Five indicators of where we are in the laundry chute to Hell: Links 1, October 17th, 2022

1. Fascinating discussion between Jordan Peterson and a historian in part, about the weaponization of museums to “create disgust and anger” which always becomes hatred, in this case by China against the Japanese

2. Stephen Coughlin: The OSCE and the Canaries in the Coalmine

3. Mark Steyn and the usual Dutch archetypal hottie sort of discuss the main issues of the day.

If you are wondering why YouTube allows this to stay on its platform, this is our guess. She misdirects a lot. When she said “We have a government consists of a bunch of inhumane greedy liars and thieves”. None of that is a problem because none of that is political. The truth is, the Dutch government is part of the Western-World wide communist revolution. That revolution has a lot of moving parts, and one of them is to take total control of everything, especially land, and centrally plan how that land is to be used. They are effectively obliterating the very concept of ownership of land, not stealing it. They are making it clear to everyone that you are at best a leaseholder on whatever property you own, and the government, by virtue of the fact that so far, the people they pay to be the sole possessors of force multipliers (guns) will obey them. Put more simply, the government removed your ability to apply force in defence of yourself and your property, while quietly amplifying the government’s power to use force against its own citizens, and now it is removing every. single. aspect. of your rights, your culture, your choices, and thoughts and speech.

So Steyn and Dutch Click bait get to stay on air so long as they make sure you are looking the wrong way.

CAVEAT: I am not saying this is deliberate. I highly doubt Mark Steyn is an enemy agent. This may be tactics in order to be able to stay on YouTube and tell at least partial truths we wouldn’t likely know otherwise. Anger should be directed at the politicians and organizations like the WEF and CCP who are creating and winning this war against the people of the Western World. Steyn’s book, America Alone, which while it sadly looks like he might have been wrong given what Biden is doing, was at the time, a beacon of light to countless people on the dangers of Islam and mass immigration and the only book with that message to penetrate to the mainstream. Not to mention it was a laugh a page.

4. Virginia legislator plans to introduce a communist themed bill that would let children ruin their parents if parents do not affirm the incepted gender identity a ‘woke’ teacher implants in the child’s mind. After watching this video and reading the tweets, it might be a good idea to go back and watch the Killing Fields again, or for the first time if you are not familiar with how the applied communism in Cambodia. Same idea though. Parents remember the past, so they must submit fully to the new way of things, or be destroyed. Made enemies of the people, or killed.

Oh look, here it is:

5. Tom Harris on one of the last big news programs that dares deal with reality.

We did a long form interview with Tom Harris recently here:

Thank you all for even trying to maintain your balance when so many are shoving so hard from so many sides

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  1. #4: About six years ago, one of my circle of friends had an 11-year old daughter who was unhappy that her parents had adopted two toddlers. She falsely accused her parents of physically mistreating her. I say “falsely” because the parents and family life had been thoroughly investigated before the adoptions. After fruitless legal appeals, a judge required the bewildered family to accept a foster placement and to be subject to child support payments for the child that the courts had removed. The estranged daughter and her foster family were content with the arrangement.
    Part of parenting has become teaching our children not to exercise the power that the state gives them.

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