Sarcasm: A deadly force – Links 1, January 2, 2023

1. Spain remembers: Reconquista day in Granada

(Anyone wishing to understand this properly would be well advised to read, The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise”. Covid and vaxx are not the first time people have attempted to destroy the West via lies. Normally they have a lot of captured Moores AKA Muslims in these videos to symbolize the retaking of Spain for the Spanish. I don’t see them in these yet. But as a rule they are as brutally accurate, and important as they are politically incorrect.)

2. CBC News predicts some new Islamic terrorism to keep us all busy for the coming year

3. FABULOUS NEWS  Being sarcastic puts you at greater risk of a heart attack, docs warn

(So to be clear, taking an experimental gene therapy injection which targets ACE2 receptors in the heart does not cause heart attacks even though it was never used before 2 years ago, but being a sarcastic teen does, which has been the case since teenagers first learned to open their mouths.)

SARCASTIC patients are more likely to die young, research reveals.

Experts found heart attack victims with a gloomy outlook saw long-term survival plummet.

Their risk of early death soared by 52 per cent for each unit higher they scored on a “hostility” test.

It measures levels of sarcasm, resentment and irritability.

Experts suggest downbeat patients are more likely to smoke, obese, and avoid taking good care of themselves.

(In the 1990s cartoon, The Tick, one of the superheroes was a guy who dressed like a Cuban Dictator and called himself, “Sarcastro” with the stinging powers of razor sharp sarcasm. And just now we learn that this is an own goal.)

4. If anyone was looking for the archetypal example of “Defending one’s Purchase” this is it. A woman who would rather die than admit she was wrong, or more accurately, the idea was wrong, or that she participated in a lie.

Surely there is a latin name for this kind of logical fallacy. If not, we must make one. This kind of reasoning could of course be used to justify any horror at all. And in fact, it is right here. What could turn out to be the largest ever. Assuming she wasn’t in on it, just admitting she was wrong and trying to stop people from taking the shot would be a mitigator. Instead, double down to death.


(Daniel Greenfield used a screen grab from a video we subtitled and was translated by an expert in Arabic and Islam a few years ago. It caused a lot of reaction from the Toronto (red) Star and then debunking from Honest Reporting Canada. All of it is posted on this site. The video from whence the screen grab came is below the excerpt)

An imam prayed, “O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them”. A new report funded by the Canadian government claims that his critics are Islamophobes. The targets of the report include the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Project, funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, was set up to “create profiles of key public, media and political figures as well as organizations who produce and distribute Islamophobic ideologies and propaganda”.

A government funding a project to create “profiles” of political opponents is bad enough, but this project also includes antisemitic conspiracy theories and defenses of calls to kill Jews.

Barbara Kay did an article on the same insane funding of Islamic groups who are rooted in antisemitism by the Canadian government. Linked here.

Thank you all for your kind support and continued thought on the nature of events and what is behind them.

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6 Replies to “Sarcasm: A deadly force – Links 1, January 2, 2023”

  1. Old quote from Muslim Brotherhood Hoods

    “ Earn in Jannah (Paradise) A high degree with your maidens under a tree.
    It’s our only routine
    Coldly kill them with hate and rage
    The war did not even start
    Make sure you’re doing your part
    Aim your rifle right at their heart
    Coldly kill the, with hate and rage.”

    Quebec Council of Imams
    Hussein Amer
    “Allah punished the children of Israel by transforming them into Apes and pigs because they committed a major sin or did nothing to prevent it. only those who warned of committing the sin were saved from being punished, the sinners survived only 3 days in the new form as animals before dying without leaving behind off-springs.”

    Way back in 2014 in Canada July 1, 2014 Mostafa Saad Hannout, Masjid Mosque in Toronto was spewing:
    “O Allah show your kindness to our brothers in Garza
    O Allah give them victory over your enemy and their enemy
    o Allah, take revenge against the grandchildren (descendants) of
    The apes and pigs.”

    Mazin Abdul-Adhim Hibz ut-Tahrir, terrorists group leader in Canada
    “Pigs and monkeys is what I call the likes of Netanyahu, yes He is much worse than pigs and monkeys. I’m trying to be nice actually.”

    Osman Haji – – Imam Sahaba Masjid Mosque, Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
    “Who are those that earned the wrath of Allah?…. They are the Jews…. Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry with them and turned them into monkeys and pigs”.

    Saudi “scholar”, Mohammed Saliheen Al-Munajjid popular in Canada explains why Allah turns “some of the children of Israel into pigs and apes and how this term related to the Quranic verse “those who have evoked (Your) anger.”

    Friday, August 11, 2006 in CANADA Papineau Imam: “ God kill all against Allah, Fight the Holy War.”

    Muslims in Canada say “Islam is NOT compatible with Western secular democracy.”

    Dipshit Justine Trudeau says: “Islam is compatible with Western, secular democracy.”

    And that sportsmans is how we got to have M-103 in Canada – shut up do not complain about any Imam spewing hate in Canada – my government has given millions to the Muslim associations to combat YOUR hate speech.

    Remember Sarah Anne Widholm 75 who was beaten to death by a 21 year old Muslim and Justine Trudeau said nothing.

    He has constantly referred to the massacre at the Ecole Polytechnic, how Marc Levine slaughtered many women, BUT he has never told you his real name and that he was the son of a Muslim, Algerian immigrant. Why?

    Islam is NOT compatible with Western secular democracy. Just another Trudeau lie.

  2. 4.) Could it be “reductio ad absurdum”?
    Otherwise we WILL have to come up with something NEW in Latin.
    I guess I should have been more dilligent during Latin class at school.

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