Hot mics and abnormal pap smears: Links post 2, October 17, 2022

1. Hot mic shows obstruction of justice by Mayoral candidate in Ottawa at hearings over Freedom Convoy

2. Boston University CREATES a new Covid strain that has an 80% kill rate — echoing dangerous experiments feared to have started pandemic

(Well, I guess its nice to see them doing something other than teaching gender theory and painting murals of George Floyd)

US researchers have developed a new lethal Covid strain in a laboratory  – echoing the type of experiments many fear started the pandemic. 

The mutant variant — which is a hybrid of Omicron and the original Wuhan virus — killed 80 percent of mice infected with it at Boston University.

The scientists also infected human cells with the hybrid variant and found it was five times more infectious than Omicron. This suggests the man-made virus might be the most contagious form yet.

It will no doubt surprise many Americans that such experiments continue to go on in the US despite concerns similar studies may have led to the global Covid outbreak.

Covid first began spreading from a wet market in Wuhan, China, about eight miles from a similar high-security virology laboratory that manipulated bat coronaviruses.

Chinese scientists were found to have wiped crucial databases and stifled independent investigations into the facility’s links to the pandemic.

When a similar group of rodents were exposed to the standard Omicron strain, however, they all survived and only experienced ‘mild’ symptoms.

(The article contains a few lies, so hard to get too worked up. It claims the pandemic started at the Wet Market in Wuhan. No one still pimps that idea anymore. Wet Markets don’t do gain of function work. They do gain of flavour work. There is enough video from Fauci and all the top brass in the US actually discussing “Our Chinese Partners” and the gain of function on the Corona virus that its insulting to be lied to this way by the DM. Though it may be true about the Boston U newest attempt to frighten everyone into taking the vaccine. I suppose it would be good to know how much Boston U gets from Pfizer each year as a metric, wouldn’t it?)

UPDATE: Alex Berenson takes most of the wind out of the sails of this DM hysteria piece. As is the case on the other side as a rule, these stats are insanely misrepresented.

3. In a recentish episode of South Park, there is a scene where some kind of government agents take Jimmy, who at that time was editor of the South Park school paper, to a secret location and test him to see the extent of his uncanny ability to tell the difference between advertisements and actual news content. That is where Canadian MSM is now for sure. Watch this clip from enemy-propaganda site, CTV “News”. Note how each question is stacked so that the only responsible answer is take more vaxx. I would welcome people in the comments offering their opinions about what this insane clip actually is. Serious news, an advert for Pfizer, or enemy propaganda designed to get us to lose all critical faculty and just go with narrative government direction, a combination of these or something else entirely.

4. WEF speaker talks plain talk about depopulation

5. OBGYN reveals stunning numbers in infertility since VAXX rollout

Thank you all for caring enough to have a look. Things continue to get more intense in a few ways. Should be an interesting week. 


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  1. 1./ Ahh! Research into practical genocide. No more off-shore work? No need to even hide the intentions any longer? Emboldened, shall we say?

    In the end, these guys are going down. WAY down. Farther down than they believe is possible. Down to where they can endlessly consider their depravity.

  2. Interesting that this fascistic point of view comes from what looks like a religious Indian, and considering the Nazis took their swastika from India. It didn’t say who this little Nazi was.

  3. Those Canadians! Wow, even their expressions were almost parodies of evil, they didn’t even bother to hide their machinations and faces, full of nastiness, pure evil! I need to get to the dictionary for more appropriate words to express what they were showing.

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