A Nazi under every Tesla

Salty makes some key observations and comparisons which make it worth the time to watch. Yes, every viewer of this site will already know these facts. But its great to see it packaged this way, and might allow us to use it in a pinch should we be discussing the issue of Twitter, Elon or Nazis with anyone, and how the term “Nazi” is used by the left today, as opposed to how it actually was, by the left, back in the early 20th.

Here’s a nice contrast. This guy would seem to be a ‘real’ nazi. He burst forth with Antisemitic slurs at a US airport till he was arrested. He started his own political party called the Christian Socialist Party, so he is half right in terms of a Nazi one; and he started slamming down the Roman Salute in every direction, demanding a race war. How did people at the airport react? A few laughed and the rest watched for entertainment purposes. In other-words, perfectly. When an actual Nazi minded individual does his act no one really cares. It’s often risible.

But when a fair minded individual even begins to take his leg of the scale advantaging a far left, authoritarian narrative, then he becomes a Nazi.

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    • This is clearly what the fib are doing, attending demos dressed as fake right wingers, in particular J6 monstrosity/ Reichstag fire.

  1. You must learn that the Left HAS to create Right-wing villains… because all the really evil dudes in the 20th Century were all Leftists. Do you think Hitler LIED about the “Socialist” part in the acronym “NAZI” meaning “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    THIS is why the Leftists need to deem Hitler to be a Right-winger.
    Remember that ‘Progressive’ is a euphemism for Liberal, which is another euphemism for Socialist, which is another euphemism for Communists.
    Hitler rose to power just like Lenin (promising freedom but knowing it would be a dictatorship) (Guess who burned the Reichstag?) The government took away the citizen’s guns… rounded-up Jews and Gypsies for slavery and extermination… took control of businesses… established a quota system for agriculture… murdered opponents… thoroughly indoctrinated Arian children to be good Party Members… attacked Christianity and sent Christian resistors to the same Death Camps… the State became all-important and omnipotent… the voiceless, defenseless citizens suffered. As Left as Left could be.
    Much of this was the same with Mao’s China and Mussolini’s Italy.

    Hitler’s party and Mussolini’s party were of the far-LEFTIST kind – as their names unmistakably state:
    1) Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei = German National SOCIALIST Workers Party.
    2) Partito Sozialista Italiano = Italian SOCIALIST Party.

    But today’s Leftist academics preach that they were the OPPOSITE.
    Then please explain why Russia was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” and the NAZI’s were the “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    “Oh, well, never mind that… the NAZI’s weren’t REALLY socialists… it was just a different kind of socialism… it was, Ummm… say… did you see the ball game last night??”
    Nazism is an abbreviation of “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party” and for decades, Mussolini was a socialist until he learned that Italians would respond to collectivism better when associated with Italy rather than the “International Proletariat”. There is not a penny’s difference between Communism, Fascism, and Socialism except Fascism is nationality-aimed, and Communism and Socialism are internationally aimed. In the end, it does not matter. They ALL want to rule your life.
    As simple as it gets:
    RIGHT: Government exists to obey and support the goals of The People.
    LEFT: People exist to obey and support the goals of The Government.

    Note that Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Il Duce, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot, and others were all Leftists, Socialists, Communists, or Fascists, and atheists. Not Conservatives or Christians, they never ran a Republic or Democratic form of government. Just because you might be “allowed” to “vote”, when there is only one person to vote for, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, your being able to “vote” means nothing!
    What we don’t want are more concentration camps, death camps, gulags, genocide, Gestapos, KGBs, and the rest of the apparatus of state terror.

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