Improving the resolution on pandemic deceptions and other issues: Links 2, December 1, 2022

1. We are all sick of Covid origins info. Well, frankly none of us have had any covid origins INFO just speculation and disinformation for the most part. But if we let this go, we will never hold to account the perpetrators of the biggest crime in history, just like we let go whoever was behind the mass shooting in Vegas, which we at VTB regard as unsolved.

2. Here is a trailer for an interesting looking film. Probably a scenario worthy of consideration if not preparation. Grid Down, Power Up looks at the consequences of no electricity.

3. World misled by falsified data says Israeli journalist:

4. Lt.-Gen. (retd) Maisonneuve clears the air on how Woke culture is trying to cancel him for his speech when accepting award.

(This site posted what we could find of it at the time. But lamented that we could not find a video or audio of it anywhere. This is still the case. Which makes us suspect that they want to misrepresent his amazing speech in order to prevent it from doing any good in terms of reversing the authoritarian and Marxist trajectory of this country. Even the National Post article linked above does not seem to have any path to the video (which surely exists) or audio of his speech. There is a link to a print version though. The article linked above was written by General Maisonneuve.)

5. I wonder how much of this and more, was referenced on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the FBI knew about it?

Would you buy a used car from this man?

(An SNL skit with a look alike actually using his type of answers to explain a brutal fatal car crash from a used car he sold would be too good an idea for that commie outfit to do. But someone should do it.)

Thank you all for staying focused. As the resolution increases on our issues, as many of the items in this post do rather well, things look worse and worse for Western Civilization, which at this point appear vestigial. People like Bankman-Fried, don’t seem to suffer the consequences of astonishingly high level crimes along with Hunter and Joe Biden, but people like Jeremy MacKenzie go to jail and in solitary confinement without benefit of trial for making up a joke country where freedom is preserved. Just so we all know where we stand.



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