Poilievre busts Trudeau for hotel, David Icke banned from EU for terrorism? Links 1, November 4th, 2022

1. Clever exchange between Pierre Poilievre and Justin C. Trudeau

2. Interesting example of the same device being both hated and used by the left: NPR plays audio of woman getting an abortion

(Weird. Leftists were howling with rage when Hungary wanted women to hear the heartbeat of their live foetus before getting an abortion. Yet leftists in the US actually play the abortion on air like its a great thing.)

3. Drivers and police Vs. commies disguised as people who care about the enviornment

4. I think its becoming somewhat of a tradition now, to explain that you are not suicidal before criticizing Hillary Clinton, or saying something factually correct about her that she is anxious not to have out there. In this case, its Kari Lake responding to one of Clinton’s criticisms 

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake responded to Hillary Clinton accusing her of laughing at Paul Pelosi on Thursday, telling the world, “I’m in perfect health. My brakes on my car are in good shape, and I am not suicidal.”

Many who have been close to the Clinton family have allegedly died mysteriously or “committed suicide” over the years.

5. Well we know what “Terrorism” means now. Telling a truth that is a problem for the authoritarians, or making a joke that makes them look ridiculous. (Diagalon) In fact, Terrorism is just another device which is identical to hate speech but with more serious legal consequences. Tantamount to blasphemy in Islam in fact.

Thank you all for sticking with these issues this far. 

On the one hand, more and more evidence is appearing showing that we, the skeptical on the vaxx, the danger of the virus, and the masks are correct.

On the other hand, authorities are finding other methods of plugging the holes in their fortresses to make sure that in effect, it doesn’t make any difference. They have to; after all, have known that at some point the public in large measure would figure out what the truth was. So they must have made a plan to deal with it when that happened.

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  1. 5.)

    He’s spot on.
    When I look at South Africa with all it’s Energy problems since 2006 and all the brutal attacks on Farmers and their families, and now with that “Expropriation without compensation Act” looming over us…..

  2. This is the money-grubbing guy
    who was largely responsible for
    the dumb “Love Parade” disaster.

    Over a million Ukrainian “refugees” live
    now from German welfare, but they like
    to go on holiday in their evil homeland.

  3. Yesterday I read through the interview of the “Hungarian patriot” Viktor Orban with the German-language Budapester Zeitung (I spare you the wording). Only this much: he worries very about the “security of the synagogues in Germany”. (Please hand vomit bag!) The guy is at best informationally confused, at worst is a complete idiot. He thinks he is Bibi’s “best friend”.

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