Abortion right into the 4th trimester, do they care if we know the election was stolen? Links 3, November 13th, 2022

1. Slippery slope? It’s a freaking slide at the water park

UPDATE: The language on this has changed. I believe that the Catholic Church is now OK with this bill. For whatever that is worth. But it may not be as it is explained in this video

The law.    The effect

2. Anthony Fury with True North: Mandatory masks coming back soon in Ontario and probably Canada

I would like to take this opportunity to point out to anyone who wishes to protect themselves from a virus with a mask, to arrange to get one of these, and some O2 tanks on wheels.

3. IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

[…]  So, again, according to Uplift Data tracking service Republicans had 52.7% of the vote on Election Day.
Democrats had 16.6% of the vote on Election Day.

Since Tuesday night Maricopa County has slow-walked their actual results to the press.

Katie Hobbs has won every ballot drop, except one, from Maricopa County since Tuesday extending her lead over Kari Lake by 34,000 votes.

Kari Lake won 51.8% of the 85,000 Maricopa ballots on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Kari Lake won 54% of the 97,000 Maricopa ballots on Sunday night.

3b. Maricopa County Election Judge Believes the Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day

Michele Swinick was an election judge in Maricopa County on election day last week. Following the election Michele stepped forward to discuss what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day.

Michele worked at a center in a heavily Republican district. According to Michele, the tabulators worked perfectly well the night before the election. Then on Election Day they quit working. Only 1 in 10 ballots were accepted through the tabulators. The officials were told to put the defective ballots into a different section called “Door 3.”

(I think the Democrats, which should be known as the Communist party at this point, WANT us to know they cheated the election. Like the Muslims who have in their scripture, “Make them pay the Jizya and feel themselves subdued”, humiliating your conquered people is a critical part of the conquest itself.)

4. Dance of the Moores (Muslims) and Christians in San Juan Mexico (Fascinating!)

5. Romania’s most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players, because their madcap owner says that athletes ‘lose strength’ – and claims those that are jabbed die in hospitals

UPDATE: This was first published at the end of February, 2022

The owner of Romanian side Steaua Bucharest has sensationally announced the club will ban all players vaccinated against Covid-19 from playing for them.

Mr Gigi Becali – a Romanian businessman and politician – said he is not allowing vaccinated players to play anymore because they are ‘powerless’.

Becali went on to claim that people who are vaccinated against the virus die in hospitals, as opposed to those who have refused the jabs.

He also claimed players at Romanian rivals CFR Cluj and Rapid Bucuresti were struggling as a result of taking the vaccine, singling out 36-year-old winger Ciprian Deac.

‘You’re going to laugh, but I might be right. Those vaccinated lose their strength. That’s something scientific,’ he said according to Romanian journalist Emanuel Rosu.

(The arguments for this man’s decisions have been written for us by the vaxxed who continue to discriminate against all of us who were suspicious of the shots and rejected them, and often to our major detriment. The Alberta woman who is not allowed a transplant if she doesn’t take the vaxx and will die, as one example. So we could feed their own arguments back to people who object to this man’s discrimination against the vaxxed. ‘They had a choice’ etc. Or we could make our own. ‘This is why you don’t experiment with drugs’. At the end of the day, we are adding a lot of wood to the fire of discrimination and hatred between groups, defined in more and more abstract and peculiar ways. Harder to fight back against tyrants when you have to fill out a form to see if you fit with your comrades. Harder yet when no two forms have the same questions.)

Thank you all for your kind consideration of the perspectives offered on major issues by this site.

A little post-script. I’m seeing claims that the lawyer testifying at the Ottawa Freedom Convoy who famously collapsed on the stand, has died. I do not think that is true and of course, we all sincerely hope that is not true. With luck, it was a little dehydration is all, even though it smacks of the kind of collapse we often see now of those under pressure who are up to date on their mRNA shots. If anyone has any information on this man and his state of health, please do post in the comments. Google doesn’t seem to show anything past the collapse. We are unaware if he has returned to the stand to finish his testimony. That would be good evidence of his metabolic state.

I would like to respond to a comment under this video at YouTube:

tghey say no details will be released about this, “out of respect for the family”, why? there are millions of families in canada that were forced to divulge their vaccination status or get fired, the details of what happened here are imperative to the data that proves the truckers riight
I respectfully disagree. It doesn’t matter who is right. The state must not and does not have the right to force experimental medical procedures on the public. The coercion was illegal, the restrictions and mandates, all of it. Masking in schools, all of it. And they have not stopped. The fact that we who opposed the shots are right is a trivial aspect of the issue as to the opposition of the mandates.
We are a free society of individuals able to asses our own risk benefit or we are a communist collective where the government for opaque reasons gets to decide what is in the collective interests, and what is not. More even, that they do not have to provide evidence or reason to support any of their decisions. Just as one example, the mass flood of illegals coming in to Canada and the US, and presumably the West in Europe as well, do not have to get the shots for some unexplained reason of “liability” while the citizens of these nations have to get the shots and the companies that make this crap has no liability. At least not in courts. Who knows what may happen in the hereafter or when the mob finally gets fed up with the imbalance of things.
Had they been right about the shots, and those who took it never got Covid and never had side effects at all and those of us who refused it died in numbers, it would not change anything. They would still be wrong and we would still be right. Had things been that way, probably most of us would have gone and gotten the shots. But its unimportant to the issue of personal freedom. Communism is a much, MUCH worse disease than Covid19.

Thank you all again.

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  1. 3-Yes they want us to know that they stole the election, the want to ensure we know runs the US. They want to break out spirit so we won’t resist becoming serfs.

  2. OpEd: Defeat the Globalist UniParty with a Bottom-up Political Insurgency
    By Joe Hoft
    Published November 14, 2022 at 10:05am

    Defeat the Globalist UniParty with a Bottom-up Political Insurgency

    Guest post by Lawrence Sellin

    It took twenty years, but after a crushing military defeat, the Taliban re-conquered Afghanistan district by district.

    Learn from that.

    The Globalist UniParty may be able to win in rigged U.S. elections, but we can make it impossible for them to rule.

    In my 2013 book “Restoring the Republic – Arguments for a Second America Revolution,” I defined the problem:

    There is a Cold Civil War underway in the United States to determine who should control the federal government. It is not a contest between the Democrat and Republican ideologies, but a battle between the entrenched power of the bipartisan political establishment versus the rights and liberties of the American people.”

    “The Cold Civil War is a conflict between those who want to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law and the party leaders, who wish to continue the practices of political expediency and crony capitalism.”

    The US no longer has representative government. Members of Congress seek election, not to uphold the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power, and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their major supporters. All the traditional means for the American people to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a self-absorbed permanent political elite unaccountable to the American people.”

    “Republican leaders neither contest that view nor vilify their Democrat counterparts because they do not want to challenge the ruling class, they want to join it. The GOP leadership has gradually solidified its choice to no longer represent what had been its constituency, but to adopt the identity of junior partners in the ruling class.”

    The United States is now a de facto one-party state, ruled by an oligarchy comprised of a relatively few rich and powerful globalists, who control the U.S. government and manipulate election outcomes and formulate public policy favorable only to themselves.

    The Democrat Party, the Republican establishment, the permanent, dictatorial federal bureaucracy, the media and Big Tech are servants of the oligarchy and are constituent elements the Globalist Uniparty.

    The election manipulation is intentionally incomplete, because the existence of a perpetually impotent and controlled opposition, the Republican establishment, is a prerequisite to maintain the illusion of democracy.

    Recognizing that election integrity can no longer be guaranteed, a bottom-up political insurgency with the objective of creating Globalist Uniparty-free zones must be initiated if there is any chance to restore the Constitution and limit the power of the federal government through the 10th Amendment, which states:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Fundamental to that effort are the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment.

    Each community must establish an organized, disciplined and properly-trained local security force with sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain independence and individual liberty against any entity that might attempt to abuse them.

    Once constitutional law enforcement is secured, citizens can then take control of local governments and school boards.

    If we cannot restrict them, we should embrace the new voting rules and beat them at their own game. Harvest ballots better than the Globalist Uniparty and employ every electoral ploy you can because, now, winning is the only thing that matters.

    At every opportunity, we should disobey the Globalist Uniparty or challenge it in court.

    As Globalist Uniparty-free zones proliferate and reach critical mass regionally, a process of “Separation” can begin.

    That is, large red regions must separate from blue states, fuse with red states or become new states.

    This county-by-county, state-by-state breakdown of the 2016 presidential election can provide a framework because it may be the last relatively accurate representation of voter sentiment before the massive electoral manipulation by the Globalist Uniparty began.

    The “Separation” regions would certainly include Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and all of Nevada except Reno and Las Vegas.

    Western Minnesota, Eastern Colorado, Southern Illinois, North-Central Michigan and most of New York and Pennsylvania can secede, all only voting blue this year because of Democrat-controlled large metropolitan areas, where the main electoral manipulation occurs.

    Consolidated Globalist Uniparty-free zones must demand changes in federal government policies such as:

    – A strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution.

    Limiting Congressional terms to a total of 12 years either in the House of Representatives or the Senate or a combination thereof.

    – All current members of Congress who have exceeded the 12-year limit cannot run for reelection.

    – Eliminate special benefits for members of Congress and government officials beyond those available to ordinary citizens.

    – Establish a simplified tax system for individuals and businesses to limit both the power of the Internal Revenue Service and the impact of lobbyists.

    Secure our borders by firm enforcement of current immigration laws and the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens.

    – Maintain energy, manufacturing and financial independence, freeing our foreign policy from globalist control.

    – With the exception of critical defense capabilities, establish a ten-year, renewable, across-the-board 10% reduction in the funding for the federal government with the immediate elimination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

    – Investigate and appropriately downsize or eliminate the politically-contaminated Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health.

    Break up Big Tech and purge, downsize, redistribute and aggressively regulate intelligence agencies.

    – Begin a yearly 20% reduction in foreign aid funding.

    – Relocate federal agencies outside of Washington, D.C.

    – Strictly enforce Equal Opportunity against the discriminatory practices of affirmative action, equity and diversity policies,

    Declare English as the only official language of the United States.

    – Suppress Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, political correctness and multiculturalism as contrary to the American principle of E pluribus Unum.

    Ordinary Americans must band together and take a stand to restore the Constitution and the rule of law, to establish political, fiscal and social sanity and to return the government to the people.

    The United States is not a functioning constitutional republic. There is now only a slim chance of restoring it. Without immediate action against the Globalist Uniparty, the American republic will be gone forever.

    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. Dr. Sellin is the author of Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution. His email address is lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.


  3. If the Bill supports abortion or infanticide, the Catholic Church doesn’t support it.
    You will find Catholics like Joe Biden who do, but officially the Church doesn’t. Some in the Church have been influenced more by the culture than by Christianity and Church teaching.
    In Roman times, if a child wasn’t wanted by the father, it was put out to die of exposure or by wild animals. (We’ve gone back to pagan times). The Christians took the babies and looked after them. Since early times the Church has been against abortion or infanticide. I think the Didache an early document mentions it, as do some of the early Christian writers. Pope Francis has spoken against it, so did Popes Paul, John Paul, and Benedict. Just to mention more recent Popes. Pope John Paul wrote an Encyclical called, “The Gospel of Life,” in which he wrote about the value of each human life as being created and loved by God. That is Biblical teaching and Church teaching, though some Christians choose to ignore it.

  4. 1/ Infanticide is a sure sign of a demonically-ruled culture. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that these innocents have been ceremonially murdered.

    Why don’t the bishops cry out?

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