elucidate,” the scientists wrote.

Please click through for the tables and data for this study. Had the shots? Time to forget your doctor. Call a lawyer.

Thank you all for your kind attention to these perspectives, news items and opinion and considering things may not be quite as we are told.

John Campbell PhD warns us that we will likely get a mild cold soon


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  1. “What have we done?” – Dr. Paul Offit, FDA Vaccine Committee
    Vaccine Safety Research Foundation – January 11, 2023

    VSRF Weekly Update: Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Kirk Milhoan, MD, PhD
    Steve Kirsch = 9 hr ago
    I’m waiting for the video to be posted on Rumble.


  2. Dr. John Campbell

    Since all these scam-artists are meeting up at Davos now and will be receiving their marching orders from their Führer Klaus Schwab, I’m pretty sure that the next “Covid” lockdown will be proposed and most likely implemented again.
    I for one WILL NOT COMPLY.

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