Left wing activism in Ottawa, and its attempt to smear the Freedom Convoy and its supporters

While the official hearings took place under the auspices of examining Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Measures act, leftist activists held another set of hearings with the intention of demonizing the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa starting in September. Please read a lot of the important story details at US based, RAIR Foundation. There is a lot more to say about this, so perhaps this post will be updated at some point later on, or a new one will be created with additional information.

We have seen a lot of material from this commission showing bias even more clearly at a special hearing they eventually did hold, well after the initial one below for people who supported the Freedom Convoy at a later hearing, subsequent to the one explained in this short documentary. Hopefully that will be presented sometime soon, although you can watch the entire session as presented now at this YouTube link.

Check out how the even handed non-biased panel treated those in favour of the convoy at both hearings. Compare it to how they treated people that opposed it. More to come on this over time.

It should be added that the phrase, “lived experience” is in fact a communist dog-whistle for dialectic replacement of reality with the correct set of feelings about an issue.

Please see the video below:


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