Two pro athletes have sudden fatal and near fatal events

FORMER NFL GUARD DEAD AT 38… Acute Heart Failure

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  1. It would appear that this was/may have been an early trigger to the “Died suddenly” syndrome – if it weren’t for the excellent immediate CPR, etc,, he would be another statistic.

    Just my non-expert opinion. FWIW

      • How would you tell if a footballer was brain dead? Can they get brain deader?
        Oooooh! Chest pains again!
        Sorry. The amount of time the NPC’s devote to obsessing over uneducated, illiterate criminal zillionaire bigot communists playing a game and pretending to have a valuable opinion about anything has always been a WTF?

          • Heck, man, we crossed the nuclear rubicon a month ago.
            Remember the cope about a ukrainian S-300 blowing a 40 ft crater in a polish farm, Biden the sniffer in chief being pulled out of the G20 dinner, and lots of spin about the russians shooting ‘decommissioned’ nuclear Kh-101b’s? as ‘Decoys’?
            Welp, it was a hell of a fable. That was a large strike on L’viv, the Logistics and comms hub. It consisted of large numbers of conventional missiles to suppress the air defenses, russian cruise missiles flying through Polish airspace, and at least 2 confirmed nuclear armed Kh-101B’s, which were downed by NATO supplied AAD, which L’viv is well covered in. IRIS-T, NASSAM, Centurion ect, very good systems. The wrecks were examined, the warheads recovered, and the data plates photo’d, and confirmed against arms control records of warhead serial numbers. At least one more strike was also defeated just before chrissy; you may remember UK MoD ‘reminding’ every one that the russians were using ‘decommissioned’ nuclear missiles as decoys, along with a PR event from the Ukie’s, where they paraded a ballast section in pristine condition from a ‘shot down’ ‘decoy’ nuclear cruise. It was actually from a handling dummy (non-flight capable) left over from the Nunn-Lugar funded scrapings in the mid-90’s.
            So, we’re there, but russian missiles are junk, and the spin was very successful, although the narrative, to any one in the business, was obvious bullshit.
            I guess they’re defeating this stuff by walling the only target worth a nuke, in military terms; that’s the logistic hub from NATO, with every western AAD system in theater, and going after the Kh-101’s hard, which is why the toy raghead drones are doing disproportionate damage. The Kh-101 is a 50 year old system, going up against the latest SAM systems. They may also be exploiting a vulnerability in the KH-101. Anyway, it’s big, slow, and clunky, it may use a TERCOM system, so it may be radiating. The Ukies are even shooting the damned things down with MANPADS and machine guns. There are also heavy AAD systems just over from L’viv, in Poland. I would not be surprised to learn there are rather a lot of exotic point systems ringing that hub. L’viv is the one place where a nuking would do damage.
            Keep an eye on the sky. This thing is much weirder than you’re being told.

    • I agree. They’re striving hard to find a cause for this sudden heart attack. IMO, they don’t want boosted football players to freak out.

  2. Nothing, I say again, nothing to do with the MRNA goo. It’s great! Don’t worry about mrna gooARRRRRRGGGGGGCCCCCHHHHH. Crap! I just had a sarcasm induced coronary event…gurgglegurgglegasp…..


    NFL season sees Pfizer kick off major Comirnaty COVID vaccine ad offensive for teens, boosters

    Pfizer has been using a softly, softly approach when it comes to promoting its COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty. But as the NFL season kicked off this month, the Big Pharma’s marketing strategy is going the extra yard.

    That’s according to data and analysis shared with Fierce Pharma Marketing by real-time ad tracker These data find that since Aug. 22, ads for Comirnaty have aired 749 times on national linear TV, with a particular emphasis on NFL games, which started Sept. 9.

    In fact, almost 30% of Comirnaty TV ad impressions appeared during NFL games, and more than 63% of national TV ad spend for the brand was allocated toward the NFL, according to iSpot’s analysis.

    “On the NFL end, Comirnaty is also pretty visible, as one of the 30 most-seen advertisers over the first two weeks of the regular season,” an analyst from iSpot told Fierce Pharma Marketing. “It’s by far the most-seen pharma spot during NFL games.”

    There are only four prescription medicine brands appearing during NFL games so far this season. Besides Comirnaty, the other three are Bristol Myers Squibb’s blockbuster cancer drug Opdivo and its autoimmune med Zeposia as well as AstraZeneca’s diabetes drug Farxiga.

    But iSpot’s data show that Comirnaty as a brand is “significantly higher than the rest by both spend and impressions” during NFL games. Its estimated spend is $9.5 million with 31 airings, nearly double its nearest rival in Opdivo, which had an estimated TV spend of just over $5.1 million with 10 airings.

    This comes as sales of Pfizer’s vaccine, which soared to a major $36 billion last year, are expected to slow down in 2022 and beyond, given that the immediate threat of pandemic COVID is, according to U.S. President Joe Biden, now “over” and fewer people are getting a vaccine.

    Pfizer is, however, now gearing up for COVID booster season alongside rival Moderna. Both nabbed FDA authorizations for their respective variant-specific shots last month.

    The new Comirnaty ads and the ramping up of its marketing spend for the NFL season mark a notable change for Pfizer.

    The DTC ad work for the vaccine began last December, well after Pfizer won its first Comirnaty full approval in August 2021. Companies aren’t allowed to do any DTC marketing for products under emergency authorization, but that all changes with full approval.

    Nonetheless, Pfizer’s first TV spot, called “Remarkable,” did not mention Comirnaty by name nor did it talk about vaccinations broadly or even the COVID-19 pandemic specifically. Instead, the campaign focused on how society was yearning to get back to normal and how that drove Pfizer’s mission.

    The second ad, “Don’t miss your shot,” was a little more direct but not by much. It came shortly after “Remarkable” in December 2021 and once again did not showcase Comirnaty nor mention COVID. It did, however, talk up the availability of vaccines and portray the importance of not missing your opportunity to get your shot.

    But the branding strategy has changed over Pfizer’s two latest TV ads. Launched a month ago, on Aug. 22, and called “Hard on everyone,” the 60-second spot followed Pfizer’s July full approval for Comirnaty in teens. For the first time, the Big Pharma takes a directly branded approach that it didn’t in earlier commercials.

    Pfizer talks up how the last two years of COVID have been tough and has a specific focus on teens. It directly says in the ad that there is a vaccine for 12- to 15-years-olds and mentions Comirnaty by name at the end of the spot.

    And, in the main ad used for the NFL spots, “More,” launched Sept. 8, a narrator tells the story, in rhyme, about the “normal” things that happen in everyday life with the tagline, “the more you want to do, the more we want to do.”

    This is a specific plug for Pfizer’s new COVID boosters. The Comirnaty name isn’t used in the ad itself, but logos for Pfizer and its partner BioNTech are shown at the end of the spot, and there’s a clear message for people to get their COVID booster shots this fall and winter.

    There is a slight marketing issue for Pfizer when it comes to the Comirnaty name and its new booster. This bivalent booster has an emergency use authorization but not full FDA approval and therefore has limits on how it can be marketed. Also, its official title is Pfizer-BioNTech omicron BA.4/BA.5 COVID-19 bivalent vaccine.

    That may explain why it is not using Comirnaty in its booster DTCs, but it is cropping up in another ad.

  4. ========================


    LIVE from Cincinnati hospital covering the FACTS about Damar Hamlin’s sudden collapse and current condition.

    Here is what we know:

    -We have confirmed that Damar Hamlin is indeed alive. However, he is currently on a ventilator and in critical condition.

    – The Fed got startled & brought in additional resources because Joe Biden is coming on Wednesday & they didn’t want “trouble” if Hamlin were to die under mysterious circumstances

    -“I personally followed several of these vehicles to one of the locations before being forced away”

    “Too early to speculate. I am the most senior cardiologist weighing in. here is my quote: “I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest.”
    “I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be…”

    “…considered in the differential diagnosis. We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy. The nation prays for his complete recovery.”


    Damar Hamlin LIVE COVERAGE: What really happened: Facts vs Misinfo

  5. Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

    Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and will not make a full recovery

    He collapsed just now. I talked to Dr. Peter McCullough to get his take. It’s highly likely the vaccine played a role.

    Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and will not make a full recovery
    He collapsed just now. I talked to Dr. Peter McCullough to get his take. It’s highly likely the vaccine played a role.

    Steve Kirsch
    16 hr ago
    Update 11:20pm

    It was announced in the hospital parking lot that Hamlin is not expected to make a full recovery.

    Hamlin was vaccinated. The Buffalo Bills is a 100% vaccinated team. I also got a Twitter DM from someone who knows this for a fact who asked that I not disclose his identity. This is a shame since we know know, thanks to my readers, that there is no death benefit to the COVID vaccines.

    Update 7:39pm

    This was called “unprecedented” on ESPN. Hamlin has been intubated and currently listed in critical condition. All the announcers said they’d never seen it in the NFL. This was a joint decision by both the NFL and the players to stop the game. This is unprecedented.

    One of my nurse friends wrote, “How often has a young healthy football player that didn’t take that hard of a hit had a heart attack or stroke.”

    A tackle really made his heart stop? How? After decades of hard hits in the NFL, this has never happened.

    CPR was administered for 9 minutes. Normal is 3 to 5 minutes. After 10 minutes you’re basically dead.

    McCullough said that we will not know for 24 hours whether he will bounce back. He could make a full recovery.

    Dr. Peter McCullough just wrote me (7:54pm):

    “I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest. I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis. We have been told he was successfully defibrillated on the field and has been intubated and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy. The nation prays for his complete recovery.”

    Peter got it right…. 3 hours after he said that, the Buffalo Bills confirmed he was correct:

    Note that McCullough originally speculated that the injury that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was due to commotio cordis (a phenomenon in which a sudden blunt impact to the chest causes sudden death in the absence of cardiac damage). The time delay from the hit until he collapsed is expected in commotio cordis. Peter believes that the ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation could have been set up by the vaccine if he took it.

    Hamlin was shocked back to rhythm. He now has anoxic encephalopathy. He’s in critical condition at the hospital.

    You can what happened in this clip:

    For more information

    See Paul Alexander’s substack, VACCINE: Bills NFL football safety Damar Hamlin collapses in game against Bengals; Dr. Ramin Oskoui cardiologist called me & sent me some data; Dr. McCullough has been screaming about this JJ Watt

    Is it inappropriate to comment on Hamlin’s injury?
    If you think the vaccines are safe, this article is very troubling. Therefore, it is viewed as “inappropriate.”

    If you think the vaccines are not safe, this article is confirming and people have no objection.

    Interesting, isn’t it? Whether it is “appropriate” depends on your views on the vaccines.

    It now appears that the vaccine likely played a very major role in his injury until proven otherwise. This is simply based on statistics.

    However, I believe it is highly unlikely that there will be a proper autopsy where they examine Damar Hamlin’s heart tissue similar to what they did in the Schwab study. In America, we do not want to know what kills people. This is why there are virtually never any autopsies after someone dies post-vaccine, even if they die less than 24 hours after the jab. So we’ll never know for sure because they don’t want us to know what killed him.

    So deaths like this will continue because people don’t want to upset the government “safe and effective” narrative.

  6. the daily beast

    Internet Cretins Rush to Blame NFL Player’s Collapse on COVID Vaccines

    The worst people on the internet lowered the bar even further on Monday, as they sought to turn the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin into a political win.
    Leading the pack was right-wing activist Charlie Kirk, who tweeted that “athletes dropping suddenly” had become “all too familiar” of a sight, an oblique reference to supposed health complications caused by COVID-19 vaccinations.

    Other right-wing figures, including TV host Grant Stinchfield, media personality Stew Peters, and political commentator Rogan O’Handley, also piled on.
    Thousands of users poured into the tweeters’ replies, however, with many labeling the comments “distasteful” and others declaring, “You’re the worst kind of person.”

    • WaPo -Covid misinformation spikes in wake of Damar Hamlin’s on-field collapse

      Some of the tweets racked up millions of views, after the Elon Musk-owned company rolled back its covid misinformation policies.

      The baseless tweets began to circulate within minutes of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s stunning collapse on the field during “Monday Night Football.”

      Anti-vaxxers and right-wing provocateurs sought to link the injury that left Hamlin in critical condition and the coronavirus vaccine, without any evidence. Their claims built on years of coronavirus vaccine misinformation that has been seeded across social media.

      “This is a tragic and all too familiar sight right now: Athletes dropping suddenly,” tweeted the pro-Trump activist Charlie Kirk, who leads the youth group Turning Point USA. His tweet was viewed nearly 10 million times as of Tuesday.

      “Everybody knows what happened to Damar Hamlin because it’s happened to too many athletes around the world since COVID vaccination was required in sports,” said former Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson, in a tweet that was viewed more than 2 million times and visible under the #DamarHamlin hashtag trending in the United States.

      Yet as of Tuesday evening, little information was known about the cause of Hamlin’s collapse. Nor was it known if Hamlin had been vaccinated against covid, though the NFL previously has said nearly 95 percent of players are vaccinated. The Bills announced Tuesday that Hamlin had suffered a cardiac arrest, and two cardiologists told The Washington Post that a blow to Hamlin’s chest may have thrown his heart out off rhythm, disrupting blood flow to the brain. The doctors said they could only speculate after watching video footage of the play.

      The tweets’ broad and rapid reach, however, underscores how baseless claims related to the coronavirus can ricochet across Twitter with little friction since new owner Elon Musk rolled back the company’s policy against covid misinformation in November. The company has also restored the accounts of many previously suspended individuals, including multiple high-profile anti-vaxxers. The moves are indicative of Musk’s broader efforts to undo years of work to prevent the spread of falsehoods on Twitter in favor of a “free speech” agenda.

      Public health experts and social media researchers warned that the tweets risk creating more fears about coronavirus vaccinations at a time when cases continue to spread in the United States, nearly three years after the pandemic began.

      Naomi Smith, a sociologist at Federation University Australia who has researched covid misinformation, said such tweets risk planting “seeds of doubt” at a time when medical professionals are urging the public to obtain booster shots.

      Covid misinformation “does actually kill people who take it seriously,” she said in an interview. “It is a problem that has a ripple effect in society.”

      The viral tweets were sent as millions of Americans were looking for answers about Hamlin’s condition with news broadcasters and sports commentators having little immediate information about the player’s condition. The information vacuum created a perfect storm for anti-vaxxers, who had already been priming people to believe sudden deaths or sudden collapses could be linked to vaccinations, social media experts say.

      Just before Twitter rolled back its covid misinformation policy in November, a more than hour-long video was released on the video service Rumble that promotes a debunked claim that the coronavirus vaccine is causing people to die. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense promoted the film this winter, but its creators generated newfound attention by seizing on the viral footage of Hamlin collapsing.

      “It just really fits in with the narrative that was already circulating that any collapse of a person may be vaccine related, no matter lack of evidence,” said John Gregory, health editor of NewsGuard, a company that analyzes misinformation.

      The film’s Twitter account quickly tweeted to its more than 200,000 followers, linking Hamlin’s collapse to the vaccine.

      “Prior to 2021, Athletes collapsing on the field was NOT a normal event,” the film’s account tweeted, along with footage of Hamlin hitting the field. “This is becoming an undeniable (and an extremely concerning) pattern.” The tweet also included a series of syringe emoji.

      Brian Castrucci, head of the de Beaumont Foundation, which advocates for public health, said he watched in horror at the speed at which Hamlin’s devastating injury was weaponized by that account and other anti-vaccine hashtags.

      “This is the modern day equivalent of a snake oil salesman,” Castrucci said of the film’s promoters and others. “The problem is the snake oil salesman had to go town to town. They couldn’t reach millions of people with one tweet.”

      Under Twitter’s previous leadership, the tweet with the syringes likely would have been labeled with additional context, said a former company employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss content moderation at the company. But on Tuesday, the tweet appeared unlabeled and garnered more than a million views.

      Twitter’s enforcement of its covid misinformation policies was imperfect and widely criticized, both by Democrats, who said the company hadn’t done enough to rein in falsehoods, and conservatives, who warned the company had gone too far. The former Twitter employee said speculative tweets would have been “tricky” for Twitter’s Trust and Safety team to handle because they’re often vague and not making claims that definitively could be said to be false.

      But researchers say under Musk, it’s now much easier to find covid misinformation than it was before, and there are fewer barriers to its spread.

      “It’s right at the top of the pile,” said Smith, the sociologist, referring to people’s timelines. “Previously, before Musk rolled back misinformation policies, these things would have been algorithmically deplatformed or made harder to find.”

      Twitter’s decision to roll back its policies could have implications for other social networks as well. Smith warned that the false tweets would likely not remain confined to Twitter, as people would likely screenshot and then share them in more private channels — including messages and Facebook groups.

      “It becomes invisible to you,” she said. “These things have a life beyond their platform.”

  7. ctv news – Doctor explains what likely caused Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest

    Cardiologist Dr. Christopher Labos explains what happened to NFL player Damar Hamlin, and discusses his prognosis.

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