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8 Replies to “The Truckers were Right”

  1. Thanks, we have to say your video was excellent everyone should see this….great job and thanks again for your skills.

  2. Thank you for posting this link. God Bless my fellow Canadiens. Please stand up and voice your displeasure with this widespread “War on Whites and Patriots/Nationalists”. Your country’s future depends upon the good standing up against the evil.

  3. It’s nice to be reminded of those inspiring days, and to be inspired by them again. What a test it was.
    I wonder what has happened to those police heroes who spoke out?

    This film should be shown as evidence at the Emergencies Act Commission currently underway. It should be displayed for the record of the warm humanity the truckers trucked in with them, like a liberating, ephemeral chinook into an ice-hearted political desert. Isn’t it odd how the politicians and police claimed they didn’t see it coming despite the fact millions around the world watched it coming?

    Limp wristed, iron-fisted Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, a rare beast for the scale of his venom and lies, cowered behind Police Chief lowly Slowly (the imported minority face of an utterly politicized police force) until Slowly revealed he hadn’t the right brutal stuff required to suppress even frozen freedom fighters. Exit Lowly stage not quite left enough, only to enter Chief Bell, ironically a knight white enough and commie enough to execute real injustice. O the irony, as the moral majority thundered into this, the very cradle of mandated immorality and lethal injections. And O, what irony, that it was the latent animus of His Lordship that would be excorsized, finally, to settle the score of the bad ol’ days of yesteryear. Those being the days before toxic femininity, when “toxic” heteros openly expressed disapproval to society’s little basket of deviant fruits and vegetables. The only difference being that such disapproval was hardly as omnipresent, brutal and toxic as today’s psychopathy. To wit, the import of “foreign” police combatants from Quebec and elsewhere who had no social skin in the Ottawa game, and who would later leave after the job was done, never having to face as neighbors the people they had beaten. What poetic justice, His Lordship must have thought, while witnessing the full wrath of the State come down on unarmed white, straight males. Never mind the women, blacks, yellows, gays, elderly, natives, and French who pacifically unified like never before against Dear Leader’s mandates. They were now all straight, white and male in His Lordship’s vengeful mind. It was plain to see. He hates them all, even those who did his dirty work.

    Kettled and sprayed, stomped and splayed, the moral majority found itself in a cage fight with corrupted media, police and politicians. Yet they never lost their cool despite the Arctic temperatures with which the whole spectacle waltzed–a fitting dance partner illuminating freedom’s resolve despite the elements.

    No matter how provoked into violence to justify the violent attacks against them, they took the high road. Why? Because they were middle-class morality, and what they did they did for the love of their families and their country.

    Now, before His Lordship departs his political stage far left, he does so forever tatooed by these events. He and his career are defaced by this video graffiti of record. Some day when he’s walking down the street I hope someone honks their horn to remind him of his dark deeds.

    But I believe all this was only the first act. Rumbling down the road are more dystopian dilemnas which surely will ellicit broader dissent in the very near future. What kind of mayor Dystopia’s capital gets is up for grabs in the coming election. The leading candidate is a communist of mystery gender. If it wins it may get a chance, like Mayor Jim, to release it’s own demons to the air. Let’s hope in the coming storm a head with a conscience is in the driver’s seat.


  4. The Liberals and the NDP should end up with no party status – they are a threat to Canada, we did not elect the World Economic Forum Clowns. Always remember the smirk on Chrystia Freeland’s face when she laughingly announced the patriot’s would lose everything, taking away their rights. Vile little, World Economic Chair, traitor, a total disgrace.

    • Both she and Ursula van der Leyen, peas in a pod.
      I can only think they represent a moral challenge to us, set by our Creator. How do we deal with these poisonous snakes in our midst? A measure of our judgement, our courage.

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