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  1. 14 min Viva goes down the increasingly-familiar road of misappropriating injuries as injection related. In this example vis-a-vis the recent CTV reporter who went down on camera.

    I will point out that Jeff Beck, one of the world’s greatest guitarists, passed away a couple of days ago. In contrast to so many current passings that are branded “cause unknown”, Beck’s family came right out with the cause of death as sudden bacterial meningitis. Case closed. No conspiracy theories. Not so hard, is it?

    • I should clarify: he isn’t saying anyone has misappropriated this reporter’s episode, but is pointing out the unjustified reaction to those who make the accusation in the face of silence.

  2. 113 Dems Vote with GOP to Ban Sale of Oil Reserves to China
    By M Dowling -January 12, 20232

    Biden sold nearly one million barrels of oil from our emergency reserves to China six months ago. The Free Beacon exposed it. Six months later, 113 Democrats voted with every Republican to ban selling our reserves to China.

    The bill received wide bipartisan backing, with a majority of House Democrats—113 of the 210 who voted—joining their Republican counterparts to support it.

    Overall, it passed 331-97.

  3. The Nara District Public Prosecutors Office indicted Tetsuya Yamagami, 42, on murder charges as well as for violating gun laws after concluding a roughly six-month-long psychiatric evaluation.

    Prosecutors said the results of his mental evaluation showed he was fit to stand trial.

    Mr Yamagami was arrested on the spot on July 8 after allegedly shooting Mr Abe with a handmade gun while the former leader was giving a speech at an election campaign in the western city of Nara.

  4. Several Illinois sheriffs will not enforce the state’s recently passed gun law, with many arguing it violates the Second Amendment, according to NBC Chicago.

    Sheriffs from Kankakee County, Boone County, Winnebago County and McHenry County posted messages on social media saying they will not comply with the portion of the law that requires residents to register their guns with the state, according to NBC Chicago. The recently passed law, HB 5471, will outlaw the sale, manufacture, possession and purchase of “assault-style” weapons, while also limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds for long guns and 15 rounds for handguns.

    Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey shared a message on Facebook Wednesday, saying that one of his duties is to protect the Constitution, including the right to “keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property,” he said in the post.

  5. Note: Woman in an Ontario hospital with severe breathing disease OCPD, was literally beaten to death by security guards for pulling her mask down to catch a breath. Guards will not be tried for killing her. Third guard turned the camera away during the murder, keeps his job.

    Guards cleared in hospital death of Stephanie Warriner. Here’s the footage no jury will ever see

    Surprise move by judge means trial now won’t happen, leaving family blindsided

    Danielle Stephanie Warriner sits alone in a Toronto hospital lobby, wearing little more than a pale blue medical gown. Moments later, she’s wheeled away by guards, her slight frame slumped in a wheelchair, her legs dangling from the edge.

    What happens in between isn’t captured on video.

    Instead, a security camera was purposely turned away as guards approached the 43-year-old, pushed her against a wall and restrained her on the ground before she lost consciousness — never to regain it.

    Those scenes are part of the evidence that would have been heard at the trial of the guards charged in Warriner’s death at Toronto General Hospital in May 2020.

    Now, that won’t happen. In a surprise move by an Ontario judge on Nov. 22, the case against the guards has been quashed and the trial that was supposed to begin this May struck from the docket.

  6. House Democrats posed an absurd claim Wednesday in opposition to the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, claiming that requiring a newborn baby to be taken to the hospital somehow “endangers” the child’s life.

    U.S. Reps. Jerry Nadler, D-New York, and Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois, both made the claim on the House floor after Republican leaders brought the pro-life bill forward for debate.

  7. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and other House Republicans are backing a measure that would bar the U.S. government from funding the World Health Organization.

    According to a copy of the measure posted by the Washington Examiner, the text of the measure states that “the United States may not provide any assessed or voluntary contributions to the World Health Organization.”

    “Funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to the corrupt World Health Organization that serves the Chinese Communist Party is a slap in the face to hardworking American families struggling under record high inflation, and to all those whose lives and livelihoods were ruined and destroyed by the COVID pandemic,” Roy said, according to a press release.

      • the guardian – BBC criticised for letting cardiologist ‘hijack’ interview with false Covid jab claim

        Aseem Malhotra’s ‘misguided’ views linking some Covid vaccines to excess heart disease deaths should not have aired, say experts

        The BBC has come under fire from scientists for interviewing a cardiologist who claimed certain Covid vaccines could be behind excess deaths from coronary artery disease.

        Experts have criticised Dr Aseem Malhotra’s appearance on the corporation’s news channel on Friday, accusing him of pushing “extreme fringe” views, which are “misguided”, “dangerous” and could mislead the public.

        Scientists have described the doctor as “hijacking” an interview on statins to air his views, causing BBC staff to be “alarmed and embarrassed” by their booking. Malhotra recently retweeted a video by the MP Andrew Bridgen, who had the Tory whip removed on Wednesday after comparing the use of Covid vaccines to the Holocaust.

        After criticising new guidance on statins, he cited British Heart Foundation (BHF) figures that suggested there had been more than 30,000 excess deaths linked to heart disease since Covid first arrived.

        Malhotra, a cardiologist at ROC Private Clinic, claimed mRNA Covid vaccines play a role, saying his “own research” showed “Covid mRNA vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk”.

        He added that he has called for the vaccine rollout to be suspended pending an inquiry because of the “uncertainty” behind excess deaths.

        The BHF has said that, while Covid infections probably contributed significantly during the first year of the pandemic, ambulance delays, inaccessible care and lengthy waiting lists are now the key factors.

        Malhotra has become a vocal figure for hesitancy about Covid vaccines, claiming they pose a greater threat than the virus itself – a view repeatedly debunked by factcheckers.

        On Friday, he reiterated his claim the jabs were a likely cause of his father’s death.

        Peter Openshaw, a professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London, was also interviewed by the BBC on Friday.

        “I did a rapid response interview on the BBC news channel this morning to say that vaccine side-effects very, very rare in comparison with the preventable risks of Covid-19. The staff seemed alarmed and embarrassed that they had given him [Malhotra] a platform,” he tweeted.

        Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, said: “I am genuinely astonished by the BBC allowing someone with a known extreme fringe view on mRNA vaccines and the extent to which they are associated with cardiovascular problems to either hijack an interview on a tenuously related topic to express these views, or indeed to appear at all following even a cursory background check.”

        Prof Marc Dweck, the chair of clinical cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, told the Guardian: “I think that Dr Malhotra’s opinions on both statins and Covid vaccines are misguided and in fact dangerous. The vast majority of cardiologists do not agree with his views and they are not based upon robust science.

        “I would strongly urge patients to disregard his comments, which seem to be more concerned with furthering his profile (he does not have a cardiology career to speak of) rather than the wellbeing of the public. The BBC should not provide a platform for his views and should go to much greater lengths to research the people they invite to comment.”

        Dr Matt Kneale, the co-chair of the Doctors’ Association, said Malhotra’s appearance was “deeply dangerous behaviour” and called on the General Medical Council to take action.

        The BHF said: “The scientific consensus is that the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination, including a reduced risk of severe illness or death, far outweigh the very small risk of rare side-effects.”

        A BBC spokesperson said: “Dr Aseem Malhotra was invited on to the BBC News Channel to talk about the latest Nice recommendations on statins. During the discussion he made unprompted claims about the Covid mRNA vaccine.

        “We then asked Prof Peter Openshaw, who represents the overwhelming scientific consensus on the vaccine, to be interviewed on air on this topic and he challenged and rebutted the claims that had been made.”

        Malhotra told the Guardian: “Medical science is ever-evolving – discussing new developments openly is hard because the complicit media wants to only frame mRNA as right or wrong, to conflate mRNA vaccine debate as an entire attack on all vaccines, and to politicise views as left or right.

        “I’ve promoted vaccines my entire career, including Covid vaccines on Good Morning Britain in early 2021. Labelling individuals who flag mRNA vaccine concerns as anti-vaxxers – pursuing personal attacks rather than analysing the latest data (with now overwhelming evidence of serious and common cardiac harms) and who funds it – sows public distrust and leads to a dangerous fall in safe vaccine uptake.”

      • BBC Gives Unchallenged Platform To Anti-Vaxxer;

        Wins Praise From Disgraced Lawmaker Who Compared Covid Shots To Holocaust

        The BBC has stoked controversy after giving a virtually unchallenged platform to a Covid jab critic on its rolling news channel.

        The UK broadcaster interviewed Dr Aseem Malhotra about a cholesterol medication story on Friday morning, but the vaccine sceptic hijacked the conversation to fan conspiracies about Covid shots.

        The exchange is going viral in anti-vax circles on social media. The BBC said it was later rebutted on-air by a leading professor, who represented the “overwhelming scientific consensus on the vaccine.”

        Malhotra told BBC presenter Lukwesa Burak that his research had shown that coronavirus vaccines “carry a cardiovascular risk.” He said they had contributed to 30,000 excess deaths involving heart disease in the UK since the pandemic began.

        “That’s been proven medically, has it?” Burak asked.

        Malhotra replied that there is “lots of data” to support his claim. “The vaccine has certainly helped people who are high risk, but now we should be reasssured that [the] Omicron circulating is really no worse than the flu. This is really time to pause the vaccine rollout,” he added.

        Burak did not challenge further. Malhotra’s research has been debunked by Health Feedback, a World Health Organization-backed group that verifies scientific claims made about vaccine safety in the media.

        Numerous studies have shown vaccines are safe and effective.

        The British Heart Foundation has blamed excess deaths on “extreme heart care disruption” in the UK amid a crisis in the National Health Service.

        Malhotra celebrated the interview on Twitter, claiming to have broken into the “mainstream media” with his argument that Covid vaccines should be suspended pending further investigation. His video was viewed more than 800,000 times in under four hours.

        The interview drew praise from prominent anti-vaxxers, most notably Andrew Bridgen, a British lawmaker who was suspended by the ruling Conservative Party for comparing Covid jabs to the Holocaust earlier this week.

        “At last something on the BBC News reporting concerns over mRNA ‘vaccine’ harms,” Bridgen said, reposting Malhotra’s interview.

        Nigel Farage, an ally of Donald Trump and presenter on right-leaning GB News, said: “This is significant, watch this clip … On the BBC, of all places, a demand for a real investigation into whether vaccine harms are contributing to excess deaths.”

        BBC insiders have responded rather differently. One told Deadline that the interview was an “utter horror” and blamed the exchange on output being underfunded.

        Medical experts slammed the BBC. Alastair McAlpine, an infectious diseases pediatrician, tweeted: “The BBC failed epically. Being antivaxx is literally this guy’s entire schtick. They should be so embarrassed.”

        Dr David Robert Grimes said: “So @BBCNews invited Aseem Malhotra on about statins, & he went rogue with disinformation on COVID vaccines. That was predictable & a damning failure of due diligence. Now he’s bragging about mainstream exposure, a harmful victory for false balance. Do better, #BBC – disappointing.”

        The BBC said: “Dr Aseem Malhotra was invited on to the BBC News Channel to talk about the latest NICE recommendations on statins. During the discussion, he made unprompted claims about the Covid mRNA vaccine. We then asked Professor Peter Openshaw, who represents the overwhelming scientific consensus on the vaccine, to be interviewed on air on this topic and he challenged and rebutted the claims that had been made.”

        yahoo – BBC Gives Unchallenged Platform To Anti-Vaxxer; Wins Praise From Disgraced Lawmaker Who Compared Covid Shots To Holocaust


        MSN – BBC Gives Unchallenged Platform To Anti-Vaxxer; Wins Praise From Disgraced Lawmaker Who Compared Covid Shots To Holocaust

    • In the Next Pandemic, Let’s Pay People to Get Vaccinated

      Data from Sweden and the US suggests cash incentives increase uptake without denting people’s trust in vaccines or future willingness to get them.

      IT’S A TRUTH universally acknowledged that people like money. If you show them the cash, they’re generally more likely to do what you want, whether that be to stop smoking, work out, or keep up with their medication.

      As vaccines started to roll out of labs during the pandemic, governments began wondering: How can we encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Countries tried a mishmash of approaches: They rolled out rigorous public health messaging, engaged with hard-to-reach communities, got celebrities to plug the vaccines, and made them compulsory.

      But policymakers and academics also suggested another, controversial approach—why not just offer people cold, hard cash? This reignited a thorny debate.

      Those on the utilitarian side say that if more people get vaccinated, the public benefit outweighs all other harms. But there’s no guarantee that offering people money to do a good deed convinces them to do it—it might even suggest the opposite, that the action isn’t worth doing otherwise. A 2000 study conducted with Israeli high school students found that when they were paid a small commission to collect money for charity on a certain day, the group earning a commission actually collected less than the group that was paid zilch—suggesting monetary incentives had a detrimental effect on the urge to do good.

      A big worry is that cash incentive programs might have unintended long-term consequences. Offering people money to do a public good deed might reduce their willingness to do the same thing for free in the future. It could also trigger distrust. Unlike blood donation or other public health interventions, vaccines are divisive. And research has shown that in paid clinical trials, people associate higher payments with greater risk. Paying people to get vaccinated—when it’s previously been done for free—might make them overestimate the risks involved.

      Finally, the ethics are nebulous. Ethicists argue that a monetary reward does not mean the same thing to a cash-strapped single parent who lost their job during the pandemic as it does to a comfortably employed middle-class person. Offering the money could be seen as a form of coercion or exploitation, as the single parent can’t reasonably decline it. “A gun to the back works, but should we use it?” says Nancy Jecker, a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

      But in a new paper published in the journal Nature, researchers Florian Schneider, Pol Campos-Mercade, Armando Meier, and others addressed these concerns.

      In 2021, Meier and his colleagues conducted a randomized trial to see if financial incentives increased vaccine uptake. In their study, published in the journal Science in October 2021, Meier and his coauthors recruited over 8,000 people in Sweden and offered a portion of them $24 to get vaccinated within the next 30 days, while the others were offered nothing. The researchers found that the cash incentive boosted the proportion of people who got vaccinated by about 4 percent. That number didn’t change significantly when factoring in age, race, ethnicity, education, or income. Other research during the pandemic also found that financial incentives were effective.

      Meier and his colleagues then decided to revisit the same people and see if paying them had led to any unintended negative consequences. Meier, a research fellow at the University of Lausanne, wasn’t sure what they’d find. “It could have gone either way,” he says.

      But when they followed up with the people who had been paid to get vaccinated, they didn’t find any of the unwanted consequences everyone had worried about. The incentives had little effect on how likely the participants were to go get their second or third dose. And the team didn’t find any diminished likelihood that these individuals would donate blood or get their flu shot. To test how it affected morality, the researchers asked people whether they would donate $10 to a charity that helps others get vaccinated or keep the money for themselves, and the answers didn’t change depending on whether they had received a reward for getting the vaccine. Importantly, the team found that financial incentive didn’t affect trust in vaccine providers or perceptions of how safe and effective the vaccines were.

      To bolster their findings, they complemented their Swedish study with another randomized trial in the United States that looked at the effects of vaccine incentives. In the US, various states offered enticing prizes during the Covid vaccine rollout to persuade people to get their shots, ranging from the chance to win $1 million in Ohio to a hunting license in Maine or a free beer in New Jersey. The team took over 3,000 people from 12 states and split them into two groups: One group was informed that their state was offering incentives to people who got vaccinated while the other group was not told. (A lot of people didn’t even know these programs were being offered, as they weren’t aggressively marketed, which made this experiment possible.) Meier and his colleagues found that informing people about these incentive programs had no unintended consequences down the line.

      While the findings support the idea of paying people to get vaccinated when the next pandemic inevitably rolls around, the results can’t be applied globally. Ana Santos Rutschman, a professor of law at Villanova University in the US who is an expert in vaccine law and policy, is skeptical about whether findings truly apply the same way in the US as they do in Sweden. While both are high-income countries, the American population is more heterogeneous than northwestern Europe when it comes to factors like race and income inequality. “It’s a little bit of apples and oranges,” she says. Meier counters by pointing to similarities in the data generated across different US states; if incentives worked for people on the coast of California the same way they did for people in the Republican stronghold state of Louisiana, that could suggest population differences aren’t an issue.

      But he acknowledges that the paper can’t necessarily predict what will happen in other countries. It could be a different story in a country where, say, trust in the government is especially poor, or in lower-income countries. But that wasn’t the aim of the study. “Our goal was to have a paper that offers some tools for testing for unintended consequences and is an example for how one can do this.”

      Meier also acknowledges that the team’s data doesn’t fully close the ethical debate that surrounds paid vaccine incentives. There wasn’t any discernible link between people’s incomes and the likelihood that they would take the vaccine and payment, but “just because we show that there doesn’t seem to be coercion based on these results with this amount, that doesn’t mean that from all ethical points of view that this is OK,” Meier says.

      For Jecker, the least invasive—but still effective—methods of persuasion may not involve paying people. For some groups, conversations with community leaders could be a less invasive and equally (if not more) effective way to convince them to get the vaccine. But during an extreme event like a global pandemic, there could come a point when the need to accelerate uptake outweighs the risks of heavy-handed approaches. “I think we probably, in my view, have to be willing to accept some degree of paternalism,” says Rutschman.

      When that time arrives, this debate will no doubt rear its head again. But when it does, there’s now at least some evidence that offering people a little cash to get a vaccine isn’t going to erode society. In the next pandemic, maybe we should be more ready to give it a try.

      twitter @backtolife_2023

      Canadian man says Moderna vaccine injured him

      + 5 min 16 video


      CBC – ‘My body was burning’: Suffering since COVID shots, Gatineau man desperate for relief

      Tisir Otahbachi developed debilitating skin condition after getting Moderna vaccine in 2021


    • Inside the CDC’s Changes After Pandemic Missteps

      Rochelle Walensky is preparing to roll out sweeping changes at the agency after it endured a barrage of criticism for its delayed and inconsistent response to the pandemic.

      Bloomberg’s Riley Griffin flew to the agency’s headquarters in Atlanta to ask Walensky what’s included in the plan and how that could affect future pandemic responses.

    • Maine CDC director to become second in command at US CDC

      Dr. Nirav Shah will work under U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky.

    • Dr. Andrew Bostom discusses Covid-19 booster shot data that was withheld in the approval process

      Dr. Andrew Bostom, academic clinical trialist and epidemiologist, overviews the data withheld throughout the FDA meetings for approval of the latest Covid-19 booster shot.

    • twitter @AlertChannel/

      The CDC today confirmed it is “safe” to boost your 5-11 year old child.

      The data:
      • 2 out of 3 are in pain
      • 1 out of 3 fatigue
      • 1 in 5 fever
      • 1 in 20 vomiting
      • 1 in 7 unable to attend school
      • 1 in 7 need treatment
      • 1 in 100 ambulance
      • 1 in 1000 emergencies

      + PIC :
      twitter @CDCgov

      New @CDCMMWR finds that among children ages 5-11 years who received an updated COVID-19 booster, reports of serious adverse events were rare.

      Findings reinforce that updated COVID19 boosters are safe for children ages 5-11 years.


    • CNN – Doctor explains what could have led to Lisa Marie Presley’s death

      Tara Narula discusses the potential causes for cardiac arrest

      ( 8 min )

      • Conservative councillor Alex Stevenson suspended after defending vaccine Holocaust comments

        He was suspended after the Local Democracy Reporting Service made inquiries

        A Conservative councillor from Derbyshire has been suspended after defending MP Andrew Bridgen’s comments in which he dubbed Covid vaccination the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”.

        Tory Cllr Alex Stevenson, who represents Greater Heanor on Derbyshire County Council and Shipley Park, Horsley & Horsley Woodhouse on Amber Valley Borough Council, backed Mr Bridgen’s comments.

        In a public Facebook post the Tory councillor, who has been on the county council since 2021 and the borough council since 2011, said he “stood with” Mr Bridgen. Cllr Stevenson said Mr Bridgen “did not compare the vaccine to the Holocaust” but that it was the worst crime to humanity “since” the Holocaust, claiming this is “totally different”.

        In his Facebook post, Cllr Stevenson said: “Andrew Bridgen MP told the truth regarding the injuries and deaths from these vaccines. I have personally met these people.” The Local Democracy Reporting Service approached Cllr Stevenson for comment, who said, without evidence: “Many people are dying and suffering as a result of taking this medical intervention.

        “I personally have no issues about vaccines. But this mRNA is not as safe and effective as we are told. If anyone speaks out they are instantly called anti-vax or conspiracy theory nutters. But the evidence is there if people wish to look.

        “I do get a lot of people contact me. Many medical staff are afraid to speak out for losing their jobs. So many supported it, as I did, until I met a few from Derby Royal who completely changed my mind.

        “Since then I have spoken with many more. The damage done to humanity is immense… over half a million injuries reported, that’s what we know about.” Cllr Stevenson was asked which staff he spoke to, in what capacity they provided their comments and what they said which proved influential, but he did not wish to provide further detail.

        His declaration of interests lists his current job as a building contractor at The Imperial Decorating Company Ltd, which holds contracts for refurbishments on schools run by the county council. Mr Bridgen, Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, has had the Tory whip withdrawn as a result of his comments, which means he is now sitting as an independent.

        He had tweeted: “As one cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.” Alongside this he had tweeted a link to an article which claimed to show an alleged series of health risks and impacts caused by mRNA Covid vaccines.

        No Covid-19 vaccines use a live Covid-19 virus or can give the patient Covid-19 and they do not affect the patient’s DNA. MRNA vaccines, produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, use messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) created in a laboratory to teach our cells how to make a protein – or piece of a protein – to trigger an immune response in our bodies.

        This immune response then helps the body protect itself from getting sick if it comes into contact with that infectious disease – such as Covid-19 – in the future. A spokesperson for the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, which oversees Royal Derby Hospital, said: “More than 143 million doses of the Covid vaccine have been delivered by the NHS, and the vaccination programme is the single most important reason that the country has been able to get back to a pre-pandemic way of life.

        “Covid vaccines are clinically evidenced and their effectiveness measured, and it is disappointing that this kind of misinformation is being shared as it undermines the exceptional efforts of NHS staff to vaccinate people against this still serious virus. We have one of the highest NHS staff Covid vaccine uptake rates in the region, and the trust continues to fully encourage everyone eligible to continue to take up the vaccine and protect themselves.”

        Tom Gray, a clinical pharmacist at Riversdale Surgery in Belper, spoke to the LDRS about the claims and comments made by Cllr Stevenson and Mr Bridgen. Mr Gray is the former chief pharmacist at Royal Derby Hospital and was a vaccinator at the Midland House mass Covid-19 vaccination centre in Derby city centre during much of the roll-out

        He said: “There have undoubtedly been people harmed by Covid-19 vaccines, and the rate of cardiac complications demands further investigation before this technology is more widely applied to other therapeutic areas. However, these are also known complications of viral infection, and these must be placed in context of SARS Coronavirus infection, and the natural background rate of cardiac events.

        “I understand that the rate of permanent harm or death due to these vaccines is extremely low. Having spent a year administering Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic, it is important to recognise the enormous benefit these had in protecting the majority, both in terms of therapeutic efficacy, and also in restoring their confidence and hope, reducing social isolation, and the impact of the pandemic on our mental health.

        “I still meet people traumatised by lockdown, and confused by the personal opinions which continue to circulate on social media, often in contradiction to the established science behind vaccination. For example, many people coming to autumn booster clinics were happy to have their Covid-19 booster, but unwilling to have a flu vaccine – the complications of flu are responsible for far more harm and death.

        “I have no doubt that we need a full review of the planning, delivery, impact and outcomes of the Covid-19 vaccine programme, but this needs to be done responsibly, and within the wider policy, regulatory and social framework that defined our response to the Covid-19 pandemic in UK. Twitter is not an appropriate forum for reviewing or discussing these data, or policy decisions, and tweets such as those made by Andrew Brigden MP and Cllr Stevenson are misleading and unhelpful.”

        Government data shows that more than 4,000 Derbyshire residents have died as a result of Covid-19, with the virus listed on their death certificates, while the vaccines themselves are estimated to have prevented more than 100,000 deaths and helped many more stay out of hospital. Six million Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust, along with millions more people from groups persecuted by the Nazis.

        The LDRS informed both Cllr Kevin Buttery, Conservative borough council leader in Amber Valley, and Cllr Barry Lewis, Tory county council leader, about the post and comments made by Cllr Stevenson. In response, Cllr Buttery said: “I am aware that Cllr Alex Stevenson has previously been critical of the lockdown policy and the use of covid vaccinations, which extensive independent research has shown to be extremely effective in preventing deaths.

        “However, this recent post clearly demonstrates his beliefs are at odds with Amber Valley Conservatives and the Conservative Party as a whole. In the circumstances, I have taken the decision, in conjunction with Cllr Barry Lewis, leader of DCC, to withdraw the Conservative whip from Cllr Alex Stevenson, with immediate effect”.

        Meanwhile, Cllr Lewis said: “Cllr Alex Stephenson is with immediate effect suspended pending investigation for comments made on social media, in accordance with the rules of the Conservative Group at DCC.” Cllr Joan Dixon, leader of the county council’s Labour Group, told the LDRS: “This sort of scaremongering is going to put people off having vaccinations in the future.

        “Vaccines have helped people to make their first steps back into feeling safe again leaving the house, especially people like my husband who are clinically extremely vulnerable. I would hope Cllr (Barry) Lewis would discourage his councillors from defending Mr Bridgen.

        “The vaccines have helped people to only have minor symptoms and lessen the effects of Covid. The vaccine does give people the confidence to make steps back into the world and it is utterly irresponsible of Cllr Stevenson to support Mr Bridgen.”

        Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams, Amber Valley Labour Group leader, said: “I am not surprised as Cllr Stevenson has been posting anti-vax items for some time. I think it is deplorable to compare any experience or a measure to the Holocaust and at the end of the day it will be up to the leadership at his DCC and AVBC to take what action they think is appropriate.

        “If it was a Labour member at AVBC I would expect the member to apologise immediately and remove the post, or remove the whip if they would not take those actions.” In Parliament, former health secretary Matt Hancock had labelled Mr Bridgen’s comments as “disgusting, anti-Semitic, anti-vax conspiracy theories” and that they were “deeply offensive and anti-scientific”.

        In response, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, condemned the comments made and labelled Mr Bridgen’s words “utterly unacceptable”. Mr Sunak had said: “Obviously, it is utterly unacceptable to make linkages and use language like that, and I’m determined that the scourge of anti-Semitism is eradicated. It has absolutely no place in our society. And I know that the previous few years have been challenging for the Jewish community, and I never want them to experience anything like that ever again.”

        In June 2020, the LDRS revealed how Cllr Stevenson had shared a video claiming the then Labour borough council was “forcing councillors to back Marxism” over a statement supporting Black Lives Matter. Cllr Buttery had claimed Labour’s directions to councillors on the issue “could be construed as being dictatorial”, while Cllr Lewis did not provide a comment.

        Cllr Stevenson was not penalised.

        In June 2021, the LDRS revealed how Cllr Stevenson had shared a social media post alleging asylum seekers do not have the right to complain. Cllr Buttery had said the post shared by Cllr Stevenson contained comments from an Armed Forces service member and was not accompanied any of the Heanor councillor’s own comments. He confirmed the views in the post were not shared by the Amber Valley Conservatives.

        Cllr Lewis had claimed that the post, while “challenging”, did not appear to be in of itself “racist or derogatory” and was the view of a former veteran, and suggested those who did not share Cllr Stevenson’s political views were seeking to “suppress freedom of speech”. Cllr Stevenson was not penalised.

        He is now the second Conservative councillor to be suspended from the county council in the past seven months, with Alfreton and Somercotes’ Cllr Philip Rose dropped by the party in July last year after sharing a range of anti-Semitic social media posts.

    • reuters – U.S. FDA, CDC see early signal of Pfizer bivalent COVID shot’s link to stroke

      Jan 13 (Reuters) – A safety monitoring system flagged that U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc and German partner BioNTech’s updated COVID-19 shot could be linked to a type of brain stroke in older adults, according to preliminary data analyzed by U.S. health authorities.

      The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Friday that a CDC vaccine database had uncovered a possible safety issue in which people 65 and older were more likely to have an ischemic stroke 21 days after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech bivalent shot, compared with days 22-44.

      An ischemic stroke, also known as brain ischemia, is caused by blockages in arteries that carry blood to the brain.

      The FDA and CDC said that other large studies, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, other countries’ databases and Pfizer-BioNTech’s databases had not flagged this safety issue, adding that it requires more investigation.

      “Although the totality of the data currently suggests that it is very unlikely that the signal in VSD (Vaccine Safety Datalink) represents a true clinical risk, we believe it is important to share this information with the public,” the health authorities said.

      Pfizer and BioNTech said in a statement that they have been made aware of limited reports of ischemic strokes in people 65 and older following vaccination with their updated shot.

      “Neither Pfizer and BioNTech nor the CDC or FDA have observed similar findings across numerous other monitoring systems in the U.S. and globally and there is no evidence to conclude that ischemic stroke is associated with the use of the companies’ COVID-19 vaccines,” the companies added.

      This safety concern has not been identified with Moderna’s bivalent shot and both the CDC and FDA continue to recommend that everyone aged 6 months and older stay up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccination.

    • sky news UK – Millions more at risk of heart attack or stroke could be offered statins under new NHS guidance

      The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is suggesting doctors continue to persuade people to live a healthier lifestyle, such as losing weight or stopping smoking, but if after this the medication is still considered an appropriate option it can be prescribed.

      Millions more people at future risk of heart attack and stroke could be offered access to cholesterol-busting drugs under fresh NHS guidance.

      The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has lowered the eligibility threshold for patients being offered statins, based on evidence suggesting the benefits.

      Until now people with a 10% or higher risk over 10 years of suffering a cardiovascular event – such as a heart attack or stroke – are routinely prescribed the medication to combat the chances of becoming ill.

      NICE is suggesting doctors continue to persuade people with a lower risk to live a healthier lifestyle, such as losing weight or stopping smoking.

      But, if after this a statin is still considered an appropriate option, one can be prescribed.

      NICE estimates there are around 15 million people in England aged 25 to 84 with a 10-year risk up to 10%, though it says people must have a degree of risk to receive a statin.

      Data indicates that for every 1,000 people with a risk of 5% over the next 10 years who take a statin, about 20 people will not get heart disease or have a stroke because they take the pill.

      This figure doubles to 40 for people with a risk of 10%, and for people with a risk of 20%, NICE estimates that, on average, around 70 people would not get heart disease or have a stroke in the next 10 years.

      However, the official risk level at which statins should routinely be offered will remain at 10%.

      Paul Chrisp, director of the centre for guidelines at NICE, said: “What we’re saying is that for people with a less than 10% risk over 10 years of a first heart attack or stroke, the decision to take a statin should be left to individual patients after an informed discussion of benefits and risks.

      “The evidence is clear, in our view, that for people with a risk of 10% or less over 10 years, statins are an appropriate choice to reduce that risk.”

      He added: “We are not advocating that statins are used alone. The draft guideline continues to say that it is only if lifestyle changes on their own are not sufficient, and that other risk factors such as hypertension (high blood pressure) are also managed, that people who are still at risk can be offered the opportunity to use a statin, if they want to.

      “They don’t have to, and their decision should be informed by an understanding of the risks and tailored to their values and priorities.

      “It may well be that many people will say that they are happy to accept a risk of having a heart attack or stroke rather than taking statins every day – which is absolutely their prerogative.

      “They just need to know and understand the level of risk.”

      Naveed Sattar, professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow, said: “I agree statins are well proven to lower cardiovascular outcomes cost effectively at thresholds less than 10%, so this new guidance makes sense.

      “However, we need also to concentrate more on helping people live healthier lives and not just longer with more diseases.”

      He added: “More people on statins alone will not be enough to meaningfully improve the health of the nation.”

      Statins are a group of medicines that can help lower the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood.

      LDL cholesterol is often referred to as “bad cholesterol” and is linked to cardiovascular disease, which can increase the chance of strokes and heart attacks, and death.

    • DAILY MAIL – Moderna begins trialing mRNA shot that is injected directly into the HEART to treat heart attack patients

      The shot encodes for relaxin, a hormone which is known to improve blood flow

      Patients have received the injection in a phase one trial looking at dosage levels

      Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told Sky News: ‘It’s like science fiction medicine’


      Moderna is developing an mRNA shot that is injected directly into the hearts of heart attack and heart failure patients.

      The ‘vaccine’ uses the same technology as the company’s flagship Covid jab and is designed for people weeks or months after a heart attack to help them recover.

      It works by instructing human heart cells to generate a hormone that is known to improve blood flow, helping restore damaged heart muscles.

      During a heart attack, muscle cells can start to die and cannot be re-generated. Roughly one in five people who have had a heart attack will be readmitted to the hospital for a second one within five years.

      The patients have stable heart failure and the trial will determine how safe the shot is and how well patients can tolerate it, as well as perfecting the dosage amount and frequency.

      Heart attacks occur when there is a loss of blood supply to the heart, while heart failure is when the heart is unable to pump blood around the body efficiently.

      Heart failure can develop after a heart attack if the muscle was severely damaged.

      The new shot uses messenger RNA, which carries a cell’s instructions for making proteins.

      DNA, which is stored in a cell’s nucleus, encodes the genetic information for making proteins or hormones.

      mRNA transfers a copy of this genetic information outside of the nucleus, to a cell’s cytoplasm, where it can be made into proteins and hormones.

      The synthetic mRNA encodes for relaxin, a naturally occurring hormone that is known to cause changes to blood flow that are ‘potentially beneficial for heart failure patients’, Moderna said.

      By injecting the heart with synthetic mRNA that encodes for relaxin, the mRNA shot directs human cells to generate the hormone.

      Moderna said: ‘The mRNA sequence of mRNA-0184 is engineered to instruct the body to produce relaxin with an extended half-life, with the goal of producing a sustained clinical benefit in heart failure patients – this longer half-life may result in more durable effects compared to previous approaches.’

      Increased blood movement allows for new blood vessels to grow and helps restore blood flow along arteries and veins.

  8. FOX NEWS – Joe Rogan blasts George Soros: ‘An evil person in a Batman movie’

    Will Cain questions Soros’ motivation for funding leftist district attorneys and politicians as crime ravages the country.

    ( 4 min 41 )

  9. europravda -US received 510 reports of unidentified objects last year, reveals Pentagon report

    Last year the US Defence Department opened its All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office to analyse all reports of unidentified objects.

    • city news – The future of Canada’s cashless society

      Do you still carry cash?

      Fewer Canadians are, prompting some businesses to offer only cashless payment options.

      Jillian Code reports on the future of the increasingly cashless society.

    • BBC – Oil giant ExxonMobil predicted climate change in 1970s, scientists claim

      Researchers have claimed one of the world’s largest oil companies accurately forecast how burning fossil fuels would warm the planet decades ago.

      Scientists claim ExxonMobil – which has made billions from selling fossil fuels – publicly denied the link.

      The oil giant denied the allegations, telling the BBC: “Those who talk about how ‘Exxon Knew’ are wrong in their conclusions.”

      The study, by Harvard University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change, analysed data in ExxonMobil’s internal documents and found predictions made in the 1970s were often more accurate than Nasa scientists.

    • europravda -German police continue evictions of climate protesters opposing coal mine

      Two climate activists are still holding out in tunnels under the condemned hamlet of Luetzerath in Germany, which is due to be demolished in order to expand a nearby coal mine.

    • reuters – Protesters hide in tunnel amid Luetzerath eviction

      Several climate activists retreated to underground tunnels as the evacuation of an abandoned German village continues amid protests over the expansion of a coal mine.

      The activists see the standoff as a symbol of Berlin’s failing climate policy.

    • Devious guest list also includes Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, a WEF trustee, traitor Chrystia Freeland.

      Will she pay her own way or are the “little People” paying for her trip?

      Perhaps we should all ask our Federal member of Parliament if we are paying for her trip and if so why?

  10. Cry for Help from Brazilian Concentration Camp: “Just Shoot Us and Take us Out of our Misery!”
    By Richard Abelson
    Published January 13, 2023 at 9:45am

    1,159 political prisoners have been taken to Federal Prison in Brasilia for “terrorism”. This shocking open letter reaches us from a Brazilian patriot, describing the evil set-up on Sunday and horrendous conditions in Lula’s concentration camp.

    This letter is a call for help.

    On Sunday, 8/1/2023, you saw images and news from the leftist media stations of the “Storm on the National Congress”. It was a giant set-up for us law-abiding citizens, who were fighting for our Freedom, for clean elections and for our beloved Brazil.

  11. Biden’s Broken Immigration: Florida Homeowners Forced to Clean Up After Illegals or Face Fines
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 13, 2023 at 11:00am

    Joe Biden’s broken immigration policy has real world consequences for Americans.

    The Gateway Pundit has reported on the many stories of destruction faced by homeowners at the border, but increasingly it is not just border communities impacted.

    In recent months, Florida has faced a flood of illegal immigrants coming by boat.

  12. WAYNE ROOT: Meet the New House Speaker: President Donald J. Trump…Running Congress Direct From Mar-a-Lago
    By Assistant Editor
    Published January 13, 2023 at 11:20am

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    I told you so. My plan worked. It just worked in a way I never imagined.

    Like Martin Luther King, I had a dream. My dream was Trump as House Speaker. I was the first in America to propose the idea in a commentary on 1/30/21. Then I talked about it nonstop for months on my nationally-syndicated radio show. I personally lobbied President Trump in numerous appearances on my radio and TV shows.

    But Trump made it clear he never really wanted it. Trump is always number one. The Chairman of the Board. The 5 Star General. He doesn’t take orders from anyone. I think he always looked at Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and John Boehner (the last 3 House Speakers) as errand boys and girls. Order takers. So, Trump never wanted the job. Not enough star power for him.

    And who can blame him? Look at Trump’s life. Trump had the greatest life on earth. He became not only a billionaire, but the most famous billionaire on earth. The celebrity of all celebrities.

  13. JAN 12 2023 – REDACTED

    ( 18 min 36 )

    Col. Douglas MacGreggor joins Clayton Morris to talk about the devastating realities on the battlefield in Ukraine.

    • BBC – We are a de-facto Nato member, says Ukrainian defence minister

      Ukraine’s defence minister said his country is a “de facto member” of the Nato alliance, as Western allies will continue to supply the country with weapons.

      Oleksii Reznikov said “things were changing” in allied countries, and that he didn’t believe his comments would trigger a Russian response.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin has framed his invasion of Ukraine as a battle of western countries and Nato, despite the military alliance taking steps to not be seen as a party to the conflict.

      Ukraine is not an official member of Nato, but the President Volodymyr Zelenksy has pushed membership. Under Article 5 of the Nato Treaty, an armed attack against any member should be considered an attack against all.

    • reuters – German defence minister Lambrecht to step down – Bild

      FRANKFURT, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Germany’s defence minister Christine Lambrecht plans to resign, daily Bild reported on Friday, potentially adding to chancellor Olaf Scholz’s problems as he cautiously seeks to step up military support for Ukraine.

      Lambrecht, a member of Scholz’s social democratic party SPD, has decided to step down to allow someone else to make a fresh start at the ministry but the exact timing of her departure is not yet clear, the paper cited people familiar with the matter as saying.

      A defence ministry spokesperson described the report as “rumours that we don’t comment on.” A government spokesperson also would not comment.

      The news comes as Scholz is under pressure to approve an increase in international military support for Kiev to help it repel Russian forces from Ukraine.

      Lambrecht has been blamed for failing to get the Bundeswehr back in shape quickly despite a 100 billion euro special fund being agreed on for that purpose after Russia invaded Ukraine.

      The long-running debate over the state of Germany’s defence capabilities intensified last month when several Puma infantry tanks were put out of service during a recent military drill.

      Lambrecht said at the time that Germany would not purchase any more of the tanks until they have proven themselves to be reliable.

      She was recently criticised by media and opposition figures for posting an outdoor video on social media on New Year’s Day in which she thanked servicemen and women, but struggled to be heard against background noise from firecrackers.

    • AUSTRIA – War for Ukraine – First Conclusions from 2022 and New Challenges 2023

      Colonel Markus Reisner on the War for Ukraine.

      He takes a look at the first lessons identified and the challenges we might see in the weeks and months to come.

      • He’s doing Pentagon jargon and powerpoint. NOT impressive. His numbers aren’t even close to reality. He stops sitrep at mid-October – because it’s been all downhill for the UAF since then.

        Sources exclusively Western and marginal with the exception of General Zaluzhni, of Ukraine. Gen. Milley of USA? Gen. *Who* of Estonia? His knows his bread is buttered by Nato.

        Best part of this one is in the comments.

  14. The Mexican Backstory to Drone Images of Thousands Crossing the Rio Grande
    A tale of open government corruption, impressive criminal organization, and irresistible profit from American policy
    FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedInEmailCopy LinkPrint
    By Todd Bensman on January 13, 2023

    MORAL, Mexico – Just across the Rio Grande from this tiny farming village is where Fox News drones shot the video footage that provided America with perhaps the most iconic vision of the southern border’s two-year-long mass migration crisis: groups of large as 2,500 calmly appeared on the Texas side near Eagle Pass to turn themselves in to the Border Patrol for quick release into the United States.

    The flying cameras of Fox News shined a brilliant light on these arriving groups, stunned much of the public, spurred Republican lawmakers to voice outrage, and may well have contributed to President Joe Biden’s January decision to finally visit the border.

    But the Mexican side of the story here in El Moral has remained dark, though it probably stands as by far the more disturbing half of the story.

    The Center for Immigration Studies recently visited the villages and roadways of the region across from where the infamous drone footage was shot, ground zero of it here in the tiny rural village of El Moral and also in nearby El Centinela, off Mexico Highway 2 along the Rio Grande and some 20-30 miles north of Piedras Negras, the Mexican city opposite Eagle Pass. These are two of the main villages, which hug the Rio Grande, where most of the huge crossings were staged.

  15. twitter @mtaibbi

    1.TWITTER FILES: Supplemental

    More Adam Schiff Ban Requests,

    and “Deamplification”


    zero hedge – Twitter Files Expose How Dems/Media Defied Twitter ‘Facts’ To Spread ‘Russian Bot’ Hoax

    What’s this? Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and staff repeatedly pushed Twitter to remove perfectly legal content that they found offensive, according to Friday’s installment of “The Twitter Files.”

    more :

    • CBC – Jordan Peterson being disciplined for tweets raises free speech issues, critics say

      WARNING: This video contains details some readers may find distressing.

      The College of Psychologists of Ontario has ordered former University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson to undergo a media training program after they received complaints about his controversial tweets.

      James Turk, director of the Centre for Free Expression at Toronto Metropolitan University, tells CBC News that this is a huge overreach by the college because they do not have the authority to regulate political speech.

  16. The Center Square) – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is drawing criticism over leaked emails of her campaign asking public school students for help her re-election bid in exchange for “extra credit.”

    Lightfoot, who is running for a second term, faces several challengers in next month’s primary. Challengers are highlighting an email to Chicago Public School teachers that Lightfoot’s campaign reportedly sent offering extra credit for “young people eager to help Lightfoot win this spring.” The email was first obtained by WTTW and was sent to Chicago Public School teachers.

  17. UPDATE: 20 Classified Documents Found So Far At Biden’s Office And Home
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 13, 2023 at 8:24pm

    The Biden classified documents scandal continues to grow. CBS News revealed Friday that there are now 20 known documents with classified material, some of which are top secret material.

    A leak of top secret information would cause “exceptionally grave danger.” This of course means America’s national security would be in jeopardy if a single top secret document fell into the wrong hands

    Despite this, the mentally incompetent Biden felt perfectly comfortable storing these top secret materials in a less than secure location. Yet another reason he must be removed from office as soon as possible.

    Here is the full story from CBS News:

  18. Police Say Fencing “Intentionally Cut” After Clouded Leopard Escapes Dallas Zoo Enclosure
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 13, 2023 at 8:01pm

    The Dallas Zoo had to close on Friday because one of their adult clouded leopards went missing from its habitat.

    “We have an ongoing situation at the Zoo right now with a Code Blue – that is a non-dangerous animal that is out of its habitat. One of our clouded leopards was not in its habitat when the team arrived this morning and is unaccounted for at this time.” The Dallas Zoo said.

    The zoo announced later Friday that it had located the missing clouded leopard.

    According to Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell, it appears the fencing around the clouded leopard’s enclosure was “intentionally cut.”

    ABC News reported:

    The female leopard, named Nova, is believed to have escaped through a tear in the mesh around its enclosure, according to Harrison Edell, the executive vice president of animal care at the zoo.

    Police and zoo officials believe the fence was “intentionally cut,” Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell said.

  19. British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra Tells BBC 30,000 Excess Deaths This Year Most Likely Linked to mRNA Vaccines (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 13, 2023 at 9:00pm

    British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra joined the BBC this week to discuss the shocking number of excess deaths recorded in Great Britain this year.

    A recent report claimed 50,000 excess deaths were reported in 2022 compared to a normal year. There are other reports that claim there were 30,000 excess deaths in the UK last year. The excess deaths in the UK last year was the worst in 50 years.

    According to Dr. Malhotra the deaths were likely linked to the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

    Dr. Aseem Malhotra: This is probably a contributing factor. The mmRNA COVID vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk. And I’ve actually called for a suspension of this pending an inquiry because there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment on what is causing the excess deaths.

  20. The Scariest Developments to Watch Out For in 2023
    By John Kudla
    I believe most people hope 2023 is a better year than 2022. But I am not counting on it.

    In just the past two years, our national government has spent roughly $13 trillion and authorized spending trillions more. Politicians use words and phrases like “investments,” “long-term savings,” “reducing inflation,” “protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty,” etc. to justify this. Clearly, they are either lying or living in a fantasy world. Most of the money is being used to pay off campaign contributors and special interest groups, such as the climate change lobby, or to make politicians look good.

    Inflation spiked to nine percent in June 2022, so the Federal Open Market Committee began raising interest rates to fight it. As interest rates rose, the stock market tanked. In 2023, interest rates will

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