Stunning & revealing moment from today’s hearings on the Emergency Measures Act

This is supposed to be a trial of sorts to determine if Trudeau had legal grounds to use the EMA. It’s a slam dunk. He didn’t. That was established early on. But really this dog and pony show appears to be a kind of trial of the Freedom Convoy itself.

Today, Pat King, one of the principle organizers of the Convoy, was grilled for a couple of hours. The entire video of that will be posted to the site as soon as its published on the Video hosting platform.

But this segment had to go up now. They grilled a man today, Tom Morazzo, about another man, Jeremy MacKenzie, AKA The Raging Dissident, who as far as I know, is in jail without trial, for having made up a joke country called “Diagalon”. The Lawyer pulls a classic racist stunt when imputing racism on bahalf of the associate of the man answering questions.

It is clear what the lawyer was trying to do. Force people to accept that MacKenzie is an evil racist that deserves to be in jail.

The man being grilled, Tom Morazzo, is a Canadian veteran, and doesn’t even know Jeremy. He is just someone who listened to his rants online.

(I think the time has come for us all to move to square connected spaces and call that new country, “Checkertopia”.)


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