A moment of joy for Trudeau and looking into mysterious cause of unknown deaths: Links 1, November 10th, 2022

1. More Doctor John Campbell: On the excess deaths of new-borns and more adeptness at commie-speak in order to avoid saying it’s the vaccine. But we can know, there is “no need to investigate the mother’s vaxx status”. For some reason.

2. What happens when you look at curious excess deaths of babies except when they are young healthy adults? (75 minutes long)

3. I have to admit, I have never seen Trudeau look more sincere in his emotion or happier than he does in this video

Well in fairness, he is at least equally sincere in this video. And comfortable in his hatred of disobedient Canadians

4. Sudden and unexpected deaths of medical doctors now up to 90. This is not, as I understand it, total deaths of doctors. This is just young, healthy and unexpected doctors who suddenly died since 3rd and 4th shots started being mandated to medical staff.

Description from Rumble:

Dr. William Makis, MD, (Gettr: https://gettr.com/user/MakisMD) reports that number of Canadian doctors that died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of the experimental mRNA shots is up to 90.


Compared to the number of deaths pre-Covid jabs in 2019-2020, the numbers of deaths in 2021-2022 is exploding.

Join us for this explosive interview where Dr. Makis reveals disturbing trends within the 90 deaths, a major mechanism of vaccine injury and death, the Canadian Medical Association’s conflicted dismissal of the data and much more.

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5. France insists Italy ‘play its part’ and allow migrant ship Ocean Viking to dock

(Play its part in what exactly?)

France denounced as “unacceptable” Italy’s refusal to allow a migrant ship to dock, as the two countries argued over where the ship with 234 people on it should land

The row centres on the Ocean Viking, a ship carrying the refugees, which has sailed from Sicilian waters towards France after unsuccessfully waiting for permission to dock in Italy since late October.

Run by European charity SOS Méditerranée under a Norwegian flag, the ship appealed to France to let it dock and was expected to be close to Corsica on Thursday.

“Facing the silence of Italy and the exceptionality of the situation, the Ocean Viking has now escalated her request for a place of safety in France,”  SOS Méditerranée explained.

For some context:

Italy’s New Government Stops ‘Healthy’ Migrants on Soros-Funded NGO Trafficking Ships from Disembarking

Flooding Europe with hordes of illegal migrants is part of the European Union’s “Great replacement” scheme.

Newly-elected Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni leads a conservative coalition that has vowed to crack down on illegals crossing the Mediterranean. Now the country has stopped migrants aboard globalist-funded ships from disembarking on Italian soil. The government has allowed only children and sick or “vulnerable” people to enter.

Globalists Rebrand Illegals as ‘Climate Migrants’ to Further Their Population Replacement Scheme

The WEF report and their “journalists” like Gaia Vince are part of a larger political campaign to build government and business support for flooding the United States and Europe with so-called “climate migrants.”

For years Globalists have been trying to use the weather to further their population replacement scheme. But, as the United States and European countries grow tired of welcoming illegal migrants who are often dangerous people with values and ambitions that oppose Western values and laws, Globalists are trying to rebrand them as “Climate Migrants” to gain them entry.

World Economic Forum (WEF)-tied journalist Gaia Vince, who brands herself as an environmental journalist, appeared on Sky News to convince audiences that millions of people must flee “climate change,” rising seas, mega-hurricanes, and so on.

It appears that France had to take them as Italy flat out refused

Thank you all for paying attention, even if, as time goes on, it feels sometimes like this is a ringside seat for the end of the world, rather than the proverbial call to arms we want it to be.

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4 Replies to “A moment of joy for Trudeau and looking into mysterious cause of unknown deaths: Links 1, November 10th, 2022”

  1. France needs to read the book, “The Camp of the Saints” written by a Frenchman, Jean Raspiel in 1973. It is a dystopian fiction novel that is now coming true. Are the French intentionally being ironic?

    • No. The Author just had a clear vision of the future. Much like the UK and Orwell’s books.

      This clear vision of the future usually comes from one of two places.

      The people writing are actually making that future or know people who are, or they have seen the pattern unfold elsewhere and write the pattern they are familiar with but in a location people wouldn’t expect. This second method is what I believe Orwell did, since he was so familiar with communist and fascist ideologies as expressed in Spain.

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