A video from the ‘final’ Ottawa People’s Commission’ on the freedom convoy…

Or as they call it, “The occupation”.

For those that have not seen the documentary on the first round of hearings, here it is below. It is worth seeing for context. For those who have seen it, go to the video below where another woman managed to get in front of the Star Chamber judges by claiming a bias against the Truckers and protest, but in fact wanted to let them know how many people, even who lived right in the midst of it actually felt. A view that is anathema to them, and their “lived experience” of ‘witnesses’ who saw the protest only on CBC and knew it must be a violent Klan rally, even before it started.

That was from the first round. And now, from the newest hearings set in Vanier on December 10th, 2022. Danielle sets the record straight.

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3 Replies to “A video from the ‘final’ Ottawa People’s Commission’ on the freedom convoy…”

    • They ONLY wore the diapers to make the point and to enforce compliance. When someone spoke, they took them down. Speaking of course, is the time when if you believe the mask narrative, you are most likely to spread a contagion.

      So it was medical and political theatre.

      They also attempted to enforce mask wearing by the whole audience although they legally are not able to do so, beyond not letting you in if you don’t comply. Once in though, they have no legal grounds to compel you as its not their private space.

      This is a communist word game attack make no mistake. They play with definitions and multiple forms of dialectic attacks.

      One of the most interesting, but not yet pointed out by anyone, is how they always demand of the very few people who spoke in favour of the convoy, to sympathize with people who found it objectionable, while never asking any opponent of the protest to sympathize with any of the millions of Canadians who’s lives were destroyed by the mandates or vaxx injuries.

      In a bit more depth, this means that people who did not actually go to the protest but saw it on TV were able to complain without objection, while people who actually did go, were asked to negate their own personal experience based on what they are told is the experience of people they never met or heard from.

      This is masterful dialectics and can in part be better understood by the James Lindsey video on Marxism and “lived experience”.

    • They are still spreading FEAR. Remember we are now living in Clown World. Drama queens, insecure people who may have been dropped on their heads.

      I remember during the protests, a Globe and Mail columnist, Marsha Lederman wrote,
      “On the highway today I drove by a bunch of these protesters and their offensive signs. And something happened; I had the weird sensation of being triggered by the sight of Canadian flags. It was just awful.”

      I wonder if I were to write her and tell her she perhaps should have said a group of protestors, you buy or pick a bunch of flowers, would she be triggered again, have to find a safe space. Methinks she should stay home, stay safe……………..

      I have her name on a list along with the Globe’s, Gary Mason, and Justine Trudeau, they are the real insurrectionists, the trouble makers, whipping up fear and hate. I blame them when I hear a man yelling “kill the unvaccinated “. They all need to shut up and damn well grow up.

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