A premium example of MSM Enemy Propaganda: Links 2, October 25th, 2022

1. New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

(WARNING: On some Browsers, this FOX link plays loud unstoppable music!)

The New York state Supreme Court has reinstated all employees who were fired for not being vaccinated, ordering back pay and saying their rights had been violated.

The court found Monday that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.” New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed earlier this year that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status.

NYC alone fired roughly 1,400 employees for being unvaccinated earlier this year after the city adopted a vaccine mandate under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

2. Daily Mail: Rugby player dies on the field after collapsing during centennial celebrations match in New Zealand

The centenary celebrations for one of New Zealand’s smallest rugby clubs ended in tragedy as a player died on the field.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the player collapsed during the game between Ruatoria City’s 2022 squad and a Ruatoria Centennial XV on Sunday after suffering a heart attack.

Despite extensive efforts to rescue the player, who was part of the Ruatoria City’s XV, he was pronounced dead at the scene and the match was abandoned. 

3. BBC prepares secret scripts for possible use in winter blackout

(See this is EXACTLY what we mean when we say that MSM is overall not fake news, but ENEMY PROPAGANDA. They write the news in advance to be used for the benefit of government agendas. This is EXACTLY it, although there are examples every day in the CBC, Global and CTV “news” as well.)

Exclusive: Scripts set out how corporation will reassure public in event of major power loss

The BBC has prepared secret scripts that could be read on air if energy shortages cause blackouts or the loss of gas supplies this winter.

The scripts, seen by the Guardian, set out how the corporation would reassure the public in the event that a “major loss of power” causes mobile phone networks, internet access, banking systems or traffic lights to fail across England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland would be unaffected because its electricity grid is shared with the Republic of Ireland.

The public would be advised to use car radios or battery-powered receivers to listen to emergency broadcasts on FM and long-wave frequencies usually reserved for Radio 2 and Radio 4.

One draft BBC script warns that a blackout could last for up to two days, with hospitals and police placed under “extreme pressure”.

Another says: “The government has said it’s hoped power will be restored in the next 36 to 48 hours. Different parts of Britain will start to receive intermittent supplies before then.”

4. Project Veritas busts another Democrat lying about his values to trick non-leftist voters

5. Kari Lake tells Katie Hobbs to try milking a bull

Thank you all for paying attention. As you may notice in today’s news here and there are bits of good news. So its not all in vain. But we have to watch to make sure they don’t use word games to turn our small victories into greater defeats. Trudeau will do this for sure soon, as he introduces more and more authoritarian measures in Canada but calling them different names so people have more difficulty objecting. This is happening everywhere in the West. So no rest for our side just yet.

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  1. The following is a brief essay referring to my analysis on item 3: The propaganda of the BBC. It was sent in by email from a known contributor who prefers to remain anonymous:

    “Re your analysis on BBC prepares secret scripts for possible use in winter bl???ackout: beyond being enemy propaganda, which it is, it seems to be even more interesting. It is double or triple or quadruple enemy propaganda, if you will.

    First and foremost it is PRIMING — for the planned blackouts that are necessary for ushering in the NWO, especially the CBDC and new illegal “emergency” decrees, i.e. WEF takeover. Priming is necessary for the destruction to remain CONTROLLED, because this way the social shock waves caused by sudden war-like circumstances will be attenuated. The smaller the shock, the higher the acceptance.

    The reason why I came to this conclusion is that the Guardian is an enemy channel as well — so we cannot expect them to tell the truth, not even in traces. They are lying even with the truth.

    Notice that there is no word in the article about HOW on Earth these alleged scripts allegedly leaked out. Which would be quite a story if it was true: stolen? by agents? cyber hack? by a mole? — No, it is just presented as a dry fact: The Guardian crew just saw them alright… through the windows as they were flying by the BBC building at the height of the fifth floor…

    Then you know if it was a genuine story, then some indignation would be pretended by the Guardian. I mean it would OBVIOUSLY be presented as propaganda and the BBC would be called out — in order to pretend preserving integrity.

    But no.

    In fact, the BBC has been regarded as a propaganda institution by many Britons for some time. The Guardian’s article is built on this fact. Because if the BBC was seen as an honest source of info, then the leak of future propaganda would make it look like as if the propaganda was not true — becaue the leak would come as a disappointment which would mean immediate drop of trust in the public mind. However, as the BBC is already widely seen a dishonest source, then the leak of future propaganda appears to be much more valid and true, i.e REAL — because then the inner dialogue of the public is that “those BBC bastards have written the scripts of future EVENTS in advance”.

    Which means that the “future events” are perceived as real in the present; and more importantly, their legitimacy and necessity are not questioned, but they are accepted as they are by the unconscious mind.


    It is because the fact that there COULD occur such abnormal phenomenon as blackouts is presented in the article as some unimportant circumstances aside the oh-so important piece of news about the “leakage” of the “scripts”.

    This is a method of PLANTING ideas is the subconscious mind: (1) the rational, counscious mind is concentrating on the main topic (which is actually unimportant) that serves as a bait, (2) and in the meantime the side topic (the actually important one to be planted) infiltrates into the irrational mind, as the protective rational modus operandi is put to sleep and the thus ciritcal mind lets its guard down concerning the side topic.

    Therefore the side theme, that is being handled as NATURAL, both by the sender (article) and hence the receiver (reader), seamlessly enters the subcounscious levels of mind and thus gets perceived as REALITY.

    It is all about shaping (pseudo) reality in the public consciousness. Forming the New Normal, in other words.

    As a result of such articles, in the public psyché there will arise no questions about the legitimacy, let alone the existence of the blackouts. They are perceived as normal.

    This is a way of breaking resistance.

    Because the natural reaction to such leaked info would be like: “immediately prosecute those who are going to cause these blackouts” (that the BBC apparently must have information about from the deep state which now equals to the government). Then the natural cause of events would be to immediately halt and reverse the present policies towards Russia (that is in on in the game of Agenda 2030 as well).

    But resistance does not happen — at least not in the framework, and as a result of this propaganda, because the focus is on the FALSE issue that the “THAT FILTHY BBC WROTE SCRIPTS”. Which is actually a non-issue (as people have known it for a while), all the more not an issue related to the gravity of the real issues it conceals: that the (theater of) war should immediately be closed down, and the Great Fascist Communist Reset it serves must be exposed and stopped.

    Which is not happening because it is being displayed by the propaganda in question as the natural course of event. “Blackouts (resets) are just natural in a modern industrial society in the first world — the problem is the BBC script — but that has been leaked and exposed by the Guradian, thank God.”

    So this sort of propaganda is pure weaponized psychology — which is actually permeating every piece of propaganda nowadays. This is something new, because it does not even look like propaganda: on the contrary, it looks like exposing propaganda. It is not even double think but at least quintuple. It is pseudo-reality contained in itself manyfold.

    And that is what they are feeding us with. But at the same time, behind the curtains, much more significant events are taking place in the real reality. (Like the preparations for the introduction CBDC and the social credit system, WEF coup detat in the UK and elsewhere, killing off the middle-class, shifting the new normal towards Communism, brainwasing our children (and universities) into the “sustainability” scam, killing off industry, killing of fossile fuel, pushing all towards the “renewables” scam, etc.)

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