A few more or less random items about the state of things: Links 2, November 18, 2022

1. Seems likely given how things have gone in the last few years

Former political advisor for Germany–United States relations, Werner Weidenfeld says that any nation that refuses to cooperate with the US gets blackmailed by the security services[CIA] and bullied into submission.

A couple of minor corrections on the translation by our own Miss Piggy:

after secondary issues. It should read, “Then the American government says, “This is happening to us? Where’s the gratitude?”

“In history, we’ve secured the freedom and safety for the Germans. We conquered and preserved them. What’s happening?”

However, when we have a serious question, then CIA files are slammed on the table that incriminates Germany.

Then we’re given the ultimatum, you play the game or else.

(Seems likely. How else does one explain the treatment of Julian Assange? Even by Trump?)

2. Global News begins the ramping up of fear for Ontario and Canada

(A loving visit to your child’s close relative is now “a trip to your snotty nose cousin”. These are the people you want in control of your basic liberties.)

3. Remembering a brave woman who died mysteriously of a blood clot in the artery at 44 while trying to warn us about drug cartels that make vaccines.

Description from source:

Banned from YouTube, MSN and GOOGLE search engines. Clearly, they don’t want you to know. A glimpse into the life of former, MERCK Pharma sales executive, turned whistle blower. Brandy Vaughan educates a room of medical practitioners and demonstrates just how corrupt and dangerous Big Pharma really is.

4. This is very interesting. The farther in you go, the better it gets. Initially, there are unsubstantiated claims which are a little irritating in a way. But when it’s a discussion, it’s spellbinding.

5. Jordan Peterson interviews the current Premiere of Alberta, Danielle Smith. This is highly recommended

Thank you all very much for your observances and speculations.

Later tonight or tomorrow I hope to do a post about a number of elections which have been officially declared to have been rigged, and always for the left, and leave it to you to decide about the ones not yet declared.


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