A few items for December 22, 2022: Links 1

1. And it begins. People kept silent about vaxx injuries, coming forward now

2. Excellent presidential material, but can’t elect the only cis white male on board to president, bad example.

3. Avatar Two: The destruction of Western Civilization

4. Steve Kirsch on the real results of the DoD gene-therapy

I know this is a lot to lay on a multi-item post, but here is the entire 3 hour Ron Johnson hearing on Covid measures from December 7th, 2022

5. Elon Musk Perplexed as Twitter Begins Widespread Suspensions of Accounts Critical of U.S. Funding for Ukraine and Zelenskyy Grift

The basic premise of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop was to use Twitter as a platform built upon a mission to control and influence public opinion.

As a result of the evolution, the growth of the public-private partnership, content moderation flows through DHS.  If the system operators allowed you to see that your opinions were not in the minority, it would be a risk for those in power. The foundation of the mission would be compromised. It really is that simple.

Against the backdrop of Twitter triggering suspensions and content removal for any account critical of U.S-Ukraine policy, apparently Elon Musk is perplexed about the system operators of his platform acting to support government and control public opinion.

Either Elon Musk really doesn’t know who is operating his platform, or this is a very public exhibition of Mr Musk pretending not to know. You decide.

5. Remember what a Free America sounded like? No? Neither did I till I saw this.

Thank you all for tuning in.

Almost the whole of the German AfD presser on statistics on vaxx damage is done now. I have to say, the whole thing is amazing. but the mic drops are in part IV.

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5 Replies to “A few items for December 22, 2022: Links 1”

  1. # 1 All part of the incoming tsunami of “Me Too” II attempts to claim amnesty for their crimes against humanity. I would still line them up despite their sudden “conversion”.

    What I find depressing is that so much anger and action is directed towards the rank and file (and encouraged by ambulance chasers) and little at those giving the orders, the false facts and making the threats and who are ultimately responsible, like this creature who used her position to imply that she knew what she was talking about.

    It appears that the double standard of law enforcement is alive and well everywhere in the west.
    If you actually talk to the affected families, many want blood and deservedly so.

  2. #5 looks like the “captain” is not able to control his own ship and that the 5th column of DoJ/FBI/?CIA/ ??? is still running the show. Micromanagement only can remove them, and he has not the time or ability and they know this …” Twitter commies fight back!”

    #4 Nuremburg 2? He is being naive. It will NEVER happen unless the people do it themselves. Too many chiefs involved and too much money made. They will, of course, offer up some rank-and-file braves, as peace offerings but none of the chiefs will be even tried, let alone found guilty.
    Remember! The first rule of the Law is NOT about justice, but about ensuring that the elite maintain control and can punish you if you object. Justice is an accidental and occasional by product only.

  3. Next thing we need to know: who did not deliberately take the vaxx, all politicians, scientists and other globullists. They need to be exposed.

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