Forgive sure, but they should still be jailed or hung like Nuremberg 1: Links 2, November 2, 2022

1. PJ Watson on the new push to forgive the people who destroyed the world. This push started at The Atlantic. And to be clear, The Atlantic is nothing more than a Democrat Party policy lubricant in order to stuff unacceptable things into cavities in your bodies that would never otherwise possibly fit these things into them. They have been doing this since they tried to get people to think Obama’s funding of Al Qaeda was a great thing.

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2. US college takes down US flag and fire-police support flags while leaving sexual identity flags alone

3. British MP seems to have a rare grip on reality

@wearecanadaproud #cdnpoli #trudeaumustgo ? original sound – Canada Proud

4. BRAZILIAN ELECTION: The People, the Police and the Military Support Bolsonaro’s Efforts to Address Socialist Attempt to Steal Election

The “Trump of the Tropics” is standing up the stolen election in Brazil and the people, the police, and the military support him.

TGP reported last night the the President of Brazil known as “Trump of the Tropics” has decided to not accept the stolen election in Brazil.

Millions of people are out around the country supporting Bolsonaro.

(Please check the Reader’s Links for today and yesterday for a LOT of videos of the amazing protests across brazil!)

5. Canadian Bill Would Allow Doctors to Euthanize Patients Without Their Consent

(Next month’s headline: Doctors now permitted to enter private homes and administer Medical Assistance in Dying based on neighbour’s complaint for racist decorations or overheard conversations)

Senator Pamela Wallin, who strongly supports euthanasia, known as Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) in Canada, introduced Bill S-248: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying), to permit involuntary euthanasia (MAiD) by advanced directive when a person is not capable of consenting to be killed.

The purpose of S-248 is to amend the Criminal Code to

(a)?permit an individual whose death is not reasonably foreseeable to enter into a written arrangement to receive medical assistance in dying on a specified day if they lose the capacity to consent to receiving medical assistance in dying prior to that day; and

(b)?permit an individual who has been diagnosed with a serious and incurable illness, disease or disability to make a written declaration to waive the requirement for final consent when receiving medical assistance in dying if they lose the capacity to consent to receive medical assistance in dying, are suffering from symptoms outlined in the written declaration and have met all other relevant safeguards outlined in the Criminal Code.

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  1. Breaking: Jair Bolsonaro Refuses to Admit Defeat but Allows Transition to Move Forward in Disputed Presidential Election (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 2, 2022 at 3:56pm

    Another win for the Marxist-globalist left?

    Jair Bolsonaro refused to admit defeat on Wednesday but will allow the transition of power to move forward following Sunday’s presidential election.

    As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Bolsonaro was also the victim of the Drop and Roll maneuver in Brazil

    Bolsonaro was leading the election until the computerized results swung the election to socialist and convicted felon Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

    Breitbart reported

  2. 5 That was EXACTLY how the Nazi solution to the “Jewish problem” evolved. First euthanize the incurably insane, the demented adults and the grossly retarded children (most of you will NOT have a clue about what that means in actuality) to save the state money by removing “useless mouths”. Then once successful, define a racial or political group as such and “euthanize” them to remove any and all dissidents.

      • Thank you! I wish that I could post more but
        my ability to post is very limited as is my reading now and I cannot contribute much anymore. The below finished me for the day.

        I do see now the claw marks of globalist engineered “The Great Reset” evident everywhere in this world and I must admit that its organization and fluidity of effect are both impressive.

        The global population reduction finale will be the future confrontation between the two remaining ideologies: for the greater god (islam) & for the greater good (of whom?) (communism) and there will be no need for POW camps on either side as the war will be a ferocious mass population reduction exercise while the globalists sit on their secure islands watching it all on their screens and drinking chateau whatever as they laugh at just how easy it all was and just how stupid are most humans. I will be long dead by then, but humanity will be destroyed in essence if not in fact. We fight for our children and ironically, for the gullible fools enabling it all.

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