Western States double down on vaxx lies and more: Links 1, December 20th, 2022

1. PM Trudeau did a live Twitter thing asking for questions from the public. For a moment, he must have imagined that the Canadian public was as owned and tamed as his purchased legacy media. Some of the questions were very good.

Many may not know that in the entire history of Twitter, only one man was not able to block abusive followers or bots. That man was Donald Trump. Perhaps Trudeau was also granted that honour.

This video really is stunning. Not just the Trudeau part.

2.  Top doctor reveals both she AND her wife suffered ‘devastating’ Covid vaccine injuries – and slams ‘censorship of public discussion’ about adverse jab effects

Former federal MP and high-profile medic Dr Kerryn Phelps says both she and her wife have suffered vaccine injuries from their Covid jabs – and claimed regulators are censoring discussion on the topic.

Dr Phelps, the one-time president of the Australian Medical Association, made the revelation in a submission to a Senate inquiry on Long Covid, which is looking into the lingering effects of the virus that some have claimed are debilitating.

According to Dr Phelps, her wife Jackie Stricker-Phelps ‘suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes’. Dr Phelps said her partner’s symptoms included burning face and gums, prickling sensations and numb hands and feet, which were also observed by an attending doctor and nurse. ‘I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation,’ Dr Phelps testified.

3. PJ Watson on the new carbon tax directly on people trying to eat while heating their homes.

4. Chrystia Freeland does propaganda tweet for mRNA injections. The follow up comments are most excellent. Note there is no video of the shot, but the photo reeks of fake.

5. School Board Offering Counselling After Unexpected Death Of Student At Scott Young Public School (from a blood clot)

KAWARTHA LAKES-The Trillium Lakelands District School Board is offering counselling to students and staff at Scott Young Public School In Omemee after the sudden death of a student on December 17th.
“Special counselling services have been made available to students and staff, and will continue to be available throughout the week and longer, if needed.” Sinead Fegan, Communications Officer, Trillium Lakelands District School Board told Kawartha 411 News.

9-year-old Colton Windrem passed away from a blood clot after a visit to the hospital according to a fundraiser set up for the family.

“After a trip to the hospital, on December 16th, our dear friends and family Sheryl, Mike and Audrie Windrem’s lives have changed forever with the loss of their beloved son and brother, 9-year-old Colton,” said the Go Fund Me campaign.  “Colton was an amazing kid with a huge heart. He touched the lives of everyone who met him as he was a genuine soul who loved his friends and family. Colton loved life on the farm and he was always sharing his passion and knowledge about tractors and farming. He was the best big brother to Audrie who truly admired and looked up to him.”

Thank you all for paying attention. Increasingly, it becomes obvious we are in the middle to end stages of a dialectically driven, Hegelian/Marxist destructive revolution. “Diversity” means using one form of something to destroy another, resulting ultimately in the destruction of all things in that category. Multiculturalism being the easiest example to see in motion. Global-Warming is the easiest lie to disprove, so it is the one they push the hardest in order to force us into humiliating servitude of the Hegelian, “God-like state”. The move from science and medicine to a government dictated solo set of instructions that doctors must obey at the threat of anything from their income to actual jail, is the imposition of state power and ‘scientism’ into your personal medical choices. The increasingly available medically assisted state murder of citizens means the destruction of the concept of the sanctity of life and all that entails. Of course that began with no-questions abortion at any stage. Once a clump of cells, always a clump of cells. So no problem killing a teenager going through a rough patch over reproductive rituals, right?

For those that are strategically minded, watch all the James Lindsay and Stephen Coughlin materials you can, with enough time to stop now and again and consider what is being said and how it applies. For the tactically minded, join groups like Action4Canada, local chapter or check out looser groups or other ones that actually do things that try and stop this never-ending cycle of destruction of all values, taboos and cultural icons which is clearly taking place. But remember, Western nations are now nascent communist states. So whenever you are in a meeting of more than 2 people, one of you is a government spy. So never say even in jest anything you don’t want read out loud in a court of what is left of the law.

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