Tucker Carlson for November 21, 2022

In this episode, Tucker does a fairly sophisticated dance around the dialectic as it is used as an attack vector in terms of sex reassignment, or “gender theory”. In this case, demonstrating how the attack on a gay bar in the US was rapidly weaponized via Marxist dialectics as a means to stop any and all criticism of pedophiles.

As we know, calling observations about the left and its policies and demands against the greater population Vs. its own behaviour, ‘hypocrisy’ means unwitting controlled opposition. Tucker doesn’t actually call it that though, but doesn’t do the deep dive into the tactic of Marxist dialectics either. Which would certainly be too difficult for a mass audience. It would take a serious course of episodes, far too long to hold a TV audience’s attention to explain that, even if he did it on his long form show every day for a week. Although that would still maybe be worth a try.

Either way, last night’s show is worth watching.

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