PayPal’s WEF connections, French protest NATO and some materials on Russia and Ukraine: Links 2, October 10, 2022

1. Globalist Blunder: WEF-Controlled PayPal Unleashes Chinese Social Credit Ambitions Prematurely

Based on PayPal and the WEF’s past statements, actions, and future goals, it is more likely they are mad they got caught, not sorry.

World Economic Forum’s (WEF) partner, PayPal, is walking back its new policy based on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “social credit” model after causing international outrage. Although PayPal claims its policy was released in error, it’s what the WEF and its “partners” have been threatening for years, a global social credit system that will give them the power to control citizens and punish those they deem “untrustworthy.”

(Please read the rest at RAIR linked above. PayPal and the WEF links are deep and previously unknown to this site.)

2. French take to the streets in numbers to protest, chanting: “let’s quit NATO immediately! Sortons vite de l’OTAN”

(The Democrats are doing irreparable harm to the West and its institutions. They are so good at it, it has to have been the intention.)

The next few items are updates on the Ukraine war. The only opinion I would care to offer is one from a US military intel friend of ours who said at the start of this conflict, “One should judge Russia’s actions by what they can do relative to what they actually do.”

Open this link in Chrome and translate. Its the process by which the bridge was attacked. At this point I don’t think there is any dispute as to who did it, but still, check this out.

As what is likely a response to the explosive film canister attack on the bridge, this all happened:

Kyiv says Russia launched 75 missiles on Ukraine Monday morning

The following is alleged to be Russian released footage, of the Black Sea fleet launching Cruise missile earlier today towards Ukraine.

The result of today’s Russian missile strikes:

??Metro in Kiev and Kharkov stopped

??Power cuts in:
– Lviv
– Zhitomir
– Sumy
– Kharkiv
– Khmelnitsky
– Poltava
– Ternopl
– Lutsk
– Rivne

??In many cities of #Ukraine , there are problems with water supply and the Internet

Daily Mail: Missile barrage unleashed on Ukraine is merely the ‘first episode’ of Putin’s revenge, Moscow vows as Poland carries out bomb shelter checks following rocket blitz and Belarus announces ‘joint military force’ with Russia

A huge missile barrage unleashed on Ukraine today is merely the ‘first episode’ of Russia’s revenge for a blast which crippled the Crimea Bridge and ‘there will be others’, one of Putin’s staunchest allies has warned today.

Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president himself, said Ukraine poses ‘a constant, direct and clear’ threat and that the Kremlin should aim to ‘completely dismantle the political regime of Ukraine’ which he described as ‘Nazi’.

He spoke shortly after Putin let rip with 83 missiles at what he claimed were military, energy and communications networks in Ukraine. Kyiv said the missiles actually hit power plants and busy civilian areas in major cities, killing at least 11 and wounding scores more. It was Russia’s largest single barrage since the opening day of the war.

Looking at these materials reminds me of the movie, The Fog of War. A lengthy interview with secretary of Defence under Kennedy, Robert Strange Mcnamara. A very interesting man. If I remember correctly, he basically invented the seatbelt for cars. Was the first President of the Ford Motor Co. who was not a member of the Ford family and other major accomplishments.

In the film he discussed the letters that passed between Chairman Khrushchev and President Kennedy about the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was an attempt by two men to deescalate a situation which was brought about by a series of events, and IMO the public perception of which, was created by media lies. Something Julian Assange is quite adamant about in terms of the causes of wars. In this instance, it is that few people knew that the US had nuclear missiles in Turkey, spitting distance from the USSR. This fact changes the complexion of the Soviet move to put missiles in Cuba. 

Here is a link to the second letter. The one which references the missiles in Turkey.

The relevant segment of The Fog of War

From the first soft message letter to Kennedy:

Mr. President, we and you ought not now to pull on the ends of the rope in which you have tied the knot of war, because the more the two of us pull, the tighter that knot will be tied. And a moment may come when that knot will be tied so tight that even he who tied it will not have the strength to untie it, and then it will be necessary to cut that knot. And what that would mean is not for me to explain to you, because you yourself understand perfectly of what terrible forces our countries dispose.

It continues:

I have participated in two wars and know that war ends when it has rolled through cities and villages, everywhere sowing death and destruction.

I have a request to all of you who may grace this post.

Take your own personal estimate of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Not the one you speak publicly of, but your own personal private estimate of the characters and natures of these two men, and replace Kennedy with Biden and Khrushchev with Putin. Then ask yourself how things would have resolved in the Cuban Missile crisis. More importantly, ask yourself how these two men, Biden and Putin are dealing with Russia and Ukraine and where it is likely to go.

Thank you for your kind attention to these pages.

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4 Replies to “PayPal’s WEF connections, French protest NATO and some materials on Russia and Ukraine: Links 2, October 10, 2022”

  1. The seatbelt for cars (at least the modern three-point ones) was invented by a swedish engineer named Nils Bohlin who worked for Volvo, the company then opened their patent for use by anyone for free, this was around 1960.

    McNamara clearly had a change of heart in his older age, reflecting on the war in Vietnam and his own role in it.

    When old cold war strategists like Kissinger himself warns against escalation in the present conflict I think world leaders should pay some attention.

    • The EU and NATO don’t want a war. And I’m certain any country under the BRICS agreement doesn’t want a nuclear war either.

      The USA is nearing its critical minimum reserve, especially where missiles are concerned.

      Everybody has too much to lose, except one guy and that would be Zelensky. The guy is pushing for it.

      When Eeyore writes we should compare Kennedy to Biden, Kennedy wasn’t senile. But I do agree with the Khrushchev and Putin comparison.

      Zelensky refuses all communication with Russia. Social media and MSM made him into the man he has become when they glorified him. He’s vain and immature. Russia is toying with him, at this point in time, pushing him into more destruction of his country while showing the world the type of leader he is.

      My conclusion is Putin will communicate with Biden as Krushchev did and Biden’s handlers will want to bring the war to a conclusion. Biden will be hailed as the guy who saved the world from nuclear catastrophe. It’s coming.

  2. This is a great summary of the Russian strike in Ukraine today. They show videos of the missiles striking and they describe what the buildings were used for. For a GOOD LAUGH, go to the 33:30 mark; apparently, it’s a TV commercial that ran in Russia.

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