Darkhorse Podcast: Bret Weinstein on Florida’s official examination of Covid and vaxx response to calculate harm

This 18 minutes is interesting and well presented and has a Labrador Retriever in it. So interesting right away.

He gets a lot right. For example, how the virus was in circulation a lot longer than the official story is, and they lied about that in order to create the sense of urgency required to justify a state of emergency with all its attendant loss of rights and freedoms. On a personal note, I knew someone well who had an upper respiratory infection which caused them tremendous difficulty breathing in 2019 that presented shortly after a return from a trip to Florida in that year. The word Covid had not yet been coined. He did recover, went on to get lots of injections, and caught later strains of Covid two or three times if memory serves. So yes, I agree one of the great lies of Covid was when it started. As Bret explains, it was probably circulated during the Wuhan World Military games.

What Bret gets wrong is critical though.

Bret rightly assesses that the public, at least the part of the public capable of recognizing what has taken place once presented with all the evidence, will be suspicious of the next urgent demand by government to take a medication. I’m quite certain he is right about that.

Where he is wrong, is that the government will rely on the public being lied to in order to get them to take it.

It will be added to food. Air. Water. Dropped from aircraft. Put into other common medications we trust already and told we just need to take that. We will never, ever be able to take back control of our decisions again unless we start to examine the true nature of the systems we live within now and what they have become and not what we created them to be, or grew up thinking they were.

The problem isn’t recognizing the lie anymore. That saved some of us who didn’t take the vaxx this time. But it won’t work next time.

This site has posted multiple articles on technology that already exists to aerosolize vaccines, and even to make “contagious” vaccines that spread from person to person. I believe such already exists for animal populations and are used for preventing (or creating?) disease in wild animal populations now.

Politicians and policy makers and giant corporate figures who make decisions which affect our most fundamental rights need to be made to live in glass houses. Get rich by all means. Become master of your domain. But do not impinge on the basic liberties of others to do so, or once there. These would include freedom of speech, and thats for all, and would include freedom of medical choice for ourselves. And this requires knowing what is in the medications, and what they actually do. And most importantly, knowledge of who the people are that make decisions and what they actually do.

Sometime soon I hope, we will be releasing a press conference by the AfD in Germany with explosive material about the real damage of the vaxx and excess deaths and injuries as presented by Germany’s top statistical institutes. And the only people who do not agree that the Germans keep excellent records are Neo-Nazis for some reason, that don’t accept Germany’s own records of the Holocaust. But everyone else knows they keep the numbers straight. And soon, we shall all know them.

(Gates of Vienna has part I here)

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3 Replies to “Darkhorse Podcast: Bret Weinstein on Florida’s official examination of Covid and vaxx response to calculate harm”

  1. NORWAY:

    In fact, things are so bad that the largest funeral home in the city of Trondheim has been forced to open up a crisis cold room in a garage to be able to store all the dead people, something that is reserved only for emergency situations, such as a massive disaster or accident.

    They report a whopping 30% increase in deaths at during the last year, and they say it has been especially bad the last few months.

    ”We haven’t since such an increase since the firm started in 1922” – says Lars Svanholm, CEO at the funeral home.

    So they have been around for 100 years and they have never seen things this bad before. What could possibly be causing this?


  2. It has now been demonstrated that ‘modified’ mosquitoes can ‘transmit vaccines’ to wide populations, without their knowledge or consert.

    RIP human genome…

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