Nuclear false flag? Ryan Cole interview and more: Links 1 on October 26th, 2022

1. This is unusual. Biden claims that a potential use of a Russian tactical nuke may or may not be a “false flag”. As I understand that term, it means that if it is reported that a tactical nuke was used by Russia it may in fact be an American weapon or non-Russian weapon attributed to Russia to create a justification for use of nuclear weapons against Russia. Biden’s senility I find is as likely to make him blurt out truths as it is just nonsense. Like when he talked about the greatest election fraud machinery in US history.

2. This article details how the undemocratic European Union, uses the money belonging to member-states in order to force them to act and vote in a way that is advantageous to the EU itself, rather than the people or democratic principles of that state. We have always held that the EU is a communist operation and authoritarian but so far using information warfare methods and more careful and hidden use of force against the public. This article deals with how the EU is now targeting Poland to vote their way in an upcoming election.

Diana West has some excellent articles on Soviet dissident Bukovsky, who after escaping the Soviet Union for Western Europe, discovered that the EU was just USSR West and wrote on it brilliantly, only to find himself in a British prison for having child pornography. Which it is most likely he did not possess.

It now looks certain that the money from the EU Recovery Fund owed to Poland will not arrive in Warsaw before the 2023 parliamentary elections. This dramatic move is a purely political decision taken in Brussels and Berlin to “starve” the unruly Poles

Now, there are leaks in the media that the remaining EU funds owed to Poland will also be frozen. This is no surprise given that the EU establishment has abandoned any pretense of even-handedness. It is logical that Brussels brings out all available weapons against the hated conservative Law and Justice (PiS) government.

The objective is to make Poles vote the right way and choose the right government. It is meddling in the internal and sovereign affairs of a member state, which has little to do with democracy. 

3. Giving a voice to the vaxx injured, why this man, former ITV News exec, decided to pierce the narrative upon realizing their was one.

4. Federal court judgement sent to Supreme Court for appeal after federal court finds the Constitution Moot

5. Ryan Cole on foot long clots and “Wildfire Cancers” (What one of the teams I work with calls, ‘Turbo Cancer’ which seems to appear in some people who had the mRNA shots)

I have a lot of time for Ryan Cole. A highly accomplished scientist who is capable of independent thought. And what “independent thought” means today, is one capable of looking at evidence and arriving at theories which are based on real observation and admitting the possibility. What we used to call “Science”.

Thank you all for your support, ideas, comments and all forms of assisting with the restoration of freedom in the West.

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    Oct. 24, after the flurry of phone calls:
    “At the same time yesterday, Vzglyad, the Moscow security publication, published its assessment of the escalating nuclear threat to Russia from the US, as the Kremlin, Defence Ministry, General Staff and the Stavka see it now. A translation into English follows.” [at link above]

    • Selections from the above translation:

      “Does the United States have the ability to instantly, within a few minutes, launch a disarming and unreciprocated nuclear strike on Russia? For decades, it was assumed that no, any US attack would cause an immediate similar response from the Russian armed forces. But now there is reason to believe that Washington has come to a different conclusion – and brazenly demonstrates it.”
      “Russian strategic submarines are few in number today compared to the Soviet times. Together with the qualitative superiority of the US Navy, this creates an environment where the Americans can destroy our submarines immediately before the attack begins. This, alas, is a fact known to specialists.

      “At the same time, 44% of all strategic nuclear warheads in Russia are placed on submarines. And almost all of them are in two (!) fleet bases vulnerable to the first strike. The Russian strategic aviation has never learned to fight like the American one, and it is not a means of guaranteed retaliation.

      “The combination of these factors creates a technical opportunity for the United States to launch a successful disarming nuclear strike against Russia without receiving a significant blow in response.

      “At the same time, the intensity of anti-Russian propaganda is such that the western man in the street will not have to justify anything – from that perspective everything is already prepared. And right now there is the hint of the possibility of such a strike when the West Virginia surfaced in the Arabian Sea.”
      “It’s all very complicated, and the risks of loss of surprise are very high. But their chances of success are not zero. With the visit of West Virginia to our ‘soft underbelly’, the Americans clearly show how far they are willing to go if they deem it necessary. The Americans are sending an extremely clear signal – for them, nuclear war is no longer unthinkable, and not impossible.”

      • Indian analyst M. K. Bhadrakumar:
        US gets a nasty surprise in Ukraine

        […]Several extraneous factors are also at work. For a start, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s planned visit to China comes so soon after the unveiling of the US National Security Strategy in Washington. Europeans are dissenting.

        The French President Emmanuel Macron called on the US to take the lead to engage with the Kremlin, echoing what Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has been demanding. There is discontent in Europe, hit hard by the economic crisis, that the American oil companies are “war profiteering.”

        Lurking below the radar is the hidden truth that Ukraine is a basket case with a non-functioning economy. The US cannot expect the European allies to keep that economy afloat.

        Meanwhile, a massive military Russian build-up signals plans to launch a major offensive in a few weeks from now aiming to end the war on Moscow’s terms.

        However, dovetailing with all this is an unthinkable development casting shadows on the US-UK tandem navigating the Ukraine war, which may turn out to be the ultimate clincher.

        What emerges is that the UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace’s secretive visit last week to Washington was more in response to a summons from the White House than a British initiative…

        Could elements in Kiev be having their own Plan B to escalate the war and drag the US and NATO into it? There are no easy answers…
        Power-mad pygmy Prez Z, “mangey and emaciated Baltic chihuahuas”, Poland…?

    • Larry Johnson:
      Are Communications Between The Pentagon and the U.K Ministry of Defence Really Compromised?

      On 17 October 2022, U.K. Minister of Defence, Ben Wallace, made a hurried, unscheduled trip to Washington, D.C. for an emergency meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley and other senior U.S. officials. One explanation suggested insecure communications as the motive for the frantic visit.

      A defence source told The Telegraph the meeting Mr Wallace had could have been held in person because of concerns about the security of communications between the Pentagon and Ministry of Defence…

      If Wallace really believed that all of these three systems were compromised, then we are talking a extraordinary counter intelligence problem…. If one of the U.K.’s foreign adversaries had succeeded tapping into the secure communications network, they certainly would be loathe to let that secret out of the bag…

      So what was Ben Wallace up to? I believe what Ben Wallace had to say to the United States officials was so sensitive that it had to be said in person with a strict accounting of who was in the room hearing what he had to say.

      As Donald Trump learned in his phone call with Vladimir Zelensky, even a secure phone or computer communication can produce a transcript or can have other people who are not principals listening in. If Wallace is sitting in Lloyd Austin’s office with General Milley in attendance, he could ensure that only a limited number of people were present to hear what he had to say.

      What did he have say that was so important he needed to deliver the message in person? Was he explaining the details of a dirty bomb pretext that the Brits were helping the Ukrainians prepare? Had British intelligence assets been compromised or penetrated?

      I am pretty sure he was not delivering a weather report nor his assessment of the next British Prime Minister. What ever the substance, it was so important and so sensitive that it had to be discussed in person with a limited audience attending.

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