Tucker Carlson for Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20

Monday December 19th

Tuesday December 20

It feels like it has to be mentioned that the continued coverage of UFOs by Tucker feels like a government disinformation plot. ALL the videos are ludicrously bad quality and mostly look like laser pointers and holographs. It seems a dead cert that the government that would lie about all we know for a fact they lie about for the past X number of years, would fake an alien invasion to try and get a totalitarian government established where the people voluntarily sacrifice their individuality for alleged defence against this fake threat.

Tucker was right that everyone now has a good camera in their pocket so their should be amazing footage of UFOs all over the place.

He was wrong when he said there are.

The TicTac video still looks like it was taken with a Motorola Flip phone from 1998. Quite astonishingly bad quality for onboard an F16.

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